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10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

When you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for him, you want a unique and memorable present that he’ll love, but that is also practical and fun in order to make each day more enjoyable. Our suggestions are picked based on popularity and high user reviews. Whether the birthday boy is your husband, boyfriend, brother or friend, he’s sure to appreciate one of these quirky gift ideas.

Meyoung Portable Projector

Any man can turn his backyard or man cave into an entertainment center with this portable LED projector. This mini projector can display any video or image files from a USB input, DVD player, mobile device or laptop with a display size of 50 to 130 inches. The operation is simple at the touch of a button or two, and the audio quality is great when enjoying a movie or video game with friends. It is specially designed for outdoor use with an extra-bright projection for the best possible image quality.

Meyoung Portable Projector

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Mr. Beer Craft Beer Making Kit

If the man in your life appreciate a good craft beer let him express his creativity and try his hand at making his own brew. This all-in-one kit provides everything needed, including a lightweight fermenter barrel, brewing extract, 11 shatterproof bottles, yeast, carbonation drops and complete instructions. The kit comes with enough to brew 4 gallons of beer, and refills can be purchased in different flavors to try something new each time.

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing

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SEGMART Camping Hammock

Some of the best birthday gift ideas for him will help with enjoying the great outdoors. This nylon hammock is extremely strong and durable, holding up to 600 pounds, so your boyfriend can invite a friend or you to swing along. The hammock easily adjusts to any trees or poles, and it comes with carabiners and a carrying case for easy setup. When not being used as a hammock, it can be unfurled to use as a sunshade or tarp. You can navigate here for more great boyfriend gift ideas.

SEGMART Camping Hammock

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SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless headphones make the perfect birthday gift for a man who loves to run or exercise at the gym. These SENSO headphones are impervious to water and sweat, and the battery life lasts up to eight hours per charge, so the recipient can enjoy music or other audio during any workout conditions. The headphones have a noise-canceling technology to improve the audio quality. While the flexible earbuds are ergonomically designed for comfort.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

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Euler’s Disk Spinning Desk Toy

If your friend, family member, or boyfriend works in an office you can gift them a desk toy to break up the monotony of the job and have a conversation piece for coworkers and clients. This Euler’s Disk spins with an array of colorful patterns and sounds. The unique magnets in the mirror base keep the disk spinning and the light show going, making this one cool gadget to keep on a desk at work.

Toysmith Euler's Disk

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Spalding NBA Mini Basketball Hoop

This Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door is a must in any dorm room, casual office, man cave or bedroom. The hoop is about ¼ the size of a real NBA hoop, so your man can feel like a star making baskets from across the room. It’s easy to install because the assembly tool comes included, and the set also includes a mini rubber basketball. This basketball hoop is unique from other similar sets because its padded door hooks prevent damage around the door.

Spalding NBA Mini Basketball Hoop

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Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set

When you want unique birthday gift ideas for him, try something adventurous like this hot sauce gift basket. The Zombie Cajun set comes with four bottles of award-winning sauce made with authentic Creole techniques and flavors. Each gift set comes with a book about the origins of the sauce. Whether the birthday boy is a spicy food aficionado or you want to introduce him to something new, he’s sure to remember this gift that packs a tasty punch.

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set

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Amerigo Reusable Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones help keep a favorite beverage cool without watering it down. If your co-worker, friend or family member enjoys fine spirits, he can indulge on his birthday with this gift set. It includes nine reusable stones, tongs, an attractive coaster and a handcrafted wooden box to store everything in. The gift set also comes with a free ebook about the art of whiskey. To complete the birthday gift, you might give the recipient your favorite bottle of spirits and enjoy a cold one on the rocks together.

Amerigo Reusable Whiskey Stones

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Rugged & Dapper Mineral Clay Facial for Men

Men deserve to pamper their skin, but some spa products come with scents that are too floral or fruity. This facial scrub from Rugged & Dapper is made just for men with detoxifying mineral clay, aloe, spirulina and other natural ingredients. It is meant to exfoliate and nourish skin to eliminate breakouts and reduce aging signs.

Detoxifying Mineral Clay Facial Treatment Mask

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Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700

Many guys never outgrow their love for Nerf guns. Whether he wants to have a Nerf battle with friends or simply shoot at targets in the backyard, this product makes a powerful and fun gun. It comes with a magazine that holds seven foam rounds. Additional foam refills can be purchased when your man plans to enter a truly epic battle. The gun is easy to load and fire, and it comes with a trigger lock and tactical rail.

Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700


You can really spoil your boyfriend or family member this year with these fun birthday gift ideas for him. We have here numerous options for foodies, people that like relaxing outdoors, and much more. No matter his preferences and personality, one of these gifts is sure to be the perfect fit. Do you have any other recommendation that would make a perfect gift for him? Leave us a comment below!

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