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10 Maid of Honor Gifts

When it comes to selecting the best out of thousands of maid of honor gifts out there, we got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of 10 delightful presents that will bring joy to your person of choice. The following presents comprise a mixture of funny items, as well as more serious-toned ones. Therefore, you will be able to find exactly what you need, with plenty of choices to pick from.

Kate Posh Maid of Honor Picture Frame

This wooden picture frame ensures that your memories are forever well preserved. It is made out of 100% natural wood. Also, the adornments are engraved on the sides of the frame by hand. Furthermore, the artist used carving to make the flowery motives. This makes for a very elegant and affordable present.

Maid of Honor Picture Frame

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Enesco Insignia Maid of Honor Toasting Wine Glass

This elegant wine glass is one of the best choices of maid of honor gifts both for decoration as well as for the bachelorette party before the wedding. The engraving addresses the maid of honor in a heartfelt manner. Furthermore, this wine glass is mouth blown for a superior clarity and shine. You can find this present online, it also comes with a fine maid of honor gift box.

Maid of Honor Toasting Wine Glass

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A Gift Poem for a Maid of Honor

A great way to ask someone to be your maid of honor is with the use of a very clever choice of words. This poem is best suited for that particular job. Therefore, it contains everything from the double mat to genuine emotion. The person that is going to receive this will not be able to turn you down. If you are in a hurry, you can get this item the same day you place the order with free shipping online.

Maid Of Honor Poem Gift

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Dogeared Maid of Honor White Pearl Necklace

This thoughtful gift is surely going to be appreciated by the future maid of honor. The necklace is made out of gold-dipped sterling silver, and it features a pearl centerpiece and spring-ring clasp. It comes with a card that contains a written heartfelt sentiment. If you truly want to offer the best, this should be among your top picks when it comes to maid of honor gifts.

Dogeared Maid of Honor White Pearl Necklace

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Lillian Rose Maid of Honor Embroidered Hankie

You can offer this handkerchief to your maid of honor to match your own wedding accessories. This way, you will make her feel like she is holding your hand through the ceremony the entire time. Also, this hankie comes with a little message written on a card. As a result, the whole experience of exchanging gifts will prove to be so much more emotional. You can purchase this beautifully embroidered handkerchief online.

Maid of Honor Embroidered Hankie

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Gumball Poodle Knee High Socks

This present is a funny way to show your appreciation to your maid of honor. It is perfect for the bachelorette party. Furthermore, the heel, toe, and cuff feature sparkling silver accents. Also, the designs are woven in white thread. This way, everybody at the party will know exactly what part she plays in the upcoming wedding and how important she must be to you. For more inspiration when looking for the perfect gift for your maid of honor, you can browse through our bridesmaid gift ideas as well.

Knee High Socks Maid of Honor

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Hortense B. Hewitt Maid of Honor and Best Man Can Coolers

If your maid of honor is still single, you can offer her this present and maybe take care of that aspect. These witty maid of honor and best man can coolers make for a very charming modern present. Also, you can make the best out of it if you succeed in bringing the both of them together. These can holders are made for standard 12-ounce cans and come in two colors. Black is for the best man and white is for the maid of honor.

Wedding Accessories Maid of Honor

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Lillian Rose Maid of Honor Travel Bag

This fashionable wedding accessory is great if you want to skip town with your girls and have some fun before the big event. To travel in style, you can offer this travel bag to your maid of honor. Furthermore, you can buy one for yourself as a package deal. However, even if they look alike, the difference consists in the fact that your bag has “Bride” printed on it.

Maid of Honor Pink Travel Bag

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Sister Friend Bracelet

Nothing says “be my maid of honor” better than this special gift. The beautiful silver and crystal bracelet features inspiring phrases and a heart shaped charm and toggle clasp. It is one of the best maid of honor sister gift ideas out there especially if she actually is family. Also, it comes in a hard case maid of honor gift box that protects it during transportation. Furthermore, to make everything more special, you can buy one for yourself, as well. That way, you will have matching bracelets that will make this moment so much more memorable.

Sister Friend Forever Expressively Yours Bracelet

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Maid of Honor Satin Sash Party Accessory

If you want to promote your best friend to maid of honor, this is the perfect gift to offer for such an occasion. You can use this at the bachelorette party to “formally” congratulate her. Because of this, the satin sash comes out as the best festive present among maid of honor gifts. Even though it is simple, it’s very fun to play with and loosen up the atmosphere a little bit before the wedding.

Maid Of Honor Satin Sash


In conclusion, make sure you double check this list of best maid of honor gifts before deciding on the person you want closest on your wedding day. Choose one of our inspired gifts for your friend or even your sister so you can offer her something meaningful to show your appreciation. So, which one would you choose as a gift for your maid of honor? Do let us know in a comment below!

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