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10 Tactical Gift Ideas

Tactical and self-defense items and accessories are a passion for many. Gun enthusiasts, people in law enforcement, ex-service persons, and serving members may all love tactical gear. If you have any friends or family belonging to these categories, tactical gift ideas are probably the best choices for special occasions. The tactical equipment market is very broad, which makes your job much easier. There is a lot of quality merchandise out there for the discerning shopper. You just need to make sure that the stuff you get is high quality and not cheap knockoffs. The gear may end up being used in life and death situations, so choose carefully. Here are some suggestions of tactical gift ideas.

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

With adjustable girth, this one-size-fits-all tactical vest is ideal for field operations and exercises. It has four adjustable rifle mag pouches, capable of holding most popular caliber mags. There is also a deluxe cross draw holster, which can be replaced with additional mag pouches, both with belt loop or belt carry. There are also other large pouches to hold gear like maps or documents, or additional tools. The vest has a mesh ventilation system that helps release moisture and heat efficiently. It uses high-quality Velcro systems and zippers.

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TAC Force TF-705BK Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife

With a mean looking black serrated blade, this is a very efficient and effective tactical folding knife. The blade is 3mm thick and 3 inches long, made from high-quality stainless steel. Since it uses a spring assisted mechanism, this is a legal blade and not a switchblade. You need to apply leverage, but the knife can be easily opened and closed with one hand. The aluminum handle has excellent grip, and features a bottle opener and glass breaker for emergencies. The knife is equipped with a pocket clip for convenient and safe carry.

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OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness

This is great for all those who love taking their dogs out into the field, be it for exercises or hunting. The dog harness/vest is available in two colors, black and tan. There are three detachable pouches, which can carry daily items/rations. These pouches can be attached to other tactical gear as well. The vest features adjustable webbing for secure and stable mounting on your canine. There is also a mesh design inside for optimum comfort for the dog. There are three size options: medium, large and, extra large, to suit different breeds of big dogs.

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Mechanix Wear MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves

These advanced tactical gloves are perfect tactical gift ideas for civilian gun enthusiasts as well as serving members of our armed forces. The camouflage pattern allows the wearer to blend in with his/her surroundings. Tough Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) is used all over these gloves to help protect the wearer from impacts, and other forms of trauma. The special Trek Dry stretchable material ensures that your palms remain cool and sweat free. There is further padding for the palm area with D30, which shields and absorbs the energy from high impacts. The gloves are machine washable and easy to maintain.

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Explore Land 100% Cotton Military Shemagh Tactical Desert Keffiyeh Scarf Wrap

Though used as a style accessory, the Keffiyeh serves a valuable purpose in arid and dusty environments. This is why US military troops widely use these Middle Eastern garments during their tours in the region and Afghanistan. Thick and soft cotton cloth helps provide adequate protection from the sun, sand, and wind without causing any stress on the body. This is a great product for any outdoor activities in the summer. It is available in a wide range of colors and camo patterns as well.

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Reebow Gear Military Tactical Assault Backpack

With a capacity of around 34L, this is a compact backpack ideal for outdoor excursions like hunting or hiking. Made from extremely durable military grade fabrics, this backpack can take a lot of punishment. It is also water resistant. With padding at the back, it is very comfortable to wear. The padding is also present on the shoulder straps. Though it doesn’t ship with a hydration system, this backpack is compatible with most hydration bladders out there. It also has the Molle system, making it compatible with a wide range of other tactical gear.

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5.11 Men’s Tactical 74273 TacLite Pro Pant

Coming from one of the biggest brands in the tactical gear business, these are high-quality pants. Made from a blend of polyester and cotton (65%-35%), the fabric has been treated with HT Teflon, rendering it water resistant. You get two cargo pockets, and a mag/cell phone pocket. It has a rear web strap and slash pocket designs. There is also an external knife pocket. The pants are exceptionally durable, and feature clip loops, Prym snaps, and YKK zippers. They are available in nearly a dozen different colors/camo patterns.

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TACVASEN Men’s Military Softshell Tactical Jacket Hooded Fleece Coat

Whether you are out hunting or trekking, you need a trusty and comfortable tactical jacket to keep you warm. Made from sharkskin fabric with a warm inner fleece, this hooded jacket is extremely comfortable. It is waterproof and windproof, and has a lot of zipper pockets all over the place. They can accommodate all kinds of tactical and EDC gear, like a knife, flashlight, mags, cell phone, and wallet. The jackets are available in different colors like green, sand and black, as well as winter and woodland camo.

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Bench Built Military Grade Tactical Wallet

This is a military grade front pocket wallet that has been designed to survive extreme conditions and keeps its contents safe as well. It can hold five cards, as well as cash. The wallet comes with an every tight band and money clip designed to keep the contents securely in place even during active combat. It can be securely held in your front trouser/breast pockets. Along with the five cards, it can hold a maximum of five to six bills. Despite being extremely tough, the band feels soft and luxurious thanks to a special coating.

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J5 Tactical V1-Pro 300 Lumen Ultra Bright Flashlight

At 300 lumens, this flashlight can blind any would-be attacker. It also has serrated edges for use as an effective CQB weapon. The flashlight is available in standard black as well as other camo patterns. With high, low, and strobe settings, this flashlight is ready to tackle any emergency. It can use either an AA battery or a rechargeable battery pack. Available at a very affordable price point, this flashlight is one of the greatest tactical gift ideas when it comes to accessories for hunting, camping, or other tactical situations.



We have tried to include trusty and capable equipment in our list of the best tactical gift ideas out there. This is a concise list, so there are numerous other products out there. Kindly share with us your favorite tactical gift ideas in the comments section.

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