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10 Booze Gift Ideas

Between friends, booze-related items make perfect gifts. Gifting alcohol is always an option, but bottles get empty all too quickly. If you want more long-lasting booze gift ideas for your friends, read on. There is a whole bunch of alcohol-related paraphernalia and accessories that make awesome gifts for drink lovers. You can check out fancy decanters, high-quality glass sets, serving trays, and openers. Party drinking games are also good options for booze gift ideas. Here is a short list of some exciting options available online.

Lucky Shot .308 Real Bullet Hand Blown Shot Glass

How about a shot glass that looks like it has been shot at, complete with an embedded bullet? That would make an awesome gift for a drinking buddy any day. The bullet in question is a real bullet, a .308 rifle round, the kind used in hunting rifles and sniper rifles! Of course, it doesn’t contain any gunpowder or lead residue, and the glass is 100 percent safe to drink from. The glass was created using hand-blowing techniques, which allows for the bullet to be carefully placed in it. Each shot glass is unique, and this is a great novelty gift for almost any occasion.
Lucky Shot

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Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit

As the saying goes, “if you teach a man how to brew…,” or was it something related to fishing, we are not sure anymore. What we are sure of is the sheer value of this brewing kit as a gift option for a friend who loves all things beer. Mr. Beer has several different kits for different kinds of beer. You can choose an IPA, a Bavarian Wheat, or this Premium Gold craft beer version. All kits include a shatterproof brown keg fermenter, brewing extracts, and bottles for storing the beer. In the gold version, you get two brewing extracts: Classic American Light and Oktoberfest Lager. The extracts have been created by master brewer.
Mr Beer

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Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set

Decanters are all of sophistication and class, at least when it comes to liquors like whiskey or cognac. With wine, a decanter will help improve the taste by a process called aeration. But for regular hard liquors, it is all about adding some elegance and style. And you do get that by the cartload with this classic decanter set from Ravenscroft. Made from lead-free crystal, using traditional European mouth blowing processes, these are unique works of art that serve as great booze gift ideas. The set has even been featured in In Style Magazine.

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Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

The Whiskey Wedge from Corkcicle is a unique way of enjoying your favorite drink, be it whiskey, rum, vodka, or any other spirit that works well with ice. This set is a combination of an elegant shot glass and a wedge-shaped ice form. To experience the Corkcicle effect, freeze some ice in the shot glass, with the silicone ice form in place. The ice will take a wedge shape. Now, just pour your favorite drink. The liquor will take one side, while the ice wedge will retain its shape for a longer time, melting slower than a traditional ice cube. You will be able to taste the full flavor of your favorite bourbon or single malt a lot longer this way. This is a great gift for alcohol connoisseurs.

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HQY Best Rabbit Wine Opener Corkscrew

This is a very attractive corkscrew wine opener, made from a zinc alloy with special plating. It has a classic lever and grip design, and works very smoothly. You also get two extra corkscrew spirals with this set. With a five-year warranty, this durable and long-lasting wine opener will make a great gift for a wine enthusiast. It comes with classic gift packaging.

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SipCaddy Bath and Shower Portable Suction Cup Holder Caddy for Beer & Wine

A relaxing soak in a bathtub is also the perfect time to enjoy a glass of good wine. But constantly having to hold onto the glass can be a buzz kill. This suction cup caddy is the perfect answer, as it can hold anything from coffee mugs to beer cans, and even wine glasses. Made from strong ABS plastic, it doesn’t break easily, and is dishwasher safe too. The suction cup can securely hold up against pressure up to 7lbs. It will work well on smooth surfaces like glass, mirror, and bathroom tiles.

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“The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide To Over 1,000 Cocktails”, Mittie Helmich

We don’t think this product needs any explanation. The title pretty much says it all: a big book filled with cocktail recipes for your friends to experiment with. This book includes both classic as well as modern cocktails. There are helpful illustrations that explain which type of glass to use as well. The book even contains recipes for garnishes, rims, syrups, and even hangover remedies.
The Ultimate Bar

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Prodyne Big Square Party Tub

This is a great gift for friends who host a lot of booze parties. The big square tub can hold a lot of ice and a lot of bottles. It will keep anything from beer, bottled water, wines, and soft drinks chilled for hours. All you need is ice, lots and lots of ice. The transparent tub is made from durable styrene, and has ribbed walls and easy to carry handles. It is very sturdy, shatterproof, and break resistant.

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Drink-A-Palooza Board Game

A board game that combines all old-school and new-school drinking games does sound like a lot of fun. And it could be one of the greatest booze gift ideas, especially if your friends are in college. This game includes a bit of everything. It has beer pong balls, cards, six-pack game pieces, and mini beer bottle tokens. The games include beer pong, kings cup, make a rule, quarters, and more. It can be played with a maximum of 12 players.
Drink a palooza

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Winco WB-4 4 Quart Wine Bucket

This is a simple gift for a friend who loves drinking wine. Made from stainless steel, this is a very reliable option for holding wine. It will hold one bottle of wine easily, though it cannot hold two at once. The handles look sturdy and well made. The bucket looks very classy, with a polished surface. It could work beautifully for elegant parties or a romantic candlelit dinner.
Winco WB



There are numerous booze gift ideas out there. We hope you liked our short list of accessories, glasses, and games. If you have any other fun suggestions, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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