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10 Wedding Gift ideas

You’ve picked out something nice to wear, RSVP’d and selected fish or meat, but you don’t have a clue what to get the couple as a wedding gift because they didn’t register. Picking out the perfect present for a newly married couple can be challenging, especially if you don’t know one of the people very well. We’ve come up with some great wedding gift ideas that are sure to be enjoyed by newly married couples everywhere.

Fortluxe French Coffee Press

This 8-cup stainless steel French coffee press is perfect for a couple who enjoys starting the day with a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. The steel frame and heat-resistant glass make this one of the most durable French presses on the market, and the double filter keeps all the grounds in the press where they belong and not in the coffee cup. Unlike other presses, the Fortluxe French press has a patented lid locking design that helps retain heat, keeping the coffee hotter longer. They can also use it for tea, hot chocolate, and lemonade, making it a versatile and beautiful gift for any couple.

Fortluxe French Coffee Press

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Oster 4-Slice Toaster

A classic couple deserves a classic gift. The Oster 4-slice toaster is great for anyone, really, from married couples who enjoy hosting Sunday brunch to people who just like a perfectly toasted bagel. The extra-wide slots make toasting thicker sliced bread and bagels a breeze. While settings for frozen items and items that need to be reheated mean the perfect toast every time. It also has a retractable cord and a removable crumb tray that’s dishwasher safe.

Oster 4-Slice Toaster

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Tivoli AM/FM Table Radio

For the hipster couple in your life – we all know at least one couple like that, let’s be honest – check out the Tivoli AM/FM table radio! While the design will complement any vintage-inspired décor in their house, the electrical components are all state of the art for better reception and improved clarity. Even if you don’t think they’ll use the radio itself, any couple into the retro design will love the special touch this radio adds to their space.

Tivoli Classic Table Radio

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Solid Copper Beating Bowls

If the couple you’re shopping for loves cooking, you can stop your search for wedding gift ideas because these bowls are an absolute must. For those who aren’t familiar, the main benefit of using copper beating bowls is lighter, fluffier eggs and egg whites. That might not seem like much, but for people who cook and bake it can make all the difference. Aside from being functional, the bowls are also gorgeous and would be a great addition to any kitchen.

3 Solid copper beating bowls

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Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you’ve combed through dozens of wedding gift ideas and nothing is sticking out, go with this speaker. It’s the perfect “I don’t know what to get” gift because just about every couple can use a wireless speaker around the home, outside, or even hanging out by the pool – and this particular speaker is water resistant to boot. No worrying about spraying it with the hose while washing the car or accidentally. knocking it into the sink.

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Hippih 12” Silent Wooden Wall Clock

This vintage wooden clock is a great addition to any home, making it a great gift for just about any couple you’re shopping for. The retro design makes it a cool statement piece, but the silent sweeping motion of the hands means no annoying tick-tock sound in the middle of the night. The quartz movement also means accuracy and durability. Set your gift apart by sending the clock and the retro radio, for example.

Vintage Wooden Wall Clock

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Burl & Blade Curly Maple Cutting Board

Any couple would be hard pressed not to love this beautiful maple cutting board. This makes for an excellent alternative to the lighter wooden cutting boards widely available today. It’s made in the United States from professional-grade wood and treated with top-quality mineral oil. This cutting board is softer on knives (a big plus if the couple is into cooking) and is perfect for serving as well if they enjoy hosting regular get-togethers.

wedding gift ideas

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Superior Luxury Bathroom 6-Piece Towel Set

This wedding gift idea doesn’t exactly have the wow-factor, but when they get out of the shower and wrap up in a super soft towel, you’ll be the first one receiving a “thank you” card in the mail. These heavy 900-gram towels are made from premium long-staple cotton to be both durable and comfortable. The 6-piece set comes in a classic design and more than a dozen colors to go with just about any bathroom design scheme you can imagine. They are also machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer as well for easy cleaning.

6-Piece Blue Towel Set

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The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

All newlyweds can use a good cookbook, whether they do much cooking or not. For couples who enjoy spending time together in the kitchen, this book has taken 650 of America’s Test Kitchen’s best recipes and scaled them down from serving 4 to 6 to serving just 2. Revamping recipes to serve fewer people isn’t just cutting the ingredients in half, it also changes the cooking time, the cooking temperature, and sometimes even the equipment needed. This cookbook makes easy work of planning meals for 2 by taking the guesswork out of it.

The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook

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Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker with Temperature Probe

A classic item found on registries everywhere and one of the most popular wedding gift ideas is the slow cooker. Younger couples tend to overlook the value of the slow cooker until they realize how efficient and easy it is to use, especially when you can set it and forget it. Young couples can cook up meals while they’re at work, freeing up their time in the evening to go out for a drink, do happy hour with friends, or simply relax with each other. It’s also great for making big batches of food that can be used for lunch and dinner all week long.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker


Finding the perfect wedding gift doesn’t have to be hard. It’s cliché to say, but ultimately it’s the thought that counts. Consider pairing a few of these items together, too, like the cookbook and cutting board, speaker and towels, or even the crockpot and bowls. Also, for more inspiration, check out these awesome engraved gift ideas suggestions as well. We’d also love for you to share some of your wedding gift ideas!

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