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10 15 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

For your 15th wedding anniversary, a crystal is the traditional gift option, along with rubies and roses. This makes the task of selecting the perfect 15 year anniversary gift ideas for him harder, since you cannot find a lot of crystal-based gifts for men. So, the task is a bit harder for the ladies if they want to go the traditional route. But since there are no strict rules regarding these things, you can also look at stuff that your man likes. Here is a list of some 15 year anniversary gift ideas for him, both crystal based and otherwise.

Surpass Lighting Crystal Silver Table Lamp

Does he like to read a lot while in bed? Or maybe he has space on his table for some handy illumination? If so, this table lamp is a fantastic choice. It looks handsome anywhere, be it in a bedroom, office, or study. The lamp shade is made from 110 individual pieces of K9 crystal joined together in a classy cylindrical design. It doesn’t come with a bulb, and the best option suggested by the manufacturer is an E26 bulb. The light from the bulb is magnified by the crystals, creating beautiful and soft patterns that are not distracting in any way. This is a great modern contemporary design that will instantly warm up cozy interior spaces.
Surpass Lighting

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Duck House NFL Crystal Pilsner Glasses

Is your husband a football fan? Then you can liven up his game days with this incredibly thoughtful and handy gift from Duck House. These Pilsener glasses are made from special plastic, with an inner lining of crystal. The crystal lining is not there simply for show, even though they do make the glass look rather amazing. These crystals can retain cold temperatures for longer than regular ice. All you need to do is put them away in the freezer for a couple of hours. After that, these glasses will keep your beverage chilled for hours. The crests and colors of all Major League football teams are available.
Duck House

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Armitron Men’s Crystal Accented Gray Degrade Black Leather Strap Watch

Watches are great 15 year anniversary gift ideas for him. If you don’t care too much about the tradition, you can opt for any good model that your budget permits. If you want something with crystal accents, this Armitron model might be a perfect choice. The dial has an attractive dark sapphire blue shade, and comes studded with 8 Swarovski crystals at four primary hour marks. The steel case is rectangular and looks quite masculine. The matte black leather strap is made from genuine leather, and looks classy and comfortable. The watch is water resistant to 165 feet, and is suitable for swimming and showering, even though it is inadvisable for a leather strap.

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Magnificent Magnifying Glass Dome – Large Genuine Crystal Magnifier

If you are looking for a crystal gift that looks both and useful, paperweights are worth a look. This particular option is a stunning glass dome that has not one, but two or three potential uses. For starters, it can function perfectly well as just a paperweight on his office or study desk. It can also double as a magnification aid, as it enlarges the text or visuals on any surface on which it is placed. If his eyesight is failing, or he has issues reading small prints, this glass dome will be of great assistance. It is made from genuine glass, and not cheap acrylic paste. Packaged in an elegant gift box, this makes the ideal gift for your wedding anniversary.

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James Scott 5PC Crystal Bar Set, Irish Cut

There are relatively few objects made from crystal that work as 15 year anniversary gift ideas for him, mainly because men have fewer jewelry options! But drinking sets and glasses are a great niche to look at on your 15th wedding anniversary, as most of the high-quality sets are made from crystal glass. Take this set from James Scott, for instance. It is ideal for any liquor, from whiskey to rum, wine, or any other colored spirit out there. The set includes a large 750ml decanter, replete with a pure glass stopper, and a set of four 8 oz glasses. They will make a great addition to any home bar.
James Scott

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NixPlay Seed 7-inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame

You can probably find a lot of traditional crystal photo frames out there that would make a great 15th anniversary gift for him. This time, we suggest something more modern, with this 7-inch digital photo frame. This 21st-century version works with WiFi and a dedicated app that makes switching between pictures a breeze. The stylish device is available in a range of attractive colors, and can be placed pretty much anywhere, at home or in the office. It will help you  share photos from anywhere with him, unobtrusively. This is a better alternative to sending photos to his phone, which might be a distraction. This is great modern wedding anniversary gift option.

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Waterford Marquis Sheridan Ring Holder

The ideal addition to his dressing table, this lovely ring holder will help him store away his wedding band. There is a central spire onto which he can securely place the ring/rings. The holder has an exquisitely cut crystal surface, with very smooth rims. This gift option is imported from Germany, where it is crafted by experts using high-quality methods. Since it is made from crystal, it goes without saying that it is an appropriate 15th anniversary gift option.
Waterford Marquis Sheridan

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Tony & Candice Men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set

Pamper your husband on your 15th anniversary with a set of luxurious satin pajamas. These high-quality satin pajamas are available in four glossy colors: black, gray, burgundy, and navy blue. You have four sizes to choose from, and all are well tailored and offer a comfortable fit. The material is silky smooth and lightweight, providing a great sleeping experience.
Tony Candice

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A&M Film and Photo 6 Inch Triangular Prism

This is a very niche gift option, best suited for men who are into amateur photography. This is a premium quality crystal prism that is great for taking special effect photographs. The prism scatters the light, creating amazing effects without having to resort to Photoshop. It can be used to experiment with effects like light leaks, refractions, and rainbows. If he has a brand new DSLR, this could be the perfect anniversary gift.
A and M Film

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Cufflinks are one of the very few jewelry gift options for men, so here is a crystal based piece which would make a great 15th anniversary gift for him. Crafted using Swarovski crystals, these cufflinks have an elegant and understated look. The circular design is classy, with a large crystal surrounded by an outer ring of smaller crystals. The stainless steel cufflinks look flawless, and are quite durable as well.



If you want to keep things traditional on your 15th birthday, you might have to hunt around for the perfect crystal based gift for your husband. A better option is to buy an affordable crystal based trinket and couple it with a more modern (and expensive) gift. Did you like our suggestions for 15 year anniversary gift ideas for him? Maybe you have your own interesting ideas on this subject? If you do, please share it with us in the comments sections.

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