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10 Gift Ideas for Parents

This holiday season, you’re probably looking for gift ideas for the people who gave you some of your greatest gifts: your parents. Whether your see your parents every day or only a couple of times of year, picking the perfect present for Mom and Dad can be one of the more stressful parts of any holiday season. We’d like to help you show your parents how much you care, so here are ten unique and practical gift ideas for parents.The list starts with the most expensive product to the least expensive. We’re sure with these unique items you’ll be able to find something your parent will love!


These little fitness tracking bracelets are incredibly popular, and chances are good that your mom or dad might be a fan! With this Fitbit, your parent can track their heart rate, fitness level, calories burned, steps walked, and more. They can even use it as an alarm! The cost is $129.00 and shipping is free. Please note that you will need to connect it to an app to get the full range of use; it is compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

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Digital Picture Frame

Picture frames are a way to surround ourselves with memories of people and places that we love. This picture frame will allow your parents to display videos and pictures, and comes with a memory stick to allow for the easy upload of photos. It also has a motion sensor to make sure it will activate when you enter the room! It’s $109, comes with a one-year warranty, and includes free shipping.

NIX Advance Digital Photo Video Frame

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Ancestry DNA Kit

If you or your parents have ever wondered where you come from, this kit may provide some answers. The kit comes with the tools you need to mail a DNA sample back to a laboratory. About six weeks later, your parent will receive a profile telling them which percentage of their ancestry can be traced back to specific regions of the world. For $99.00, you will receive the DNA test kit and a full genetic ancestry profile. Comes with shipping.

AncestryDNA Genetic Testing

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Waffle Iron

Another one of many good gift ideas for parents is a waffle iron. Even if they have one already, this one is specially. It comes with a set of four slice Belgian waffle plates and another set of pancake plates, and also includes tongs and a recipe book. Even if your parent isn’t much of a cook, this waffle iron beeps when the waffles are ready! It is available for $72.20, which includes shipping.

Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker

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Record Player

Chances are, your parents grew up listening to music the old-fashioned way: on record players. If they still have some old vinyl around but have no way to play it, you can bring music into their lives with this turntable. This particular model is especially useful because it can digitize old records, ensuring that old music is preserved for the future! This record player is only $43.00, and shipping is free if you spend more than $49.

Jensen JTA-230 Stereo Turntable

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If your parents have retired or are looking to retire, it’s the perfect time for them to start a new hobby! Good gift ideas for parents might help them develop new interests or explore something they haven’t done before. This telescope will help your parents see the sky in a whole new way. If you want, you and your parents can even explore the stars together–it’s something sure to unite the family in wonder. $39.79 includes the telescope, three eyepieces, astronomical software, and an instructional DVD.

Meade Instruments Infinity 50mm Telescope

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Herb Garden Starter Kit

Whether your parents have a massive outdoor garden or content themselves with a houseplant or two, they’re sure to be happy with this miniature herb garden starter kit. This starter kit comes with everything your parent will need to grow five different herbs and the biodegradable containers make it much easier to transfer seedlings to larger pots. For $24.99 you get the seeds, the soil, and the pots; shipping is free if you spend $49 or more!

Nature’s Blossom Plant Kit

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Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

If you’re looking for gift ideas for parents, it makes sense to think of things that will make their homes and lives easier and more enjoyable. This oil diffuser will change the feel of an entire room with just a push of a button. It doesn’t come with any scented oil, but part of the fun of this gift is picking out different scents to go with it. At $18.99, it’s very affordable, although shipping is not included.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

If you have trouble coming up with good gift ideas for parents who have everything, why not try something fun and quirky? This set of two platypus shaped tea infusers is cute and unique, and is a great gift for a parent who enjoys a hot beverage! These little platypuses are made of silicon and are durable even when exposed to high heat. The set has two infusers, one in pink and one in grey, so your parents can each their tea together! The set costs $12.99, and shipping without shipping.

Tea Infuser Gift Set

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Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Chances are you’ve struggled a time or two to open a stubborn bottle of wine–and your parents probably have, too. If you get your parents an electric wine bottle opener, they’ll never struggle again. Press one button on this nifty tool and it will remove the foil and cork from your bottle of wine. It makes hosting parties that much easier–not that your need an excuse to open a bottle of wine! It’s also extremely affordable, at $11.95. However, shipping does not come in the price.

OxGord Electric Wine Opener

We’ve shared with you a few of our favorite gifts for Mom and Dad this holiday season–now it’s time to pick your favorites and get wrapping! In case you want to surprise everyone in the household, choose from our family gift ideas! Please let us know what you’re planning to get your parents this year and any thoughts that you have on our list.

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