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10 65th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

What can you possibly gift a woman who has survived until the ripe old age of 65? If it is your mom, the answer is simple: throw her a party with rest of the family and all her close friends, and get her some lovely gifts as well. Try to choose thoughtful gifts, and mementos that express your love and affection for your mom. If you can find gifts with messages printed on them, they could work as well. Stuff that pamper and soothe, like bath bombs, essential oils, and spa packages all make great 65th birthday gift ideas for mom. Here are some interesting suggestions.

ThisWear 65th Birthday Gift T-Shirt

The “Made In” series of t-shirts from ThisWear are humorous birthday gift options for people of all ages. You just need to find a t-shirt with the appropriate year of birth mentioned on it. And in 2017, the “Made in 1952” shirt is an appropriately humorous gift option for your mom if she is celebrating her 65th birthday. The 100% cotton shirt is very soft and extremely comfortable to wear. It is available in a wide range of sizes as well as color choices. The graphics and fonts are printed using an Eco-friendly ink. Manufactured with a unique heat treatment process, the colors will last for a long time.

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EasY Magnifier Pocket Magnifying Glass

The sixties are often a time when your eyesight starts getting weaker. This pocket magnifier will be a handy gift for your mother, if she is suffering from failing eyesight. It will help her read smaller fonts easily. The device has a protected lens and built in LED light for better visibility. This compact magnifying glass can reduce eye strain, and help old people read newspapers and magazines better and faster. It is also useful outside in public, in stores, restaurants, and other areas.
Easy Magnifier

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Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser – Birthday Gift Edition

Aromatherapy has proven benefits in reducing stress and promoting relaxation of the mind, along with with a host of other health benefits. This beautiful aroma diffuser with a custom dark wood finish does an amazing job, while looking quite nice as well. It can be set to run non-stop, or for a specific number of hours. This device can also put in a double shift as an LED night/day lamp, with the option of cycling through 14 different colors. It will work with any natural essential oil you choose.
Zen Breeze

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Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

A unique gift option, this water bottle uses the goodness of real fruit to transform ordinary drinking water into flavored water. It is basically a well designed and robust plastic bottle, with a special dispenser attachment inside. All you need to do is fill the dispenser with a fruit/fruits of your choice. Add water and that is it. The bottle is absolutely leak proof, and free from toxic chemicals as well. If you remove the fruit dispenser, the bottle will function just like a regular water bottle. This is a great way to stay healthy and hydrated. It will make a great gift for seniors.
Brimma Leak Proof

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Banberry Designs Mom Butterfly Suncatcher

This is a beautiful suncatcher crafted into the shape of a butterfly. The wings of the butterfly are made from exquisite glass, and have real flowers preserved inside them. With silver metal edges, these flower filled wings look very pretty in sunlight. The butterfly has several charms hanging from it, including a lovely heart with “Mom” engraved on it. It has a long silver chain for hanging, and it measures around 8 inches long. The decorative piece is sold with a suction cup and hook for easy hanging. It is one of the most beautiful 65th birthday gift ideas for mom.

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QIANSE “I Love You Mom” Trinity Ring Pendant Necklace

With such a touching message engraved on multiple interlocked rings inside the pendant, this necklace from QIANSE is the perfect gift to show your affection for your mom. The necklace is available in three styles: sterling silver, rose gold plated sterling silver, and rose gold plated alloy. Nestled inside the three interlocked rings is a small zircon crystal that shimmers like a diamond. The crystals are sourced from Swarovski, the top name in the business. This is a perfect gift for your mom’s 65th birthday, and it even comes in a fine gift box.

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Got Me Tipsy Best Mom Ever Glass Coffee Mug

If your mom loves tea or coffee, this is a great gift for her birthday. The high quality mug is made in the US, and guaranteed to last. It has the message printed with high visibility white paint on both sides of the mug. The mug is made from durable transparent glass. It can hold hot beverages with perfect ease. The handle is also quite sturdy and comfortable to hold. It arrives securely in a fancy gift packaging.
Got Me TIpsy

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Scentiments Mom Gift Candle

These candles from Scentiments are made from soy, and are designed to last a long while, over 90 hours. Available in four different fragrances like Vanilla and Cinnamon, they exude a very gentle scent that doesn’t overpower in any way. Plus, their packaging is also quite innovative. These candles are filled inside glass mason jars that can be reused once the candles burn out. What makes them such perfect 65th birthday gift ideas for mom is the sentimental message on the label. There are different labels to choose from, like “family,” “mom,” “happy birthday,” and “get well soon,” among others.

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Malden International Designs Sun Washed Words Mom Walnut Distressed Picture Frame

Manufactured by a famous company, these high quality picture frames make the best 65th birthday gift ideas for mom. This particular frame has a touching message and can hold one photo, sized 4×6. It has an easelback system, which makes it ideal for placement on tables or counters. The walnut wood frame has a distressed finish for a very special feel. There are floral motifs printed on the frame for extra impact.
Malden International

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Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit

Made from all natural, organic ingredients like Shea butter, cocoa, and essential oils, these bath bombs make great 65th birthday gift ideas for mom. They are high quality, made in USA products, with individual gift wrapping. With one of these in the tub, you are in for a real treat, with the relaxing effect of foam and aromatic essential oils. The bath bombs are the size of a golf ball, and do not contain any dyes or colors. Each bomb contains a unique blend of essential oils, like lemon-lime-orange-bergamot, or lavender-marjoram-ylang. Beyond their aromatic effects, these bath bombs also have a moisturizing effect on the skin.



At the age of 65, gifts are not really important insofar as their intrinsic value is concerned. What matters mainly is the thought and care shown. We hope you liked our 65th birthday gift ideas for mom. If you have any great suggestions of your own, please share them with us. Thanks for stopping by, and have fun shopping for birthday gifts!

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