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10 Engraved Gift Ideas

With the advent of modern methods like laser engraving, finding affordable customized gifts has become easier than ever before. Engraved gift ideas are perfect for any occasion, from marriages to birthdays, retirements, and anniversaries. Engravings help add a personal touch to any item, making it unique for the giftee. Great engraved gift ideas can include small trinkets like keychains, personal items like wallets and nameplates, jewelry, pens, plaques, photo frames, and much more. Numerous brands offer custom engraving options at next to no cost online. Here are some of the more interesting engraved gift ideas we found.

ForeverGiftsUSA Titanium Coated Pocket Knife

The engraving is free of cost for this high-quality stainless steel pocket knife, making it a fantastic gift option. The engraving can also be pretty long, with the possibility of having two lines, each with a maximum of 30 characters. The engraving is done on the handle of the knife, and you can even choose the font you want it to be done in. The knife itself is a small pocket knife, with a premium titanium coating on the blade. Despite the small size, it is quite heavy and sturdy. It also has a handy button for quick opening of the blade, making it easy to operate it with one hand. This is a great gift option for men.

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Personalized Gifts Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer

These hammers are designed mainly as sentimental engraved gift ideas for fathers and grandfathers. They have short and lovely messages engraved on the handle, usually expressing love and gratitude towards the giftee. But on top of it all, these are also highly functional hammers that can get the job done for DIY projects and other home improvement tasks. The handle is made from smooth and polished hardwood, and has the ability to absorb all the pressure from the hammer strikes. The steel head is also capable of handling heavy duty tasks, and comes with a great polished surface.
Personalized Gifts Wood

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Etnecklace Wood Wedding Hangers

Obviously, these are gift items suitable for a wedding, as is abundantly clear from their name. There are several customizable features on these hangers. You can choose the name of the bride to be created by twisting the wire, like Mrs. Smith for example. As for the engraving on the wooden part, it could be the date of the wedding. Other options include the color of the bow, which can match the wedding theme colors, and the color of the hanger itself. These are great engraved gift ideas for a blushing bride to use on the most special day in her life.

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These premium looking cufflinks come with the option of engraved initials on their heads. Made from high quality 316L stainless steel, these cufflinks have a premium white gold plating that give them a very exclusive look. The plating will not tarnish or corrode over time, making these very durable accessories. The cufflinks are delivered in a classy black gift case. You can select a solitary letter as the initials to be engraved. With a simple yet elegant round design, these are perfect engraved gift ideas for men on a wide range of occasions.
iron Oak Men

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Christian Art Gifts Brown Genuine Leather Wallet

With a Bible quotation prominently engraved in a brass inlay on the face of the wallet, this is a great gift option for a believer. The scripture quote is very inspiring, from Jeremiah 29:11. This wallet has two full length bill fold pockets on the inside, along with an ID card window slot. There are also a couple of multi function pockets, along with space to hold no less than 8 different credit/debit cards. This wallet is crafted from genuine leather, and has a premium feel. The brown leather looks quite classy, and the brass inlay also adds to the overall look. It will fit perfectly in front or back pockets.
Christian Art

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OTR Custom Personalized Wedding Champagne Flutes

With engraving becoming so cheap, this product also comes with free of cost engraving options. It is a very elegant pair of champagne glass flutes, ideal for marriages and anniversaries. You can choose the last name of the couple, which will be engraved on both of the glasses with a “Mr.” and “Mrs.” prefix. The glasses can also feature the date of the wedding underneath the names. They use very elegant and classy fonts that perfectly match any wedding. The materials used are of a high quality, and the glasses are chip resistant and hardy. They are perfect for wedding toasts.

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Zippo Groomsman Personalized Brush Silver Pocket Lighter

This is a genuine lighter from the famous Zippo brand. Crafted with a brushed silver finish, this pocket lighter looks nothing short of awesome. It has the legendary build quality from Zippo, and the chrome finish just makes it all the more desirable. You can order the lighter with engraved names, dates, and initials. The engraving is free of cost, which increases the value of the object. They use classy Roman monograms for the engraving. The lighter comes with a Zippo Lifetime Warranty.
Zippo Groomsman

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Gift Jewelry by Rachel Olivia Engraved Pendant Bracelet

With the word “Mimi” engraved on a heart shaped pendant, this bracelet is a fine gift for Mother’s Day. The chain measures around 8 inches, and has a lobster claw hook at the ends. There are elegant light catching crystals on the heart shaped pendant, giving the whole bracelet a very alluring feel. This piece of jewelry is made from a unique hypo-allergenic alloy, which ensures that the wearer does not get any rashes or skin allergies. The bracelet is delivered in an elegant gift bag.
Gift Jewelry by Rachel Olivia

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CKB Products Wholesale Top Shelf Set of 6 Flasks

Often, you may need to buy engraved objects in bulk for special occasions like weddings. This particular product has been arranged keeping those occasions in mind. The package includes six stainless steel hip flasks sporting a very traditional design. You have the option of specifying custom engravings for them. These range from initials, to names, logos, and so on. Each flask can hold 8 oz of liquids. The engravings will produce a dark black text/graphics, which are very long lasting.

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Banberry Designs Suncatcher Heart Shaped Engraved Charm

This is a very beautiful suncatcher made from glass shaped like a crescent moon. What sets it apart is the presence of real preserved flowers, which are carefully placed between the pressed glass. The suncatcher has a heart shaped charm hanging from it, with a lovely message engraved on it. This decoration can be hung near windows and doors, as well as on patios. It is an elegant gift for mothers, daughters, and grandmothers on special occasions.



Engraved gifts are a great way to show your affection and love for someone. They are also perfect for special occasions like weddings. We hope you liked our selection of engraved gift ideas. If you have come across other great engraved gift ideas online, please share their links with us in the comments section.

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