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10 Minion Gift Ideas

From lowly sidekicks to an evil mastermind in “Despicable Me,” the adorable minions have grown into a massive global phenomenon in the last seven years or so. Their popularity is almost universal, and they are the mascots of NBCUniversal. Thanks to their mind-boggling popularity and marketability, finding minion gift ideas is not the toughest task. The problem is one of plenty: there are so many toys, trinkets, and other merchandise out there with these little guys on board. So, here is a shortlist of some of the best minion gift ideas out there.

Despicable Me Minions Huggable Plush – Stuart

Since they are so cute and adorable, Minions make awesome plush toys. You have a lot of different models to choose from here. The most popular choices seem to be Stuart, the single-eyed guy with combed hair, and his friend Bob, the bald one with two eyes. These plush toys are available in various sizes, ranging from around 6 inches to nine inches. They are pretty small, and function well as gifts for kids, or as gag gifts for fans of the franchise. These little plush toys are quite durable as well, just as they are in the movies!
Plush Stuart

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Hasbro Despicable Me Minion The Game of Life

This is a wacky take on the traditional board game, “The Game Of Life,” made with an overdose of minions in them. As a toy, this is a fantastic gift option for any kid who is a fan of the minions. In this game, you play with minions instead of ordinary folk. It uses the same basic formula and rules as the traditional board game. Your minion can choose a variety of fun professions, like a DJ or hula dancer. You have to move your minion around the map using spinners, and try to be the first minion to grab five bunches of bananas. All the parts and components are made from safe, non-toxic plastics.

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Zak Designs Minions Collectable Sculpted Ceramic Mug, Bob

A large 12-ounce mug shaped like Bob, the chubby minion, this is one of the most versatile minion gift ideas for minion fans of all ages. It can be used to drink coffee, tea, or other beverages, just like a regular mug. It can also be used as a holder for sundry things, like pens, pencils, and brushes. The mugs are made from BPA-free ceramics, making them safe for use with beverages. They are hand painted and have intricate detailing on the sculpted designs of the minion. Though they are safe for use in a microwave, handwashing is recommended instead of machine-washing.
Zak Designs

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5Star-TD Despicable Me 2 -12″ Minion Backpack

If you want a minion gift for a preschooler, this is a pretty solid choice. It is a small backpack, large enough to hold a lunch box and some small toys. The backpack features Dave, recognizable because of his two eyes and hair. He is one of the most popular minions out there. The backpack has a main compartment secured with zippers, as well as a couple of front pockets. You also get mesh side pockets on this one. It is not large enough to hold notebooks or anything of the sort though. Perfect for kids still in daycare or kindergarten.
5Star TD

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I Paimy Despicable Me Minions Action Figures, Set of 8

This set of miniature figures are perfect minion gift ideas as desk ornaments. They will make a great gift to anybody who loves these goofy characters. Since they don’t have movable limbs or anything of that sort, they are not technically action figures. The set includes eight different characters, including fireman, ninja, chef, and golfer. They are around two inches tall, and crafted from PVC. The detailing and artwork are excellent, with no smudges or anything of that sort.
I Paimy

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Universal Minions Buddy Cuddle Pillow

If you want to add a dose of minions to a kids bedroom (or even an adult’s for that matter!), this range from Universal is an excellent choice. Part of the official merchandise, you don’t only get a cuddle pillow, but also a comforter made from polyester and a full bed sheet. All the pieces are sold separately. The cuddle pillow is shaped like a minion. It is made from 100% polyester, and it’s easy to wash and maintain. It very soft, smooth and comfortable.
Universal Pillow

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Play-Doh Disguise Lab Featuring Despicable Me Minions

The legendary Play-Doh range of kids toys gets the Despicable Me treatment here. This is another great gift for kids who love the franchise. In this set, you get two minion shaped character thimbles. The aim is to create crazy disguises, hairstyles, and head ornaments for the minions using the Play-Doh. The Play-Doh material is available in four different colors. You also get the usual molds for creating crazy shapes, as well as scissors, comb, and a chair for the minions to sit on. Marketed by Hasbro, the Play-Doh set uses kid-safe components.
Play Doh

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Rubie’s Women’s Despicable Me 2 Minion Costume

This is an officially licensed Minion costume for the ladies, and a perfect gift for the female minion fans. It is a complete set that includes a dress, gloves, headband, and the famous goggles and pullover. Everything looks authentic and well adapted for a women’s costume. This is a cute costume, ideal for cosplay events and parties, as well as Halloween. The costume is available in a wide range of sizes, from X-Small to X-Large.

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RoomMates Despicable Me 2 Minions Giant Wall Decals

This is a minions gift for people of all ages. These peel and stick wall decals look great in a bedroom, or even a doctor’s clinic. As their name states, these are incredibly easy to apply. The design features three of the most favorite minions, as well as a range of smaller accessories like cupcakes and bananas. You can position these individual stickers in any way you want. Since they leave no residue, you can remove and reapply them pretty easily as well.

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Universal Women’s Despicable Me No Show Socks, Pack of 5

These soft polyester-spandex socks are available in a wide range of colors and designs. They are available in sizes that suit young girls as well as women. Exceptionally comfortable and soft, they are also machine washable for easy maintenance. The sets include assorted designs, as well as white prim variants.
Universal Socks



One main complaint about minions is that they have become too common. They are everywhere, and that is also the case when it comes to minion gift ideas. But for the dedicated fans, especially kids, the times are good, as there are so many gift ideas to choose. Hope you liked our selection. If you have any other interesting options for minion gift ideas, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting!

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