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10 Gift Ideas for Intellectuals

Do you have a brainy one in your family or friend’s circle? Picking the perfect gift for these people can be incredibly tough. Intellectuals can have varied interests and passions, like the rest of us ordinary folk. Usually, their mind does have a more scholastic bent to it, so you can use that as a guide to finding the best gift ideas for intellectuals. As with any other person, you need to know the tastes and interests of your intellectual friend or relative to pick the best gift. Gifts related to academics, philosophy, and nerds are always promising options! Here are our top picks for affordable gift ideas for intellectuals.

BookBone Weighted Rubber Bookmark

Intellectual folks tend to be avid readers. This heavy bookmark is a cheap yet worthy gift for your intelligent friend/relative. Shaped vaguely like a bone, this is a rubber bookmark with weighted ends. Cast in urethane, and with weights molded inside, these bookbones are available in three basic colors: red, blue, and green. Other color options may be occasionally available. You also have personalization options with these bookmarks. The manufacturer will ship them with custom text printed on their stems. They are also available with your choice of Zodiac artwork for that extra bit of personalization.

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Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Reusable Water Bottle

Intelligent folk love well-designed products that can do multiple jobs. This reusable water bottle does just that, with a small storage compartment where you can store ID, money, or keys. With a handy clip on the handle, it can be attached to bags, gear, and other stuff as well. The bottle lid has auto seal technology, and is leak and spill proof. It is BPA free and has a wide mouth that can easily accommodate ice cubes. Available in three colors, these transparent bottles are dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime warranty.

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Wegiel Chess Set

The game of chess needs no introduction. It is the game of choice for intelligent folks. This is a high-quality board made from beech and birch wood. The chess pieces have felt bottoms, and are crafted from hornbeam and sycamore wood. These are weighted chessmen for extra stability. Handcrafted in Poland, this beautiful set makes a great gift for your intellectual friend. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the pieces and the board look very handsome indeed.
Wegiel Chess

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Amazon Gift Cards, Pack of 3

If your friend or relative happens to have an Amazon Kindle, just get them some gift cards. These Amazon gift cards can be charged with any amount, starting from $10 going all the way up to $100 for this particular set. The set contains three individual gift cards. If you want to gift higher amounts, other Amazon card options are available. This is an elegant gift option when you don’t know which kindle book to buy for your intellectual friend. If they don’t have a Kindle, they can use these cards whenever they feel like it, to buy anything from the Amazon marketplace, not just books. It is just like gifting them cash, only classier and more elegant!
Amazon Gift

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Fasmov Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Man Bookends

Intellectuals tend to have a lot of books in their collections. These steel bookends are exquisite gift ideas for intellectuals who have lots of books in their homes/rooms. These are very useful in keeping books vertically organized without tipping over. The stainless steel bookends are shaped like small humanoid figures with arms extended in a pushing stance. Their hands prop the books up. These small figures stand on a stable base with pads underneath to prevent slipping. They look extremely classy and will make an excellent addition to any study room.

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Ladybug 100% Wool Beret Parisian French Solid

This is more of a humorous gift option, ideal for some harmless teasing of your brainy and sophisticated friend/relative. It is a French beret, the kind worn by famous artists and painters. Made from 100% wool, the beret is available in a wide range of classy colors, like burgundy, black, coffee, and navy. It even has the stem at the top for that completely authentic look. With an 11 inch diameter, it should fit on all but the “biggest” heads. This is very durable, a high-quality piece from a famous brand.

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Summit Collection Art Nouveau Collectible Mermaid Hand Mirror Nymph Decoration

If your brainy friend prone to philosophical ruminations about the “self”? Then gift him or her this highly collectible hand mirror, so they can ponder the meaning of existence while staring at themselves! While partly a gag gift, this mirror could be a very practical asset as well. Who doesn’t like looking at themselves in mirrors every now and then?! It looks good and has excellent craftsmanship, and will be much appreciated, especially by the ladies. The mermaid on the handle and frame is finely crafted from resin.
Summit Collection Art Nouveau

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Funny Guy Mugs Ceramic Coffee Mug

This small 11 ounce coffee mug is a great gift for the brainy ones, with a funny caption printed on its sides. There are numerous captions available, ranging from nerd related puns to LOTR references. These premium ceramic mugs are ideal for tea, coffee, and other hot beverages. The images are printed on both sides, so left handed folks can also appreciate these mugs. These mugs are mainly available in two colors, black and white, with the choice or color depending mainly on the individual design or captions printed on them.
Funny Guy Mugs

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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Little Thinker Plush Dolls

Who said that clever folks cannot play with dolls or action figures? They can, but they just need figures of their heroes and heroines. That is exactly what the picturesquely named Unemployed Philosophers Guild provides: plush figurines of famous artists, thinkers, and scientists. The series includes figures like da Vinci, Frida Kahlo, Freud, Darwin, Shakespeare, and many more. These are highly collectible figures and make great gift ideas for intellectuals. Just pick a figure your friend admires.
The Unemployed Pholosophers

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AzureGreen Large Tree Of Life Leather Blank Book

Help your intellectual friend express their lofty thoughts and ideas in their personal journal with this great gift. It is a leather bound volume with hundreds of blank pages just waiting to be filled with bright ideas and deep thoughts. The cover is made from real leather, and looks quite venerable and old. These books are available with different cover art, usually mythological or classical. This one seems to have a mix of Celtic and Norse symbols that look very beautiful.



Gifts related to books, philosophy, and sciences are appropriate gift ideas for intellectuals. All you need to do is pick the topic closest to their heart. We have tried to provide some basic ideas in our short list. We hope you found them useful and interesting. If you have any other interesting gift ideas for intellectuals, please share them with us. Happy gift hunting!

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