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10 Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Your coworkers are the people that can drive you the craziest, annoy you to death, push all your buttons, and make you laugh all at the same time. They are the people you spend most of your day with; the people you have to work with. You may not be able to pick your coworkers, but you know when you’ve found a good one, so show your appreciation with a great gift. It’s tough to find the perfect gift ideas for coworkers; something that is both personal and thoughtful, but professional as well.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the best gift ideas for coworkers no matter what their work style. Whether you know your coworkers well or not at all, the following gifts are practical and fun items for the office and beyond. So if you are looking for a gift for a valued employee or for a work gift exchange, this list of gift ideas for coworkers has you covered.

Keurig Coffee Maker

This small Keurig coffee maker is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your office. With fresh water and a K cup, your coworker can brew a delicious cup of coffee in under two minutes and avoid the usual office coffee that has been sitting for an indeterminate amount of time. Although a splurge at $79, you can easily score one on sale for an impressive gift. The Keurig uses K cups which are readily available at grocery stores, come in many different varieties, and are easy to store and clean up.

Keurig K15 Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Foot Rest

Pick up a Kensington Foot Rest for those of your coworkers that spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. This adjustable footrest has memory foam good for soothing tired feet and legs. It can be adjusted without leaving your chair and is designed to keep you comfortable all day. This SmartFit model retails for $45, but more basic models are also available. Happy feet make even happier coworkers.

Kensington Adjustable Footrest

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Lil Davinci Child Artwork Frame

If you have a coworker with children, this Child Artwork Frame is a great way to add a more personal touch to their space with a little piece of home. The frame is designed to store up to 50 masterpieces and the classic white matte and black frame makes all artwork look professional. It opens from the front for easy access to change pictures and retails for $30.

Child Artwork Frame

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Yeti Tumbler

If you have a coworker that is not yet on the Yeti bandwagon, this gift is perfect for them. At $30, it may seem a steep price to pay for a tumbler, but the Yeti is seriously awesome. This stainless steel tumbler keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold for a long time. Add a monogrammed vinyl decal and a lid (which can be purchased separately for $10) for a gift that will make someone’s day.

Yeti Coolers Rambler Tumbler

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Amazon Gift Card

Who doesn’t love a gift card? It is impossible to go wrong with an Amazon gift card. Amazon’s huge selection of items and great prices guarantees that everyone can find something they want. Their gift cards start at $25 and can even be emailed or printed for that perfect last minute gift. Gift Card

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Cards Against Humanity

This politically incorrect adult card game is hilarious and a great gift for those coworkers that you know well. If you don’t know your coworkers well, you certainly will after this game. Just don’t play it at work, trust me. It retails for $25.

Cards Against Humanity

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Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Freshen up the air and bring the outdoors inside with this air plant terrarium, Air plants are easy to care for and will brighten up anyone’s desk. This kit by Hinterland Trading includes a glass globe, pebbles, moss, and a plant. It looks great hanging or sitting and is a great deal at $20.

Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads Terrarium Kit

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Moleskine Classic Notebook

If you have a coworker that is always borrowing your paper to take notes in meetings, a Moleskine classic notebook is the perfect gift. This notebook is simple, elegant, and professional looking. It retails for $18 and comes in a variety of colors. Add in some pens for a beautiful, but practical gift.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

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Fun USB Drive

Who says USB drives have to be boring? With over 30 different designs from robots to watermelon, you’re sure to find the perfect one for all your coworkers. The perfect gift for an office gift exchange; grab a 16GB drive for $15 or an 8GB drive for $11.

D-Click High speed Flash Memory Stick

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Candy Dispenser

Everyone has a coworker that always has a little something sweet to share on their desk. Encourage more sharing with the gift of a candy dispenser. This Jobar candy machine has three separate compartments to hold three different kinds of candy or snacks and rotates for easy access. Sure to sweeten up anyone’s day, it retails for only $13. Don’t forget to throw in a package of your favorite candy so you’ll always have a reason to stop by.

Jobar Triple Candy Machine

Embrace the office gift exchange with one of these 10 great gift ideas for coworkers. You’ll score major points, make someone smile, and maybe even get some good use out of these too. Your coworkers will thank you! In case you are doing Secret Santa at work, choose from our recommended gifts! What is the best gift you’ve received from a coworker? The worst? Please share some gift ideas for coworkers!

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