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10 Catholic Confirmation Gifts for Boys

The confirmation of a young boy signifies his transition to adulthood within the congregation and is an important benchmark in any Catholic boy’s life. Naturally, such an occasion should be celebrated with the proper Catholic confirmation gifts for boys. Our list will provide you with some of the best Catholic confirmation gift ideas. We included a variety of items that range from traditional to humorous and unique. You’ll find some games, toys, and some practical items that should last them a lifetime. We have arranged these items according to the themes they represent. Spiritual and traditional items appear first and are followed by funny or entertaining items.

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10. Assorted Holy Cards

This pack contains 54 holy cards that are four inches high and 2.5 inches wide. Each one has stunning artwork and depictions of various saints or other religious figures. Most cards will even feature some verses or prayers on the reverse side. You can give a few of these cards as add-on items to other Catholic confirmation gifts for boys or choose a whole set for one young man.

Assorted holy cards catholic confirmation gifts for boys

9. Catholic Rosary Beads

A rosary is one of the most practical Catholic confirmation gifts for boys that you can purchase. It’s an item that is very important to the faith and should last your boy a lifetime with proper care. This particular rosary is around 20 inches long and features olive wood beads and a cross crucifix. It comes in an elegant gift box and is also accompanied by Jerusalem soil. In addition, it’s handmade in the Holy Land of Bethlehem and blessed in the Holy Sepulchre Church from Jerusalem.

catholic rosary beads confirmation gifts for boys

8. Spiritual Advice Guide

A spiritual guide can make one of the best Catholic confirmation gift ideas for boys that you’ll find. It is a good addition to any spiritual occasion. This guide offers both spiritual and practical advice for young men and includes a twist of humor as well. It focuses on teaching young men how to live their faith in an increasingly secular world. There are over 100 tips in this book in a format that is easy to digest and understand.

spiritual advice guide catholic confirmation gifts for boys

7. Bible for Boys

Bibles can make some of the greatest Catholic confirmation gifts for boys. A Bible speaks to the spiritual nature of the event and is something that can stick with and guide your boy throughout his life. This Bible includes sections that teach facts about Biblical times, some of the most important Biblical stories in easy-to-read formats, and tips on how to apply the Bible’s wisdom to daily life.

catholic bible for boys confirmation gifts for boys

6. Three Kings Gift Set

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh are not only items that partially embody the meaning of Christmas. They also make excellent Catholic gift ideas for boys. This set arrives in a handsome box and includes a certificate that explains the importance of each element. It looks good on display, and your boy can use it as a symbol of his faith. These items are authentic and come from the same regions as the original gifts mentioned in the story of Christ’s birth.

Three kings set catholic confirmation gifts for boys

5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Entertaining games can make some of the best Catholic confirmation gift ideas for boys. The game is one of the latest in the popular Zelda series of video games. If your boy is a fan of Zelda or of video games in general, it may be a great choice for you. The main story includes puzzles, hunting, gathering, and other adventure elements. This version is compatible with the Nintendo Switch. You may be able to get a package deal if you bundle this item with a Nintendo Switch system.

The legend of zelda catholic confirmation gifts for boys

4. PlayStation Wireless Controller

Game controllers make great Catholic confirmation gifts for boys. Controllers are durable yet prone to some degree of natural wear and tear over time. A new controller can help your boy continue to enjoy his favorite games or expand his options to play with friends cooperatively. This controller is wireless and compatible with the PlayStation game system. It features DualShock support and is a limited edition model available at an affordable price point. Shipping is free, and you may be able to bundle this item with a new game for extra savings.

Playstation wirelss controller catholic confirmation gifts for boys

Need more ideas? Check out our comprehensive list of the best confirmation gifts for boys!

3. iPhone Case

Cell phones are an important and useful part of modern life for most boys. You may wish to provide your boy with a little something extra to keep his phone safe and protected from the elements. This case the Apple iPhone 5c model and features several color palettes from which you can choose. Your boy can customize the look and feel of his iPhone while having full access to all of the phone’s main features. The hard outer shell provides a good grip and absorbs heavy impacts that might hurt the phone.

Iphone Case catholic confirmation gifts for boys

2. Advanced LEGO Star Wars Set

This special set of LEGO blocks should have the perfect difficulty setting for most boys of confirmation age. It’s an advanced set that you can construct into a TIE Fighter from a popular Star Wars animated spin-off. The set includes everything your boy will need to build the item, such as specific blocks, themed accessories, and an instruction manual complete with diagrams. For an added challenge, he can try to put it together on his own. If he’s a Star Wars enthusiast, this is one of the best Catholic confirmation gifts for boys.

advanced lego star wars set catholic confirmation gifts for boys

1. Bike Helmet

You can keep the cycling enthusiast in your family safe with this biking helmet. It’s practical and a great way to show how much you care about your boy. This model is affordable and comes in a range of colors and designs. You’ll be able to choose something that is unique and speaks to the personality of the recipient. Users can adjust this helmet to fit their size needs. Durable PVC materials and foam padding should protect the rider from impacts.

Bike helmet catholic confirmation gifts for boys


This is a personal occasion in a boy’s life that needs an equally personal gift to go with it. Whether you want to get him something useful, fun, funny, spiritual, or some combination of those, we’re sure you can find the right Catholic confirmation gift ideas for boys on our list. Please share your own Catholic confirmation gifts for boys with us in the next section.

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