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10 Elvis Presley Gift Ideas

Elvis Presley’s legacy lives on through his music, movies, and that inimitable style and swagger. Even four decades after his death, the Elvis name, voice, and even hairstyle are instantly recognizable all over the globe. Elvis still has a lot of dedicated admirers and fans in this day and age, so you can easily find Elvis merchandise online. This includes collections of his albums, as well as movies and live shows, clothes, costumes, and other objects with his face on it. Here are some affordable Elvis Presley gift ideas we encountered online.

Elvis 30 #1 Hits Vinyl

When it comes to music, you have several options. You can either subscribe to a streaming service like Amazon Music or iTunes, buy the MP3, or go the CD/DVD route. We suggest the vinyl, simply because it remains one of the best ways to listen to music, usually even better than compressed digital formats. This selection includes all of his most popular hits, like Heartbreak Hotel, Love Me Tender, and Jailhouse Rock. If you want the ideal gift for a new fan of the King, this could be one of the greatest Elvis Presley gift ideas to choose from.
Elvis hits

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Royal Bobbles Elvis Presley – Aloha From Hawaii Bobblehead

Elvis was notorious for his highly suggestive body movements. Now you can have him shake his head for you constantly, with this detailed bobblehead of the King himself. It is a highly collectible item, sometimes feeling eerily lifelike. This also happens to be a product officially licensed by the Elvis Presley estate. He is featured here wearing the famous white costume from his Aloha from Hawaii concert of 1973. The bobblehead is around 8 inches tall and made of high-quality polyresin. This is great gift option for collectors of Elvis Presley memorabilia.
Royal Bobbles

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Advanced Graphics Elvis Presley Life Size Cardboard Standup

This is one of the best Elvis Presley gift ideas for hardcore Elvis fans. It may also work as a gag gift for parties and other occasions. There are nearly 24 different images of Elvis to choose from, and they are all delivered as real, life-size standups. You can find Elvis standups from all stages of his career, even including one from his army days. Some images are in color, while others are black and white. This is a unique and often funny gift option.
Advanced Graphics

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Vandor Elvis Presley 12 Ounce Ceramic Mug

This 12-ounce cup is made from premium quality stoneware and has a classic shape. The simple mug has a white exterior and a pink interior. It features a beautiful black and white photo of Elvis from his earlier decades. A signature of the star is also featured prominently below the picture. Overal,l the mug has a very bold feel, thanks to the word Elvis Presley printed in bright pink letters on one side. It also features a small silhouette of Elvis in his trademark pose. This is a fully licensed Elvis collectible mug from Vandor.

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4 Film Favorites – Elvis Presley Blues, DVD Set

The critics may have savaged many Elvis films, but to his die-hard fans, they were the only way to see their favorite star at that time. His charisma and appeal on the screen were undeniable. This set of four movies include some of the most popular and highest grossing movies of the King’s career. They include GI Blues, Jailhouse Rock, King Creole, and Viva Las Vegas. The DVD set includes four discs. If you’re looking for creative Elvis Presley gift ideas for any Elvis fan as well as for kids who don’t know about the star, this is a great option.
4 film

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Rubies Costumes Men’s Elvis Adult Costume

Many people have actually made Elvis impersonations, and there are numerous contests out there for Elvis tribute acts and impersonators all around the world. Regardless of whether you want to take part in one of those, or just become the King of Rock n’ Roll for a party, this costume is a great option. It is a copy of a costume Elvis wore during his famous Aloha from Hawaii concert. This is probably the most recognizable Elvis costume out there. An officially licensed product, it includes the white printed jumpsuit, belt, and scarf.
Rubies Costumes

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California Costumes Men’s Rock n’ Roll Wig

If you want to really pull of the Elvis look, you need the hairstyle, sideburns, and goggles. The easiest option is to buy this wig from California Costumes, and the sunglasses separately. This product is made from 100% synthetic fiber. You may have to style it and fine tune the look to get the best results. The manufacturer recommends adding a liberal dose of hairspray as well. This wig should suit most people just fine. It is the perfect complement for an Elvis costume, which makes it one of the best Elvis Presley gift ideas around.
California Costumes

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“Elvis and Ginger: Elvis Presley’s Fiancée and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story”, Ginger Alden

This is a personal account about the final year in the life of Elvis Presley, written by his then girlfriend Ginger Alden. She was as successful model and TV actress. However, her biggest claim to fame was her status as Elvis Presley’s companion during his turbulent last year. If you want a unique peek into that strange time in the life of Elvis Presley, this book may be worth a read. It is an intimate account by the one woman who was close to him in those final months.
Elvis and Ginger

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Kikkerland Love Me Tender Crank Music Box

This is one of the most charming Elvis Presley gift ideas for all fans of Elvis songs. It is a music box that you have to hand crank in order to play. It plays his very famous single, “Love Me Tender,” when set up. Measuring just 1.5 inch by 1 inch, this is a very compact gift that you can carry everywhere. It has the original Kikkerland design, and comes with all the parts you need. The box has a lovely evocative pink color. All you need to do is find a hard flat surface in order to play this box.

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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Fit For The King – Elvis Presley Magnetic Dress Up Play Set

As the name states, this is a fun dress up play set involving Elvis Presley himself. The set includes two sheets, containing the Elvis figure and all the accessories you need to dress him up in wildly different costumes. There are dozens of pieces, and nearly limitless combinations to play around with. You can put up each set on your refrigerator or any metallic surface. The magnets are quite strong and long lasting.
The unemployed Philosophers



The legacy of the King lives on in myriad ways. For his fans, there is always the comfort of his songs and movies, as well as hundreds of Elvis collectibles, merchandise, and memorabilia. Hope you enjoyed this trip down the memory lane. If you have any Elvis Presley gift ideas to share with us, feel free to do so down below.

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