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10 Gift Ideas for Secretaries

Secretaries and assistants are a vital part of any organization. As somebody who helps you function optimally at the office, your secretary or assistant deserves some token recognition and appreciation. Cash is considered a common gift option for administrative professionals. However, it is always recommended to pick some small and inexpensive gift to go along with it, just to show that you care. The gift could be funny, practical, or thoughtful. Here is our pick of 10 great gift ideas for secretaries.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

This is a very urban and sophisticated messenger bag from Timbuk2. It is a great gift option for a secretary or assistant who has to travel a lot or do a long commute to work. Made from extremely durable polyester, the bag is lined with TPU for superior weatherproofing. It is TSA compliant, making it a great option for air travel. The insides have an organizer for pens, cell phones, notebooks, and other stuff your secretary might have to carry. It has a removable strap for extra customization. The bag is available in numerous dark shades of black, blue, or brown.

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Fisher Space Pen Bullet Chrome Finish

People tend to use pens less often in these days of digital technology, but a pen is always a useful accessory in the office. They also make great gifts ideas for secretaries. This particular option is a very versatile pen that can write in any angle, and even in zero-G should you plan to send your assistant to space! It is available in chrome, gold, and other colored metallic finishes. Made from brass and steel, the pen can function at high and low-temperature extremes. The tip uses a unique sealed ballpoint design to write at any angle and in zero gravity.
Fisher Space

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Moodycards Doggy Cards

These cards can put a smile on anyone’s face, with a wide selection of funny doggy pics. Each picture displays a particular emotion, and can be used by the owner to humorously let others know what they are feeling at any particular moment. A great conversation starter and icebreaker, these are handy gift ideas for secretaries. This is an ideal gift if your secretary is a dog-person as well. The company also has cat and smiley versions of this product. Each piece has 20 unique cards on a spiral holder.

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Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Vacuum Sealed Travel Mug

These travel mugs have an advanced autoseal design on their lids that enables them to be 100% spill and leak proof. Made from high quality stainless steel, these insulated mugs can retain the temperature of the liquid inside for many hours (7 for hot and 18 for cold). They are also easy to use on the go, with a one handed drinking option. The mug will fit under almost all single serve brewers, and should also fit snugly into most car cup holders. These products are also easy to clean and maintain. They are available in a wide range of premium looking colors. These are excellent gift ideas for secretaries who are busy and on the go.

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Suona Bath Bombs Gift Set

Since your assistant or secretary spends all day working hard, gift them these luxurious bath bombs as a small token of gratitude. These bath bombs will help them relax and unwind after a long day. They are designed to provide stress release, and relief from muscle and joint fatigue. The USA made products contain only organic ingredients and no artificial perfumes or dyes. Each gift pack contains six individual bath bombs, with gift wrapping. The bombs are made from quality ingredients like Shea butter, cocoa, and sustainable palm oil. They are a superior option to regular bubble baths.

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Tony Perotti Mens Italian Cow Leather Wallet

Available in multiple black and brown shades, these are luxurious Italian leather wallets. They are great as gifts for your male secretaries or assistants. The manufacturer provides an advanced personalization feature with capital letters, if you want to go the extra mile. Your employee will certainly appreciate this thoughtful gesture. The cow leather has been tanned using vegetable tanning for superior feel, texture, and durability. There are eleven card slots, two slots for receipts, an ID window, and even a checkbook holder in this very roomy wallet. Despite all that, it is exceedingly slim, and will comfortably fit into a breast pocket.
Tony Perotti

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MYTANG Creative Office Desktop Accessories – Motorcycle Pen Holder

As the name suggests, this is a metallic pen holder shaped like a classic motorcycle. Instead of a seat, that part of the machine is occupied by a cup like holder. This is a high quality handmade product. Since it is handmade, each individual piece is unique. The motorcycle also has movable tires and front handlebars. This is a very quaint desktop accessory, and a great gift option, especially if your assistant loves motorcycles.

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Death Wish Coffee Company 2017 Edition Collectible Ceramic Coffee Mug

If your secretary loves strong coffee, this stylish ceramic mug is the perfect gift option. This is a truly stunning coffee mug that will look great on any office table. With a glossy black body, and the stylish Death Wish logo embossed in a red background, it looks simply amazing. The ceramic mug has very comfortable handles, and is crafted by master potters in the USA at Deenen Pottery. It is a bit on the smaller side, as it can hold only 10 ounces of a beverage of your choice.
Death Wish Coffee

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Smart Compact Key Holder Keychain

This key holder is a great gift for the hardworking secretary who also has to handle a lot of keys, both from the office as well his/her personal ones. The organizer is made from high quality cowhide leather, which is extremely durable. It has a stainless steel buckle, and can hold a maximum of seven keys safely. The device is very compact and discreet, and keeps all the keys securely with minimal to no noise. Stylish and modern, it is one of the greatest gift ideas for secretaries.

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Stylio Zippered Padfolio Portfolio Binder

Help your secretary arrange and organize his/her resume/documents and accessories with this stylish binder from Stylio. It is elegant yet functional, and has sleeves for tablets, phones, and manila folders for important documents. With a very convenient double zip design, it is very sleek, and will fit into most briefcases and bags. There are slots for business cards, a refillable writing pad, and the usual set of pens and pencils. Made from premium synthetic leather, this is a great option for all working professionals and administrative assistants.



When giving gifts to your secretary, try not to restrict your gift to just cash. It is much nicer if you could spare some time to pick out a small token gift. Nothing too expensive is needed. We hope you found our short list of gift ideas for secretaries both instructive and useful. If you have any comments or suggestions of other gift ideas for secretaries, kindly share them in the comments section.

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