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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old

It is time you get your Christmas gifts shopping list ready. The secret behind the art of gifting an 18-year-old on Christmas is figuring out which direction your teen is inclined to follow. This way, you can gift them something that is in line with their needs as a young adult, this being the year they need to learn about opportunities and responsibilities. We chose these products based on customer reviews, therefore the following are 10 Christmas gift ideas for 18 year old that you can consider.

Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband


Out of the numerous Christmas gift ideas for 18 year old, these Bluetooth headphones are a sure way to get the kid amped. They offer quality sound using a noise canceling technology that eliminates background noises. They have a stylish design and a built-in magnet that attracts the ear plugs when they are not being used, offering a convenient storage way to carry around. Additionally, they are lightweight, flexible, and have an ultra-long working period of up to 13 hours of continuous talking/music time when the battery is fully charged.

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Jagurds Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Jagurds Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag


Travelling can be taxing to ladies because they have to ensure that everything that they require is in place and in order. Make this easier for your teen by getting her a travel toiletry bag. It has plenty of room where she can store her makeup, soap, shampoo, lotion, cosmetics, beauty products, and a host of other toiletries. It is also convenient to use because of its detachable parts. In addition to this, it’s easy to clean and organize, making sure she does not lose anything.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7


Nowadays, tablets are almost an all-purpose tool. Most kids on average, in college or not, will be thankful for a tablet, they can use it for email, music, movies, schoolwork, or working at home. You can get the Galaxy Tab E Lite from Samsung that will surely not break the bank. Perfectly portable, an 8GB internal memory that could be expanded to 32GB, advanced camera modes, and built for high-speed processing. It is a very capable gadget that is sure to brighten up your teen’s Christmas.

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Bambüsi Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set

Bambüsi by Belmint 100% Natural Bamboo Cheese Board


Your child has probably got their own place now or is moving to college. You want to ensure that they feel comfortable in their new surroundings, therefore you should consider this cheese board and cutlery set. The main board measures 13”x13”x2” and is made purely out of bamboo and has durable serving utensils with stainless steel blades and easy-grip bamboo handles. This set is a very sleek piece of art that contains an inventive hidden drawer with various slicing, spreading and serving tools the kid can show off when he has friends over and pass on as a grown up.

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Fine Occasion Glass Beer Pub Mug

Fine Occasion Glass Beer Pub Mug


There is no other gift that would symbolize coming of age better than a good old-fashioned pint mug. Get a customized mug with an engraving of their name’s initial and you will most likely get the mom or dad of the year award. This beer mug has a capacity of 25 oz. and is made of high-quality thick lead-free and sturdy glass and should only be washed by hand. You can also get more inspiration from our 18th birthday gift ideas list.

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Maxim Magazine Subscription

Maxim Kindle Edition

If your child is an avid reader, it makes sense to get them a magazine subscription for the next year, we recommend a Kindle edition. Consider getting your girl a subscription of Maxim, she will thank you for it. With this magazine, she can enjoy a nice past time, or she can read it when commuting. It contains entertaining articles and beautiful images, as well as fashion and lifestyle tips.

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“The Manual to Manhood”, Jonathan Catherman

The Manual to Manhood

Books are one of the more serious Christmas gift ideas for 18 year old. There is only so much you can teach that young man. There is a lot more that he will learn as he makes his way through the world. However. nothing will help him tackle life quite as The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive. It will teach him everything from changing a tire to properly talking to a lady. It is a worthy gift that you can purchase online either in print or Kindle edition.

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FITFORT Action Camera 4K

FITFORT Action Camera 4K WiFi Ultra HD Waterproof

The life ahead of any college freshman is going to be very interesting, to say the least. Show them that you care about those experiences by gifting them with a high-quality camera to capture those moments. This FITFORT Action camera is the ideal gadget to consider when looking for Christmas gift ideas for 18 year old. With 1080p video resolution, 12MP image resolution, and being waterproof, among many other cool features, it is the ideal camera for any youngster.

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Suck UK Punch Bag Drawstring Laundry Bag

SUCK UK Punch Bag Drawstring Laundry Bag

This punch bag and laundry bag is meant to help your teen get a workout in everytime they put their clothes in the laundry basket. It is definitely one of the coolest Christmas gift ideas for 18 year old. They can hang it in their dorm room or apartment, use it as a punching bag and also fill it with a heavy load of washing as it is able to hold up very well. Additionally, it is resilient and durable for obvious reasons and has a drawstring at the top to conceal strong odors.

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DBPOWER LCD Mini Projector

DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector

If your teenager is like any other, then chances are they rarely get their faces off the phone screen. Help solve this issue by getting them this laptop and smartphone mini projector. They can use it for a myriad of functions: from class presentations to kicking back and watching a movie. It comes in black or white, so you can choose their favorite color, it is 50% brighter than an ordinary led projector. Also, they get a 3-year warranty on this awesome device.


Turning 18 is a special time for young ones as it symbolizes their entry into adulthood. As such, it is important that Christmas this year should be a memorable and exciting experience. These Christmas gift ideas for 18 year old should come in handy for you when searching for the fit present to give to your loved one. Which one do you choose for this Christmas?

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