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10 Gift Ideas for Retiring Doctor

Retirement is a significant occasion in anyone’s life. Leaving behind the pressures of work, they are ready to embark on a new, more relaxed phase in their lives. Such a momentous occasion calls for appropriate retirement gifts. When looking for gift ideas for retiring doctor, you have several paths to try. You can either go for traditional retirement gift options like keepsakes and mementos or try to find unique objects related to the medical profession. When it comes to retirement gifts, monetary value is not the prime concern; it is the thought that counts. Here are some gift ideas for retiring doctor available online.

Doctor Shirts Only Retired Doctor T-shirt

These solid color t-shirts are perfect gift ideas for retiring doctors, with a funny yet factual quote emblazoned on the front. It says: “I may be retired, but I am always a Doctor,” which can be quite positive and inspiring for the giftee. The t-shirts are available in men’s and women’s fit designs, and you can choose between four dark colors: black, gray, navy, and royal blue. The solid color tees are made from 100% cotton fabrics, and are extremely comfortable to wear. They are machine washable and easy to maintain as well.
Doctor Shirts

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Brands Banned Retired Doctor Travel Mug

With a high-quality build and classy design, these travel mugs make the perfect gift for retired doctors. They sport a funny message on them stating: “I don’t always enjoy being a retired Doctor….Oh, wait, Yes I Do!” Available in only one color option, silver, these mugs are made from high-quality stainless steel. They have an inner layer of plastic, along with a secure plastic lid. That lid ensures that the contents of the cup do not spill or leak when you are on the move. The mug can carry 16 ounces of coffee, tea, or any beverage of your choice. It has been shaped to fit into most vehicle cup holders.
Brands Banned

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Simpler Life Gold Hip Flask Gift Set

With the words “Well Deserved” engraved prominently on the front, this is a very appropriate gift for any retiree, including a doctor. The message of the gift is very apt, but do take note that this gift may not be ideal for doctors who do not drink alcohol! The hip flask has a traditional design, and has a very subdued and elegant gold plating. It can carry eight ounces of spirits. This product comes in a luxurious black satin gift packing, which offers a perfect contrast to the gold color.
Simpler Life

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Christian Arts Gifts Serenity Prayer Two-tone Bible/Book Cover

If your giftee has a Christian religious disposition, this book/Bible cover is a perfect gift option for his/her retirement. Made from a high quality leather substitute called LuxLeather, this book cover has a very soft and luxurious feel. It is available in different sizes that can suit most of the Bible editions out there. With a humble prayer to the Lord on the front, this is one of the most inspiring and thought provoking gift ideas for retiring doctor, if said doctor is also a believer. It has a lady-flat spine handle and cross engraved zipper puller, along with two pen loops inside. Resplendent in a black-blue color combination, this product is imported from Italy.
Christian Arts

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Wendells Personalized Engraved Date Medallion or Keychain

Retirement is the start of a new phase in life. Help your giftee commemorate that with a beautiful medallion made from bronze. Shaped like a coin, it has detailing of the sun on one side, with the words “this day my new life began” engraved between the rays. On the other side is a soothing image of a tree in a forest. You have the option of specifying a custom date to be engraved onto the tree trunk. The medallion can be used as a keychain or as a simple keepsake.
Wendells personalized

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Roorkee Instruments India Thoreau’s Quote Compass

This is a very inspiring gift for a retiree staring a life without the familiar concerns of work to occupy his/her time. It is a high quality brass compass, with a very meaningful quote engraved on its case. It is a working compass, with some nice detailing. The stamped leather case is another great hallmark, with an excellent antique design.
Roorkee Instruments

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Got Me Tipsy Morning Medicine Funny Glass Coffee Mug

If your soon to be retired doctor loves tea or coffee, this mug is a great retirement gift option. It is a transparent glass mug, with a very sturdy and comfortable handle. There is the classical insignia of medicine/doctors, along with the words “Morning Medicine” printed around it. The glass mug can hold 13 ounces of a beverage of your choice. It is a packed in a very safe and durable gift box for safe delivery.
Got Me Tipsy Morning

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The Handcrafted Caduceus Wood Puzzle Box

This is a very unique imported gift option, handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans. Shaped like a caduceus, the insignia of modern medical science, it is a puzzle box that can be used to store mementos and small keepsakes. It has a unique key, or piece of wood, which needs to be pulled to open it and reveal its contents. The high quality craft piece is made from native wood found in Vietnam. It has excellent carving and detailing, along with a smooth polished finish.
The Handcrafted Caduceus

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Chuvora Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Caduceus Earrings

Continuing with the medical theme, these earrings make perfect gift ideas for retiring doctor as well as nurses, and pretty much anybody involved in the medical profession. Weighing just 0.6 grams, these are small and elegant earrings made from 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver is non toxic and non-allergic, meaning they do not cause any rashes or allergies when you wear them. The gift is delivered in an elegant black pouch.
Chuvora Jewelry

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Got Me Tipsy My Therapy Funny Wine Glass

Retirement is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some fine wines! This is the perfect retirement gift for a doctor, since it has treatment related caption engraved/printed on the glass. It says “My Therapy” on this wine glass, along with a graphic of a figure lying on a couch with a wine glass in hand. This is a great gift for both men and women. The wine glass has a modern stemmed design and can hold 13 ounces of wine.
Got Me Tipsy Therapy



You can choose either generic retirement gifts, or look for obscure, doctor-oriented mementos and keepsakes when looking for gift ideas for retiring doctor. Did you like our suggestions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, along with any gift ideas you may have.

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