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10 Wonderful 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Do not think with sorrow that your special someone grows older with every year that passes, especially when it comes to this great milestone. Instead, throw a big party in celebration of their half a century of great accomplishments, unique experiences and good times altogether. Choose from this list of carefully selected 50th birthday gift ideas that special something that will surely brighten their day even more!

You will discover a wide range of clever presents that are fit for either men or women. Handmade, inexpensive gift baskets or even gag presents, you will find it all here!

Retro Nostalgic Candy from Childhood Gift Basket

This special bundle of gifts is going to take everyone born in the 60s back to their childhood years. It is this special feature that makes this present so unique. Furthermore, everyone can enjoy these tasty treats at the birthday party and have a great time. This fun gift pack contains a fabulous collection of 30 different kinds of candies and makes for one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas out there. You can purchase this outstanding present for the price of $27.90.

1966 Birthday Gift Basket Nostalgic Candy

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1966 All Original Parts T-Shirt

If the host likes to hide his age, this gift will get the truth out in an instant for everyone to see. There will be no place to hide, as long as he wears this funny T-shirt. This is because the year of birth is inscribed on the front of the T-shirt in a large font. It also comes with a funny comment that makes this particular present even more unique. This witty gift is available for purchase for the price of $19.99.

Made in 1966 All Original Parts T-Shirt

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1966 Chart Hits CD

Reliving the past can sometimes take up a good part of anyone’s time. On that note, you can take your special someone back as far as their birth year. This CD is packed with 20 original hits of the 1960s that are sure to make them reminisce about their childhood years. A birthday card is included for an added bonus of thoughtfulness, as well. All in all, this makes for one of the best 50th birthday present gift ideas out there when it comes to bringing back beautiful memories from the past. You can purchase this gift for the price of $18.97.

20 original 1966 hits CD

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50 Cooking Still Good Looking Funny Apron

This gift is great for either mother or father. It depends only on who is in charge of the cooking. Ultimately, they can both use it. If your mother’s second nature is to create exceptional dishes, she can use it in the kitchen. However, your father might steal this funny apron for barbequing with the boys. Also, the imprint on the front provides great entertainment at a birthday party, or any kind of party, for that matter. You can acquire this awesome gift for the price of only $18.95.

50th Birthday Two Pocket Apron

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Funny 50th Birthday Tote Bag

This gift is as much funny and witty as it is practical. You can offer this fashionable tote bag to your mother or aunt in order to add a bonus in style every time she goes shopping. It is made of natural canvas cloth, features support gussets and is perfect holding heavy weights. Also, it can easily be used as a beach bag all the same. Either way, this makes for one of the most useful and fashionable 50th birthday gift ideas out there. You can purchase this present for the price of $14.95.

Funny 50th birthday tote bag

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50 Things to Do When You Turn 50

If you feel like age has caught up with your loved ones, you can use this creative gift to breathe a little bit of life into them. This book contains the most interesting, funny and inventive ideas that are meant to keep them busy at this fine age. Also, all the royalties are donated in order to benefit cancer research. At the end of the day, you will be offering a nice present and help contribute to a noble cause, as well. You can purchase this book for the price of only $12.72.

50 Things to Do When You Turn 50

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Flickback 1966 Trivia Playing Cards

This gift will be most welcomed at the birthday party. This special playing card deck features celebrities specific to the 1960s as well as questions regarding those times. It might strike younger generations as a rather odd gift and maybe a little too much to understand. However, most of the guests will have a great time playing tabby with these particular cards. Also, it makes one of the most entertaining 50th birthday gift ideas out there and comes off as quite inexpensive. You can purchase this fun gift for the price of only $10.95.

Flickback 1966 Trivia Playing Cards

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The 50th Birthday Game

Now, this is a real party starter! This special item is perfect for breaking the ice, socializing and spreading joy and a great deal of entertainment altogether. The most notable thing about this particular present is that it is exclusively created for 50th birthday parties. It contains 70 printed cards with over 140 questions regarding the 1960s. The questions in matter can prove to be tricky, funny and even challenging. All in all, this is a great gift that can really get a party going. You can acquire this awesome present for the price of $7.99.

The 50th Birthday Fun Game

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Funny Coffee Mug

Morning rituals vary from person to person. One thing that is and always will be there is coffee. This gift ensures a brighter morning to start every day with for your loved one. The message printed on the front, as well as on the back of the coffee mug is both fun and flattering at the same time. What better way to start your day than to be remembered of your good looks even when enjoying a cup of coffee? In terms of witty, funny and usefulness, this is one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas. You can purchase this great present for the price of only $7.99.

Funny Coffee Mug Birthday

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Back in the Day Almanac

This particular gift provides yet another pathway to the past. It features twenty-four pages of memorable moments, people, music, movies and events from the past that are sure to stir up some memories. Furthermore, this present comes with a special envelope so you can even mail it. All in all, this great gift will make for an awesome keepsake for years to come. You can purchase this almanac for the price of $5.03.

Back in the Day Almanac 1966

Each birthday is special and must be celebrated accordingly. However, when one turns 50, carefully planned details must come into play, in order to offer them moments they will not easily forget. This is why this list of 10 formidable 50th birthday gift ideas features a wide range of funny, thoughtful, creative as well as useful and witty presents fit for anybody born in the 60s.

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