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10 Gift Ideas for 10yr Old Girl

The tenth birthday can be something of a special landmark for kids, if only for the simple reason that they enter double digits in age! But seriously, “tweenage” is an exceptional phase, before the dreaded teenage years. It is also an important stage in the mental and emotional development of girls. Here are a few birthday gift ideas for 10yr old girl, with a focus on fun, fashion, and food for thought! These are just basic suggestions to point you in the right direction for the perfect birthday gift for your daughter, little sister, niece, or granddaughter.

“Strong Is The New Pretty: A Celebration Of Girls Being Themselves”, Kate Parker

Self-confidence is a major issue for girls when they enter their tweenage years. This is a very inspirational book by professional photographer Kate T. Parker. Designed as a coffee table book, it contains a lot of beautiful photographs of confident and energetic young girls. Along with the vibrant photos, the pages also include inspiring quotes from the girls themselves. This is a great book not just for your little girl, but for the entire family. Though available in Kindle and Paperback formats, the hardcover edition is the perfect format for this book.
Strong is the new pretty

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LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster Toy

For that ten-year-old girl who is still a kid at heart, this amusement park set is an excellent choice. Since it is a unisex toy, if your daughter has any brothers, this can make a great toy for them all. The set includes a complete miniature theme park, with rides, stalls, refreshments, and four tiny dolls. The dolls will fit into the rides, and once they are in it, the entire thing will light up. Though the rides are not automated, they do feature movable pieces. They include a rotating Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and drop tower.

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X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bike

Available in sporty pink or blue, this bike is one of the best gift ideas for 10yr old girl, if she no longer needs training wheels. The bike has single speed gearing and stylish decals befitting a hip BMX bike. With thick black tires, and front and rear pegs, this is a great starting bike for girls who love BMX. Braking duties are handled by alloy hand brakes, ensuring maximum safety for your little one. The BMX frame is made of custom welded durable steel, and is easy to control. This is an excellent recreational bike for a girl between 7 and 12 years in age.
X games Bike

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QIANSE “Glass Slipper” Swarovski Crystal Bangle Bracelet

Now, on to something more traditional for ten year old girls. This QIANSE bracelet would look perfect in a fairytale setting, with its shimmering blue and white crystals. The actual bracelet is made of a shiny zinc alloy that is free from any harmful metals like lead or nickel. Manufactured in France by talented craftsmen, this magical piece of jewelry uses crystals sourced from the famous Swarovski brand. The product comes in its own gift box, so you do not have to worry about packing it appropriately.
Qianse Bracelet

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Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

If your little girl already has a lot of jewelry, maybe you shouldn’t add to the collection. Instead, get her a fine jewelry box to securely store her collections. This pretty pink jewelry box comes heavily inspired by ballet. There is a tiny figurine of a ballerina at the top, and she will actually twirl to the tune of the classic Swan Lake music. With four drawers, this box has plenty of storage space for all the little charms, bracelets, and jewelry your ten year old has with her. There are three different designs to choose from.

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Royal & Langnickel Premier Sketching and Drawing Deluxe Art Set

If your girl is artistically inclined, this premium set might one of the most appropriate gift ideas for 10yr old girl. The entire set of 134 pieces contains color pencils, graphite pencils, pastels, lead sticks, and charcoal sticks, among other kinds of drawing and sketching instruments. The beautiful wooden cantilevered box that contains the entire set is in itself a work of art. You also get sharpeners and a drawing guide book as part of the set. With bases in both the US and UK, the Royal & Langnickel company has a long history of manufacturing quality art supplies. This imported set is ideal for kids and even adults.
Royal Langnickel Premier

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Kraftic Arts & Crafts Supply Center

Young girls around the age of ten years are often filled with an abundance of creative energy. Help them channel it productively with this massive organizer and supply center for craft materials. With 20 boxes filled with all sorts of craft supplies, you no longer have to worry about shopping for individual packets, felts, stickers, or pom poms any more. This is an ideal gift for girls that love doing scrapbooks, posters, and other arts and crafts projects. With so many drawers, it will also help them avoid messing up their rooms or your living room!
Kraftic Arts

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Alex Toys Spa Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon

Tweenage is when young girls feel that urge to stand out from the rest, and show off their individuality. However, it is also not the right age for them to try stuff like hair dyes and coloring agents. So, help them experiment new hair colors in a harmless and non-permanent way with this hair coloring kit. The chalk pens in this set help your little girl add some colorful streaks to her hair. Since they easily wash out with regular shampoos, you don’t have to worry about the effects being permanent. The set includes 12 chalk pens, other styling accessories, and an instruction manual.
Alex Toys

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Peaceable Kingdom Lined Page Diary for Kids

Parents should encourage kids to write down their thoughts and express their creativity on a regular basis. Dairies help provide a very safe space for this, and make for fantastic gift ideas for 10yr old girl. Provide your ten year old girl with a private diary, complete with a cute lock and key, from Peaceable Kingdom. It has colorful artwork in the front that glows in the dark, for a touch of magic and whimsy.
Peaceable Kingdom

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Uarter Vintage Drink Me Pocket Watch Necklace

A timepiece and jewelry all rolled into one, this is both a practical and a whimsical gift for a ten year old girl. The pendant has a working quartz watch, with decorations and embellishments inspired by Alice in Wonderland. There is a rabbit and brass tag with the message “Drink Me” written on it. The entire necklace has an antique feel, and comes in vintage bronze finish. It is a very cute and enchanting gift for a girl, especially if she is a fan of Alice.
Uarter Vintage


The above mentioned gift ideas for 10yr old girl include a combination of style, creativity, fantasy, and practicality. In one way or other, they all help your little girl grow and evolve as a person, and encourage her to better express herself. We hope you enjoyed this list. Do share your own thoughts and suggestions of gift ideas for 10yr old girl!

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