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10 Cigar Gift Ideas

Cigars are traditionally considered a male bastion. However, there are many women out there who enjoy smoking a quality Cuban Cigar now and then. When searching for the perfect gift for a cigar aficionado, you should not restrict yourself to buying a box of cigars. There are lots of accessories and tools associated with the art and pastime of cigar smoking. These tools make great presents for cigar lovers. There are also other cigar-themed products out there you can consider as appropriate gifts. Here are some interesting cigar gift ideas that we managed to unearth during our research.

Cuban Crafters Perfect Cigar Cutter

Thanks to the movies, a cigar cutter is probably the most recognizable cigar accessory out there. This one here is a real beauty, with extremely sharp blades. It has self-sharpening blades, which means that you don’t have to worry about the edges getting dull anytime soon. This device is capable of cutting cigars with a maximum ring gauge of 54. It can work on any cigar, including torpedo shaped and figurado cigars. This is a very beginner friendly cigar cutter. Just beware of the blades though, as they are made from super sharp, surgical grade stainless steel. The manufacturer has backed this product with a lifetime guarantee.
Cuban Crafters

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Xikar Humidifier Solution, 16 Oz

If your friend or relative has an extensive collection of cigars, this humidifier solution will be of great use to him/her. It is a solution that is essential for keeping the cigars from getting too dry. The formula has been pre-mixed for extra convenience. It is very easy to use, and can maintain an optimum relative humidity of 70% inside a cigar humidifier. Propylene glycol is the primary ingredient in this solution. If your friend doesn’t have a cigar humidifier, check out our next cigar gift ideas.

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Mantello Cigars Desktop Humidor Humidifier

This is a large cigar box that can safely hold up to 50 cigars. Since it is a humidifier, it will keep them from getting too dried up as well. This is an essential piece of equipment for anybody who has, or aims to have a large collection of cigars. The box is made from authentic Spanish cedar, and has a rich red finish. Inside, the bottom is made from felt, and is scratch resistant. There are removable dividers for arranging your cigars, and these are also made from cedar wood. The box includes a magnetic humidifier with an analog meter display outside to show the exact level of moisture inside.

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Cuba Variety For Men, Set of 4, EDT Spray

Looks can be very deceiving, and several customers have been deceived by this particular product. When looking at it, you can be forgiven for thinking that they are real cigars. But in fact, they are cigar shaped bottles of cologne. These are perfect gifts for men, and each set includes four different scents. The perfumes themselves are quite masculine. Their bottles are shaped and designed like huge Cuban cigars. Each bottle contains 1.17 ounces of EDT. The scents are quite varied, and are called Blue, Orange, Gold, and Red.
Cuba Variety

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You cannot easily carry around a large, box shaped cigar humidor while traveling. So, this compact humidor is one of the best cigar gift ideas for those who wish to travel with their favorite cigars. This elegant and compact cylindrical humidor can store 5 cigars. It has a black leather exterior, and cedar wood interior to keep the humidity at optimal levels. Since it has a humidor and hygrometer, you can keep accurate track of the humidity levels inside. The leather used is high grade synthetic PU leather. It is also a great option if you usually have only 5-6 cigars at home.

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Cigar Caddy 3400

This is the perfect gift for cigar lovers who own boats, or tend to go on a lot of fishing trips. Made from strong ABS plastic, these humidors can store a maximum of 5 cigars. But their biggest draw is the fact that they are completely waterproof. They have an airtight seal, which helps them float on water if you accidentally drop them in a lake or river. If you want the ultimate protection for your cigars while traveling, this is the way to go. These are especially suitable for camping trips and other outdoor excursions. They have a humidifier inside to ensure that the cigars remain moist.
Cigar Caddy

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Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter

If you want compact cigar gift ideas, this is a great product for that purpose. That also makes it a very useful and handy gift option. It is small enough to fit into your palm. The main highlight of this burner is its wind resistance. It has a single action ignition, which makes it very convenient to use. The burner uses butane fuel, and has an easy fuel adjuster. Its butane canister is very easy to refill.

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Prestige Import Group Folding Wood Cigar Ash Tray

This is a versatile two-in one product, a combination of an elegant ash tray and a cigar cutter. It has a high gloss walnut wood finish, with shiny stainless steel parts inside. The cutter has a standard guillotine design. The ash reservoir and the cutter are both made from stainless steel. If you don’t want the cutter, the company also has a wide range of standalone cigar ash trays, made from a combination of wood and steel. You can opt for ash trays with different wood finishes, like cherry, mahogany, and even leather trim.
Prestige Import Group Ash Tray

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Cigar Minder Clip

Unlike cigarettes, cigars take a long time to burn out. Holding them around in your hands for that entire time can be hassle. That is where this innovative product enters the picture. It is a mobile cigar holder that can securely hold a burning cigar. This is one of the greatest cigar gift ideas to use while golfing, or when you are busy in your yard, or on a boat. The clip can be attached to any surface. It can hold most sizes of cigars, including the larger 54 ring gauge versions. These holders are available in four different colors.
Cigar Minder

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Prestige Import Group – Franklyn Acrylic Clear Humidor Display

This is a gargantuan display case for cigars. It can hold a grand total of 150 individual cigars. This would be an ideal gift option for an avid cigar collector. It has a full bodied transparent acrylic display. There are two shelves, with three divided sections for cigars. The acrylic glass is durable and impact resistant. It also has an inside rear mirror to enhance the overall display.
Prestige Import Group Humidor Display



The best cigar gift ideas include cigar accessories and storage options. We hope you liked our selection. Don’t forget to hare your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments section below.

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