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10 5th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating from 5th to 6th grade may not be such a big deal, but giving your kids small gifts is certainly not a bad idea. Positive reinforcement is always good, and all kids love gifts, no matter the occasion. Look for small gifts, preferably those that will be useful for the coming school year. Other than that, educational toys appropriate for 10 or 11 year old kids are also great choices. Of course, you also have to take into account the gender of your child. Here are some exciting 5th grade graduation gift ideas.

Desired Tools Padlock For Gym & School Locker

This may seem like a very uninspired choice for a graduation gift to a 5th grader, but hear us out. Your kid will soon be getting his/her first locker in sixth grade, and that is something huge. A sturdy combination lock will be something that your kids will appreciate all through the year. The lock is available in five bright color options. With a four digit lock code, your kid will have over 1000 combinations to choose from. Setting and resetting the code is a breeze, thanks to the smooth mechanism. This is a very sturdy lock for your kid’s locker.
Desired Tools

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Amazon Gift Card in a Gold Reveal

Trying to pick the perfect video game or gaming accessory for your ten-year old can be a real trial unless you are a gamer yourself. If your kid is into video games, the best option is to give them a gift card or cash and let them buy what they want. Do remember to keep an eye on what they end up buying though! Amazon gift cards are flexible 5th grade graduation gift ideas. This particular variant has a max capacity of $50, and should be enough for a fifth grader. The card has no expiry date, and can be used to buy pretty much anything available on the site. It comes properly packaged as a gift.
Amazon Gift

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Vbiger School Backpack for Middle School

A new bag for the next school year is always a good option for a graduation gift. It is not over the top, and it’s a very practical and useful gift for a kid, especially if their old bag is worn out. You can kill two birds with a single stone here. Made from nylon, this is a very durable and waterproof school bag for both boys and girls in middle school. It can hold books as well as a laptop or tablet. The bag is available in over a dozen different color and design combinations. It has adjustable straps and numerous zippered compartments. The shoulder straps are padded to prevent stress to your kid’s shoulders.

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4M Crystal Growing Experiment

This is a great gift for kids interested in science, especially chemistry and geology. The set includes all the ingredients and apparatus necessary to start growing your crystals at home. They provide the necessary chemical compounds for growing seven different types of colored crystals. The crystals, once fully grown, can be displayed in their cases, which are provided as part of the kit. It takes just 7 to 10 days for the crystals to reach full size. You can even mix and match the ingredients to get crystals in different colors. Detailed instructions and facts about crystals are provided in the kit.
4M Crystal

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Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series

The craze around these spinners may be finally dying, but they are still an interesting choice for a small and affordable gift to a 10 or 11 year old. This is a good choice if your kid already has a collection of spinners. Try and find spinners in innovative shapes and sizes, so that they make a good addition to the collection. This particular spinner is made from a durable metal alloy, and has premium ball bearings at its core. Spinners are great anti-anxiety aids for kids suffering from conditions like ADHD, fidgeting, and autism. This is a high quality spinner, perfect for gifting purposes.

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National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

A rock tumbler is a device used to polish pebbles and rocks into attractive looking pieces or gemstones. This kit from National Geographic includes a mid sized rock tumbler, along with nine types of stones and pebbles from around the world. It is a great gift for inquisitive kids to learn more about geology, gemology, and their own surroundings. The kit encourages kids to hunt for interesting rocks and pebbles in their backyard and surroundings. Since the process of polishing can take a long time, this tumbler has an auto-off feature. You can basically turn it on and forget about it. The set also contains grits necessary for the polishing process.
National geographic

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Bit By Ozobot

Ozobot is a company that markets extremely tiny robots that measure just around an inch in size. These tiny robots can be programmed to perform a variety of movements and activities like racing, dancing, and much more. Your kids can create mazes for the bot to navigate, and use the Ozobot app to explore other fun activities as well. Though you can buy one single bot for around $50, you might need a couple more to have some proper fun. The small robots look a bit like miniature R2D2s, and are available in two colors, black and white. They are perfect 5th grade graduation gift ideas.

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Scharkspark Telescope for Kids

Get your kid interested in stars and astronomy with this starter telescope from Scharkspark. While proper telescopes are a very expensive investment, this affordable plastic telescope is perfect for beginners. It is ideal for giving your kid a head start in astronomy and star gazing. If he or she doesn’t show much interest, at least you don’t end up with an unused telescope worth hundreds of dollars!

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RC toys and drones are huge these days, and everybody wants one, both kids and adults. The Yellow Bee is an affordable drone for kids and beginners. It has a lot of advanced features like 6 axis stabilization, altitude hold, HD camera, and headless security mode. The drone has simple controls, and is easy to fly. This is a great gift for a kid who is yearning for a feature packed RC drone/quadcopter.

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HANGRY Kit – Essential Kit Of Chips, Candies & Cookies

Tasty snacks and candies are not the healthiest foods out there, but as a one-off gift for a special occasion like a 5th grade graduation, this is a good choice. With a huge basket full of assorted candies and cookies, this is one gift that your kid will be able to share with his/her friends. If you plan on holding a graduation party, this is the perfect gift for the occasion.
Hangry Kit



You should focus mainly on practical and educational gifts for 5th grade graduation gift ideas. Treats are recommended if they have performed really well in school. We hope you found our suggestions useful. If you have any suggestions or opinions, do share them in the comments section below.

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