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10 Bachelor Pad Gift Ideas

Bachelor pad gifts are housewarming gifts for men. So, you need to keep things practical when looking for a gift for a guy’s new home. Anything that can perform a useful function at home will make a great gift for these occasions. Usual niches to explore include booze, male grooming, grilling, and wardrobe, among many others. Try to find designs that the guy can relate to. It could be anything in line with his tastes in music, movies, or pop-culture, if available. Here is a list of some bachelor pad gift ideas for 2017.

The Big Lebowski – Time: Man of the Year Bar Mirror

Get your guy the ultimate “dude” memorabilia with this instantly recognizable item from the classic movie. It will help bring a smile to his face every time he looks at it. Since it functions just like a regular mirror, it also has practical value. The design is almost identical to the one featured in the movie, with just minor variations in the border-spacing. It has a plastic frame with a faux wood finish. The frame houses an actual glass mirror sized 9 x 12 inches. The words “Time Man of the Year” and “Are You A Lebowski Achiever” are printed on the top and in the corner, respectively.
The Big Lebowski

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Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe

Guys like clothes that they can relax in with a minimum of fuss at home. This robe is the epitome of comfort and utility, with a very plush feel and huge pockets to carry everything from a remote to a smartphone, or even beer. The kimono style robe has a hood for extra warmth in winters. The robe is available in five colors, from black and gray, to white and shades of blue. It has strings on the inside that will prevent any accidental slip off! This is a robe that can be worn at all times when inside the home.
Ross Michaels

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Golden Oak Barrel For Whiskey, Wine, Rum, or Beer

These are high-quality barrels made by experienced artisans, with a guarantee for durability. This is a great gift for a guy who likes experimenting with his stock of alcohol. The barrel is made from oak, and can be used to age and add flavor to any liquor. Barrels are available with capacities ranging from 1 liter all the way up to five liters. You can also choose between five different color/finish choices when it comes to the hoops: there are black, copper, brass, and polished steel hoops available. For a more personal touch, you can even get custom engravings done on the barrel, for a minor fee.
Golden Oak

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Great Useful Stuff (GUS) Multi-Device Charging Station Dock and Organizer

We all have a lot of electronic devices these days. This handy dock is a one-stop charging destination for everything from laptops to tablets and smartphones. It can charge both iPhones as well as regular Android devices. With spaces inside to keep all those tangling wires, this dock also performs the function of a handy professional organizer. It has different compartments to house each device. The dock is available in two materials, Eco-friendly bamboo, and engineered wood with a walnut/cherry finish. You can also opt for a basic variant, or an advanced one with a USB power strip.
Charging dock

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Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Give your bachelor friend/relative an upgrade from cheap modern cartridge shavers with this classic wet shave kit. This all in one kit has everything he will need to shave like a true gentleman. It includes six carefully chosen items: a safety razor, badger hair brush, razor blades, classic shave soap, alum block, and a shave bowl. With a retro design and quality components, this is a shaving kit that can deliver a shave like a barbershop. All the pieces have a nostalgic feel but do not fall short on quality at all, being excellent bachelor pad gift ideas. The package is presented in an attractive and snug case.
Gentleman Jon

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Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Cold-pressed juices are considered to be healthier than regular juices. Since cold press machines use a slower process without much heat buildup, the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables are not destroyed. An electric cold press juice extractor like this Aicok one is a great gift for any bachelor’s pad. The machine has a powerful yet slow motor that extracts more juice at a lower temperature. There is an auto pulp ejection system to ensure continuous operation of the device. It can be used to juice vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits. On top of everything, it also runs without making a lot of noise.

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Quality Importers Desktop Humidor

If your guy has a collection of cigars, this is one of the best bachelor pad gift ideas for him. Though it has a compact shape and size, this small box can hold up to 50 cigars with ease. It has a wooden construction with a glass top, and comes in five different colors. The box has a hygrometer in the front to help you set the correct humidity level for your cigars. The inner compartments are lined with dried Spanish Cedar, which is well known for its moisture retention capabilities. This box will help you keep your cigars from getting dried up.
Quality Imposters

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Trademark Poker Chip Set

A perfect gift for men who love playing poker with their friends, this kit will enable your man to hold poker nights with his buddies. The set contains 500 poker chips boasting of a casino quality construction. With a dice striped design, the chips look attractive as well. The whole set is housed inside a heavy duty aluminum case, with a felt lining to protect the contents. To round off the set, there are two card decks, a dealer button, and a couple of blind buttons.

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G & F 20-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Kit

Help your friend hold fun BBQ parties at his bachelor’s pad with this complete toolkit from G & F. The set includes 20 different specialized BBQ and grilling tools, all made from professional grade stainless steel. The set is packed inside an aluminum carrying case, with great storage compartments for each tool. With forks, tongs, knives, basting brushes, hooks, tenderizers, and even a bottle opener, this kit has everything you need to keep a barbecue going.
G and F

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Belmint Bambusi Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

Made from natural bamboo, this is one of the best bachelor pad gift ideas for a guy’s kitchen. The cheese board keeps everything neat and tidy with discreet slide out drawers hiding all the cutlery. They include blades as well as other spreading and serving tools. All the tools are made from food-grade stainless steel, and have bamboo handles. The board has an edged rim where you can serve crackers. Since bamboo contains no harmful chemicals, this is a great addition to any kitchen.
Belmint Bambusi



Our list of chosen bachelor pad gift ideas focuses mainly on items that are guaranteed to be useful in any new apartment. They include stuff for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Did you like our choices? Maybe you have suggestions for bachelor pad gift ideas of your own? If so, please share them with us.

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