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10 Religious Gift Ideas

When searching for the best religious themed gifts, it is important to find items that contain lasting unity. Whether the gift is jewelry, a decorative piece, or something more fitting for specific occasions, each of these gifts were chosen specifically due to the inspirational qualities they contain. This list consists of ten of the best religious gift ideas perfect for either a friend or a family member.

P Graham Dunn Wall Art Sign Plaque

When searching for a gift suited for a family member who loves country decor, this is the best choice. This beautifully handcrafted wooden pallet sign is made out of top quality pine wood, it measures 10-inches by 10-inches and is ready to hang. This gift is an excellent way to let any relative know how much you care through the heartfelt sentiment it displays “Our Family is a Circle of Strength and Love”. The sign is a perfect touch of rustic charm that is sure to fit in any room. Also, in case you are looking for a gift for your child’s godparents you can also choose from this list of godparent gift ideas.

Wall Art Sign Plaque

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Zuluf Olive Wood Rosary Box

This is the perfect gift if you are searching for religious gift ideas for individuals on their first communion. This wooden rosary box is made out of olive wood, handcrafted by Christian families. This 3.1-inch by 2.8-inch by 2-inch box is made out of top quality wood in Bethlehem, the Holy Land itself. Moreover, this gift comes with a Certificate of authenticity, order it online now and you can even get free shipping.

Olive Wood Rosary Box

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Christian Gift Psalm 28: 7 Folding Pocket Knife

This stainless steel folding pocket knife is laser engraved with Psalm 28:7, making it an excellent source for inspiration during each use. The serrated blade and handle are crafted using fine quality stainless steel while the handle is finished off with a section of wood housing the engraved scripture. This 7 9/16-inch knife is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys carving wood, hunting, or fishing.

Psalm 28 7 Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife

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Tag Xpress Religious Christian License Tag

These religious gift ideas are great either for men or women and are truly something that anyone would appreciate. This high-quality stainless steel license plate frame will ensure protection and prayer every time you drive. Dress up an ordinary license plate with an inspirational touch with this weather proof lettered plate. This quality product is also great for new graduates or teens who are new to driving.

Religious Christian License Tag

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Fervent Christian Dogtag

This military style neckless is a gift fitting individuals of any age. Historically, dog tags are known to hold valuable information personalized to fit the owner, and using them for religious gift ideas is no different. The quote engraved on this dogtag is perfect for someone going through difficult times. Its uplifting words allow the recipient to know they are truly more valuable to you than they could ever imagine. This dogtag is 2-inches long and constructed with top quality metal and coated engravement that is sure to last.

Christian Dogtag

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Roman, Inc St. Francis Resin Stoneware Statue

This beautiful stoneware statue is one of the best religious gift ideas for anyone with an existing home Nativity scene or an interest in creating one. This 18-inch tall statue creatively depicts Roman St. Francis with some of the highest quality materials. The intricate details of this stone statue make it extremely attractive on its own, but you can also creatively pair it with other religious statues. The size is perfect for making a statement without overwhelming a home’s interior.

Roman St. Francis Resin Stoneware Statue

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Woodstock Chimes Amazing Grace Chime

This product from Woodstock is tuned to play Amazing Grace as it flows elegantly in the wind. It has a 24-inch chime accented with cherry finished ash wood and six aluminum tubes that can be changed out and customized to your preference. Therefore, this is an excellent choice for someone who loves their outdoor space or someone who is looking for a more relaxed element to add to their sitting area. The chime was made from the finest quality materials and was built to last.

Woodstock Grace Chime

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Fervent Christian Ring

This prayer ring is the best gift for anyone with a fashion sense. Jewelry lovers everywhere can appreciate this gold finished ring engraved with Psalm 46:10 around the exterior band. This unisex ring is perfect for anyone and is an excellent choice for any occasion, especially graduations and weddings. This quality and stylish ring is made in the USA and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. This ensures you get the size you need for the recipient so they can wear and enjoy it daily.

Fervent Christian Ring

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Earth Therapy Pocket Guardian Angel

This pocket-sized guardian angel is the perfect way to let someone know just how important they are in your life. It is made of opalite stone and is 1 3/4-inches tall, with a smooth and silky finish that reflects hints of pearl white, blue, and orange as it is being held. Moreover, this angel is hand carved out of top quality materials. The freestanding design makes it possible to display the angel on any flat surface or stash it in your pocket for safe keeping. This is a gift that is perfect for any holiday, birthday or special occasion.

Pocket Guardian Angels

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Simply Home Inspirational Tapestry Throw Blanket

Finding its way to the top of the list for best religious gift ideas is this attractive throw blanket. This beautifully stitched 50-inch by 60-inch tapestry is rich in color, texture, and quality and is made to last. Whether you drape it over a bed or chair, snuggle up with it on the couch, or display it on the wall, it will absolutely glow. The rich colors and brilliant text are highlighted by the sun’s glow, which flows elegantly through each letter. No matter what age or gender the recipient, this is one gift they will absolutely love and enjoy.

Inspirational Tapestry Throw Blanket


Finally, each of these ten gifts will be sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face, moreover, they will send a powerful message to let them know how important they are to you. Whether you are trying to find something to wear, use, or display, these ten brilliant religious gifts are perfect options to give for any occasion imaginable. Which one would you choose and why? We would love to hear all about your pick!

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