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10 Firefly Gift Ideas

Die-hard Firefly fans (Browncoats) still haven’t overcome the disappointment of seeing their beloved series get canceled. The sequel movie Serenity did provide some closure, but at the cost of killing off two of the most beloved characters. As your friend waits for a sequel that never seems to materialize, you can try and lighten their pain with some innovative Firefly gift ideas. The online marketplace is full of Firefly related merchandise. This is hardly surprising, considering the cult following the series has. Here is our pick of the top ten Firefly gift ideas.

USAopoly Firefly Yahtzee Game

Yahtzee is a simple game involving just the right mix of luck and skill. This Collector’s Edition of the game has a Firefly oriented design, and is the perfect gift for fans of all ages. There a detailed replica of the beloved spaceship that acts as the dice cup for the game. The spaceship has custom movable parts that can be tweaked around for mindless fun. It is also a great decorative piece on its own. The package also includes a Firefly themed dice, score pad, pencil, and rule book. The dices have an Oriental theme, keeping in line with the story and settings of the series.
USAopoly Yahtzee

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Gale Force 9 Firefly: The Game

Another great gift option for a Firefly fanatic is a strategic game based entirely on the story of the cult TV series. In Firefly: The Game, players are captains of their Firefly-class spaceship, and get to choose their crew. They have to travel The ‘Verse in search of contracts and coin. This is an action-packed tabletop game that throws shady clients, Reavers, and Alliance patrols at the player. There are exquisitely detailed cards and star maps to add flavor to your adventure. One single round of the game should be enough to keep you occupied for at least two hours, if not more.
Firefly the game

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Ripple Junction T-Shirt: Firefly – Damage My Calm

Ripple Junction has some cool officially licensed Firefly t-shirt designs. This particular t-shirt features Jayne, the hot-headed mercenary crew-member on board the Serenity. With a graphic of Jayne holding his favorite gun, and the quote “You Are Beginning To Damage My Calm,” this is one of the greatest Firefly gift ideas for hardcore fans. The t-shirt is appropriately colored in military green, which fits Jayne extremely well. Crafted from 100% pure cotton, it is also incredibly comfortable to wear. The print is deliberately distressed for a unique feel.
Ripple Junction Damage

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“Done The Impossible: The Fan’s Tale of Firefly & Serenity”

Firefly fans are a unique bunch with a strong sense of community. This DVD tells the story of how the fans mobilized to save their beloved story. It includes interviews with cast members, the director and crew members, as well as numerous fans who became active members of the fandom. With never before seen insights into the making of the series and the movie, and a couple of Easter eggs thrown in for good measure, this is a great gift for a Firefly fan. There are over 6 hours worth of interviews, along with soundtracks, a trivia game, music videos, and an interactive timeline of the series.
Done The Impossible

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Quantum Mechanix Firefly HD Key Chain

A themed keychain is an affordable gift for any fan. For fans of the Joss Whedon series, there are several options available from Quantum Mechanix. These keychains mostly feature the beloved spaceship Serenity in one way or another. This particular model is a replica of the craft, cast in durable metal with a pewter finish. There is an incredible amount of detail etched using laser cutting methods. The design is based on actual special effect files utilized in the TV series.
Quantum Mechanix Key Chain

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“Firefly: The Complete Series”, DVD Box Set

This is one of the best Firefly gift ideas for a newcomer to the series. We say that because most die hard fans would probably have their copy of the entire series as well as the sequel movie already! This one includes the complete TV series, with all the aired episodes intact. As a bonus, you also get three episodes that never aired due to the cancellation. There are also some great extras, like gag reels, Alan Tudyk’s audition for the role of Wash, as well some memorable deleted scenes. This gift is best suited for somebody who has watched the movie Serenity and wants to learn more about the back story.
DVD box set

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Quantum Mechanix Firefly 10th Anniversary Poster

Designed by Jeff Halsley, a graphic designer and die-hard Browncoat from Fresno, this poster is absolutely gorgeous. It is simply a must have for any Firefly fan out there. With a detailed silhouette of the Serenity rising in the backdrop of an unknown moon/planet, the poster looks simply stunning. The caption “You Can’t Take The Sky From Me” is taken from the series’ intro song, and has a strong resonance with all die hard Browncoats out there. There are neat details, like the inclusion of Chinese letters at the bottom of the poster. This is a quality product, and an officially licensed one as well.
Quantum Mechanix Poster

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“Serenity: Those Left Behind”, 2nd Edition, Joss Whedon & Brett Matthews

The series may have been short lived, and the movie even shorter, but there are still plenty of the stories out there from the Firefly universe. These novels and stories are part of the official canon, and available in hardcover as well as paperback editions. They have been written by the series creator Joss Whedon, in collaboration with Brett Matthews, the chief writer of the show. There are several books that help to further flesh out the back stories of the characters in the series. All of them are great Firefly gift ideas. This particular book deals with a scavenger mission that fails to go according to plan, and is a small prequel to the movie Serenity.

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USAopoly Firefly Clue Game

Another fantastic gift option for a Firefly nerd, this is a Clue board game based on the main storyline of the series. Instead of a boring mansion, the board depicts the different chambers and rooms inside the spaceship itself. As with any other mystery board game, this one also has several questions you need to answer. They pertain to the betrayal of River, and her kidnapping on board the Serenity. You play the game with six mover pieces, custom weapons, and a custom board, all intricately designed and based on the Firefly universe.
USAopoly Clue game

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Ripple Junction Firefly Sudden Betrayal T-Shirt

On first look, this t-shirt seems to have more in common with Jurassic Park than a space western! But that is only for non-fans. In fact, this is a great gift for hardcore Browncoats who are well versed with all the quirks and inside jokes of the Firefly story. In case you are confused, Wash, the popular pilot of the Serenity, has these plastic toy dinosaurs with him. This cotton t-shirt is an officially licensed product, available in black, brown, and gray shades.
Ripple Junction Betrayal



Browncoats are some of the most dedicated fans ever. When you buy a gift for them, it has to be steeped in the rich culture and stories from the Firefly universe. We have tried to include only Firefly gift ideas that are part of the officially licensed merchandise. If you have any ideas to add, please do so in the comments section.

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