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Ultimate Guide: Special Occasion Gift Ideas 2018

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You don’t need a specific reason to surprise a loved one with a gift. However, if it’s a special occasion, the present becomes even more memorable. Regardless if you’re celebrating a holiday or searching for a novelty item, we have you covered in terms of inspiration. We’ve rounded up the nicest special occasion gift ideas of the year. From Christmas or Easter presents to options for sports lovers, grandparents or even nerds, discover them all below.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or it should be, as long as you’re not panicking with last-minute gift ideas. Finding awesome Christmas or Easter gifts for teens, moms or boyfriends can be challenging, to say the least. You don’t want them to add another ugly sweater or a pair of excessively festive socks to the bottom of their drawers. Be inspired by these special occasion gift ideas and buy them a present they’ll use and adore.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old

Teenagers are incredibly difficult to shop for. Sure, you have the broadest range of gifts to choose from, but the recipients are as picky as they get. We all know how an eager grin can turn into the ultimate disappoint frown if they don’t receive what they wished for. However, there is a surefire way to keep that smile up even after the wrapping paper piles around them.

Electronics are your best friend. An 18 year old will be ecstatic when opening their box to find a pair of Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones. With Bluetooth 4.1, CVC6.0 noise canceling technology, and 13 hours of continuous runtime, the headphones are perfect for teens. You’ll also get bonus points for being the cool family member who knows how to keep up with trends.
special occasion christmas gift ideas for 18 year old

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Mothers go above and beyond to support their families every day of the year. In turn, they deserve only the best special occasion gift ideas for Christmas. Sure, you could get her something useful for the house. But wouldn’t it be lovely to surprise her with a gift that focuses on her? Show her that some “me” time is well-deserved after all the sacrifices she made.

Encourage her to take a break and curl up in her favorite armchair with a good book. However, you can take the heart-warming idea to the next level by providing a limitless amount of books from her to choose from. The Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader is a brilliant idea for mothers who are passionate about reading. She can pick from more than a million books and read during the day or night without straining her eyes. Most importantly, she will be caring for herself.
special occasion christmas gift ideas for mom

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

So, you want to prove that you’re the coolest girlfriend in town? We know how tempted you are to get a sappy photo frame, an oversized teddy bear or some other “his” and “hers” cliché that you’d enjoy. Please, leave your girly intuition to the side and remember that you’re getting a gift for him. You have to dig deep and adopt a “guy” mindset. What would he go nuts about?

Although your gift should be tailored to his hobbies, we guarantee that any dude’s jaw will drop upon seeing a GoPro HERO+. It records in 1090p60 and captures 8 MP photos, all while fitting in the palm of his hand. In addition, the HERO+ is 131-foot waterproof and can be taken anywhere, from the ocean to the slopes. You’ll be crowned girlfriend of the year for sure.
special occasion christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

Easter Gift Ideas

If you thought Christmas presents were tricky, wait till you start shopping for Easter gifts. Presents during this time of the year are usually on the symbolic side. Moreover, budgets are typically smaller than those for Christmas gifts. In this case, how can you get a meaningful Easter present that will be suitable for any friend or family member?

Simplicity is often the key for some of the most inspired special occasion gift ideas. For everyone’s favorite spring holiday, get a sweet mascot that’s sure to spark a smile. You can look into the Melissa & Doug Plush Burrow Bunny Rabbit, a gorgeous, 14-inch tall Easter-themed plushie. Its super soft fur and adorable ears are enough to melt the hearts of kids and adults alike.
special occasion gift ideas


It’s fun to shop for presents, but even more so when you’re hunting for special occasion gift ideas to fit certain themes. Whether the person you’re celebrating is a total geek, a dedicated athlete or a lucky girl turning 16, we have some ideas that are totally on point. Browse the thematic presents we have selected below and choose the idea that best suits the recipient’s personality or accomplishment.

Volleyball Gifts

Among varsity sports for girls, volleyball is easily one of the most popular choices. It’s a terrific team sport that will help them make friends and stay healthy and strong during their developing years. Volleyball also comes with a strong sense of team spirit that players are encouraged to express with pride. In this regard, a cute accessory is one of the top special occasion gift ideas for volleyball lovers.

With the Infinity Collection Volleyball Bracelet for Girls, she can literally wear her love for the sport on her sleeve. It’s a one-piece accessory that ties five smaller bracelets into one. The first one features an infinity sign followed by “love”, with pretty “volleyball” letters on the third bracelet. The last one has a sweet charm in the shape of the ball to make the statement piece complete.
special occasion gift ideas

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Aside from becoming of age, a 16th birthday is one of the coolest events in a young adult’s life. The Sweet 16 party is the most exciting part of the experience – from friends, to music, and, of course, presents. If you have someone close prepping for their Sweet 16, choose a thematic gift idea that will make their heart soar for years on end – a Polaroid.

Items that have a vintage vibe are trending more than ever. Their value increases even more if you can use them to create new memories. For this purpose, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera is pretty much the most awesome Sweet 16 gift you can get. It comes in no less than 14 colors and it instantly shoots, develops, and prints pictures. Those fun and funny party moments will now live on forever.
special occasion gift ideas sweet 16

Gifts for Golfers

Tee it high, let it fly. May the course be with you. Ready to “par”-“tee”? All terrible puns (or putts?) aside, finding neat gifts for golfers can be a hit or miss (okay, we’ll stop now). Your instinct may be to get a golf lover some new gear, but you’ll probably fail if you’re not familiar with the sport. Don’t take any pricey risks and get them a novelty item they’ll love.

If the recipient is super passionate about golf but isn’t a full-time pro, there’s a good chance they’re always daydreaming about the course. Help them have fun procrastinating at work with the Executive Tabletop Golf Mug. It’s a package that includes a slick 11 oz. mug, a pen in the shape of a golf club, and a miniature golf ball. The mug has a hole on the side and… well, you can guess what they’ll be doing all day.
special occasion gift ideas for golfers

Bachelor Pad Gift Ideas

So, a single guy that happens to be your friend or family member is getting ready to move into their bachelor pad. No nagging, no stress – just chilling with their favorite pastime on TV with a cold one in hand. Your group is throwing a housewarming party for the lucky guy, so you have to find the ideal gift for the occasion. You’re in luck; shopping for bachelors is easy-peasy.

One of our favorite ideas is the Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe. It is designed with velvety soft fabrics and is available in a variety of manly colors. The plush bathrobe also features two front pockets and – the best part – a loose hood. Your bachelor friend will be able to relax in comfort and surround himself with fluffiness without judgment in his man cave.
special occasion gift ideas

70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Reaching the age of 70 is a celebration of its own. Whether a grandparent, parent or other close one is turning 70, they deserve a nice present. Among your options are gift baskets, bath sets or artworks, but why not tickle their funny bone? After living for 70 years, you can imagine that they developed a strong sense of humor and don’t take things that seriously. In this situation, an amusing gift is just what you need.

“It took 70 years to become this awesome and (almost) perfect”. This is the funny and endearing message they’ll smile at every morning with the Birthday Gifts for All Funny Party Gift Coffee Mug. The white ceramic mug has an 11-ounce capacity and is dishwasher and microwave safe. If you prefer a longer and larger silhouette, you can select the 15-ounce version from the same Amazon product page.
special occasion gift ideas

Nerdy Gifts

You can’t help but love nerds. They’re so into their passions that their enthusiasm is almost contagious. Whether it’s the latest video game or an anime from the 90s, they have a knack for making us just as fond of them as they are. However, the delicate part about finding special occasion gift ideas for nerds is that you have to know what they geek out over.

If comics are their soft spot, we have a genius present idea – the Suicide Squad – Joker Shirtless POP Figure Toy. Ever since the live-action Suicide Squad movie hit theaters, it’s made old and new fans across the globe go crazy. If the Joker isn’t their favorite character, you can buy another POP figurine from the series. Choose from Boomerang, Deadshot (masked or unmasked), El Diablo, Harley Quinn, Katana, Killer Croc or Rock Flag.
special occasion gift ideas

Basketball Gift Ideas

While golf gear can be difficult to figure out if you’re not a fan yourself, basketball equipment is easier. Any avid basketball player – whether amateur or pro – will appreciate any item related to the game. Additionally, if it’s a product that can help them boost their performance, they’ll enjoy it even more. When they’re not in the court, they’ll definitely be out playing streetball.

The OG brand in terms of balling is Spalding, and the Spalding NBA Street Basketball is among their top-selling items. It’s the classic model with the official NBA specs, instantly recognizable by any hardcore athlete. The Spalding basketball was specifically designed for outdoor use, with a durable, two-tone cover. “Ball so hard” will have a whole new meaning for them.
special occasion basketball gift ideas

Marilyn Monroe Gift Ideas

Finally, we’ve saved the classiest special occasion gift ideas for last. Marilyn Monroe remains one of the greatest style icons of modern times, even more than 50 years after her tragic passing. Throughout the years, the legendary sex symbol has garnered a cult fan base, with many members who preciously collect memorabilia. As a result, the best gift idea for somebody who falls under this category is an item they can add to their collection.

A must-have for any true Norma Jeane fan is the Marilyn Monroe: The Premiere Collection, DVD Box Set. The package contains all 17 of her motion pictures, including The Seven Year Itch to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and many more. We also recommend The Premiere Collection as one of the most inspired special occasion gift ideas for any film enthusiast, in general.
special occasion gift ideas marilyn monroe


In closing, you don’t have to freak out about finding the right special occasion gift ideas anymore. Regardless of the event, person or relationship you have with them, you now enjoy a broader view of your options. As a rule of thumb, instead of getting a fancy and overpriced gift, always choose one that will always hold a special place in the recipient’s heart.

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