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10 Memento Gift Ideas

A memento is a souvenir or keepsake, something that we love and treasure for the special memories attached to it. These are small tokens, and can vary in their monetary value. The sentimental value attached to them is what makes them so precious to us. In a way, most things that we gift to others can be seen as a memento. Anything can be a memento gift: a small keychain, a piece of jewelry, a small figurine, any object with personal engravings on it, and so on. Check out this list of 10 memento gift ideas to get a fair idea of what mementos are.

ThisWear Captain Hat Yacht Cap

These are a couple of amusing keepsakes that can serve as mementos of fun times spent close to the ocean or on a boat. This nautical themed gift includes a yacht Captain’s cap and a pair of beer coolies for the captain and first mate. The cap is made from a blend of cotton and rayon, and has a snap-on closure for improved fit. The pair of stylish coolies are made from neoprene, and are available in different colors, patterns, and nautical designs. They can hold 12-ounce cans or 12-16 ounce bottles.

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Marino Avenue Brown Leather Alphabet Keychain

This is a very elegant memento to remember someone, with its large, uppercase monogrammed letter. The keychain is made from genuine leather, with a rich brown finish. The letter is not engraved, but is an actual metal letter attached securely to the leather. The entire thing has a very antique and classy look. It is quite strong and durable, and can carry more than 3 to 4 keys. Adding keys to this product is very easy, and you don’t need fingernails to do it. This keychain will securely attach to belt loops. It arrives in an elegant gift box.
Marino Avenue

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Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver Plate Rattle

With an embossed Christian cross surrounded by elaborate beading detail, this is one of the most elegant memento gift ideas to commemorate a child’s baptism, christening, or other similar occasions. A rattle that makes a sweet noise, this is a great gift for a kid as well. It has a very smooth and bright silver finish, and it’s made from an alloy that contains no traces of harmful metals like lead. This toy rattle will fit perfectly into the arms of a baby. It is a very durable memento that can stand the test of time as an heirloom as well.
Mud Pie Baby

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Cathedral Art “Always in my Heart” Memorial Urn Lockets

Birth and death are integral and unavoidable parts of the journey of life. This memento is a great way to hang on to the memories of a dearly departed individual. It is a necklace, with a pendant that houses a solid brass container inside. You can store a person’s ashes, lock of hair, or any small treasured memento inside it. The pendant has a heart shaped design, with an engraving on the front that says “Always in my Heart.” With a 24-inch chain, this necklace can be worn by anybody. There are gold plated, gold, and sterling silver versions of the necklace available from the same manufacturer.
Cathedral Art

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TicketShadowBox Memento Frame

Let’s move on to more cheerful things with these unique memento gift ideas from TicketShadowBox. This is a glass box with picture frames on its borders. It has a slot at the top through which you can deposit your used ticket stubs. Everytime you look at this box, you will be reminded of all the fun times you had at the movies, sporting events, concerts, or any other event that involved buying an ticket. This gift is the perfect addition to any home decor. It can also be used to creatively gift someone with a pair of tickets to some concert or event. This box can be hung on the walls using the provided hook, or placed on tables or countertops.

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Pearhead Dog or Cat Paw Print Keepsake Photo Frame

Our pets are an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately, they have much shorter lifespans than us, and leave us all too soon. This kit is a fantastic gift option for dog or cat owners who want to keep a memento of their beloved animals for posterity. It is a hinged frame, with a space for a photo on one pane, and a space for a piece of clay on the other. You can take a paw print of your pet on the piece of clay provided as part of the kit. The kit includes all the tools you need to create a paw print on your own, with zero mess. With an elegant solid wood frame, this keepsake is a great addition to any tabletop or desk in your home.

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ArtLery Monogram Key Holder

A wedding is one of the biggest occasions in anybody’s life. Memento gift ideas and keepsakes that help commemorate this momentous event are treasured for a lifetime. This particular gift is a great addition to any married couple’s home. It is an elegant keyholder, with a large display face. You can specify the name to be displayed there. It can either be the name of the couple of just the family name, with the year of marriage also prominently mentioned. These are hand crafted products, so each individual piece is unique. They can be securely hung on the wall using the saw tooth hanger at the back.

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Northwest Territorial Mint – Core Values US Marines Challenge Coin

This is a great gift for anybody who has served in the US Marine Corps. It is a beautiful coin, with the Marine Corp insignia carved in exquisite detail. The insignia is surrounded by a red and silver band, which provides a stunning contrast to the copper color at the center. It is made from brass and enamel, and looks very sturdy and long lasting. This round coin has a diameter of around 1-5/8 inches. It is quite heavy, and has a three dimensional feel thanks to the cut-outs around the Marine Corp insignia.

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Bubzi Co Baby Ink Handprint & Footprint Photo Frame Kit

Babies grow up all too soon, but you can always keep a sweet and permanent memory of what they were like in those early days using this kit. This is an adorable frame that can house a photo of your baby in the center. On each side of the photo frame, there are spaces to hold the hand and footprints of the baby. The kit has all the tools you need to create the prints. There is a non-toxic ink pad that you can safely use on your baby’s hand and feet. The ink can be easily washed away with soap or a wipe.

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Casting Keepsakes Luna Bean DIY Hand Plaster Statue Casting Kit

This is another DIY kit for creating great and unique mementos right at your home. You can use this to create unforgettable casts of you and your loved one holding hands. This set can be used to cast the hands of two adults, an adult and a kid, or three kids. The set is capable of taking incredibly detailed casts. It includes all the ingredients and tools you need for the process. Detailed instructions are also provided.
Casting Keepsakes



Memento gift ideas are all about preserving memories. You can either buy gifts that hold a special significance to the giftee, or you can buy them stuff that will help them create their own mementos. We hope you were inspired by our short list of memento gift ideas. If you have any interesting ideas, please share them with us in the comments section.

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