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10 Patriots Gift Ideas

Ever since the arrival of Tom Brady and Coach Belichik in 2000, the New England Patriots have hit a long purple patch, with 14 AFC titles in 16 seasons, and most wins in a ten-year period (2003-2012). With their last Super Bowl victory of 2016, die-hard Patriots fan have little to complain about. As this is one of the best performing teams in the NFL, you will not have any issues in finding quality Patriots gift ideas for fans and relatives. Check out these products that sport the team logo and colors to choose the best gift for a Patriots fan.

VF LSG NFL Men’s Greatness Short Sleeve Basic Tee

Let’s start off with a high-quality cotton tee from VF LifeStyle. The brand is known for their officially licensed merchandise based on the NFL and other major leagues in the US. The Patriots t-shirt is appropriately colored dark blue, and has the team logo and name emblazoned on the front. The graphics have been printed using high-quality printing techniques. Made from 100% cotton, the t-shirt itself is very comfortable to wear. It is available in most major sizes, from Small to XX-Large. This is a solid gift option for a Patriots fan.

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Dunbrooke Apparel NFL Champion Tech Fleece Hoodie

If you want to give something warmer as a gift for a Patriots fan, then check out this fleece hoodie from Dunbrooke Apparel. It features the team logo and name on the top left side. This full sleeved hoodie looks extremely stylish and sharp in the team’s traditional blue color. It is made from 100% polyester, and has a very soft and warm feel. As a premium product, it doesn’t shrink, and can be machine washed cold. The hoodie is available in a wide range of sizes, from Small to 4X-Large.

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Great American Products NFL Metallic Travel Tumbler

This is an excellent stainless steel travel cup with a no-spill lid. It is capable of maintaining the temperature of the liquid inside for more than 4 hours, be it hot or cold. What makes this tumbler one of the greatest Patriots gift ideas, is, of course, the team name and logo emblazoned on the sides. These images and text have been placed using handcrafting techniques, resulting in a high-quality product. The cup will fit snugly into any standard holder in a car or vehicle.
Great American Products

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Rico NFL Glitter Bling Chrome Plate Frame

If you want to sport your team allegiance proudly on your car, this is the product you need. This shiny metal frame has a chrome finish, and prominently displays the New England Patriots name and team logo on the borders. The decals have a liberal dose of “Bling,” which should make them stand out in traffic. The frame is quite sturdy and impact resistant. It has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting on your license plate. The frame measures twelve by six inches. This is an excellent gift option for any die-hard Patriots fan.

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Sportula NFL 3-Piece BBQ Set

The “sportula” is a heavy-duty grill tool, a sort of a souped-up spatula. This is a premium set of heavy duty BBQ tools from the Sportula brand, featuring the Patriots name. It is an officially licensed NFL product, and has the NFL logo on the handles of the tools. The team name is prominently printed using laser cut techniques, making this a great gift option for tailgating Patriots fans. Included in the set are high-quality grilling tools, like a spatula, and matching forks and tongs. All the tools have heavy duty maple handles.

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Forever Collectibles NFL Football 2015 Wordmark Basic Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt

For those fans who prefer wearing long sleeve shirts to tees or hoodies, this product is one of the best Patriots gift ideas. This is an officially licensed shirt, which you can get with the team logo of your choice printed on the left breast pocket. The shirt also features the name of the team in huge white letters on the sleeves. Though this is a men’s shirt, it would look good on women as well. The 100% cotton flannel material is very comfortable and does not shrink too much. Nevertheless, it is always better to buy one size too large, just in case.
Forever Collectibles Flannel

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Northwest NFL 12th Man Plush Raschel Throw

This is an extremely plush and cozy blanket from Northwest, drenched in your favorite team’s colors, and proudly displaying its name and logo. It is large enough to fit a twin bed, and it’s the perfect option to cuddle up for a while watching TV. The colors are very bright, in this case being a combination of blue, red, and white. You have the team stripes on the borders, with the logo smack in the middle. The material is 100% polyester, and the build quality is quite exceptional for the price.

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Forever Collectibles NFL Medium Duffel Bag

This bag is one of the most appropriate Patriots gift ideas for fans who travel a lot. The bag has the New England shade of blue on it, as well as the team name in prominent letters, along with the logo. This is an NFL officially-licensed product. This medium sized bag is made from high-quality materials. It is quite sturdy, thanks to the excellent build quality. A handcrafted product, this is a great option as a gym bag or an overnight bag.
Forever Collectibles Bag

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NFL ‘47 Clean Up Adjustable Hat

This dark blue baseball style cap has the Patriots logo front and center, making it an appropriate gift option for a fan of the Boston team. The team logo is embroidered in detail, and not printed, which is a very nice touch. With an adjustable strap, this one-size-fits-all cap has a very relaxed fit. It is made from high-quality cotton twill material. The fabric has been washed to make it softer and more comfortable to wear. It has a very vintage feel.

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Littlearth NFL Caftan

This is one of the best Patriots gift ideas for the ladies. With bright flower motifs in the team colors, and the Patriots logo displayed on the front, this is a very elegant outfit for a day at the home arena. It is quite long and wide, at 30 x 40 inches, and should fit most women comfortably. The caftan is made from 100% polyester fabric. It has a semi-sheer quality. Very light and comfortable to wear, this is a very versatile article, which should go well with jeans as well as skirts.



You can easily find officially licensed Patriots merchandise from numerous quality manufacturers out there. We have tried to include only premium quality, original licensed products on our list of Patriots gift ideas. Did you like our selection? If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section.

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