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10 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditionally, a married couple’s 25th anniversary is the “silver” anniversary, a custom dating back to Roman times. No matter your budget, you can select a lovely gift for your spouse to honor this special occasion inspired by the age-old tradition of silver. Check out these 25th anniversary gift ideas if you’re looking for a thoughtful present for your husband or wife. Our suggestions were selected based on their color and material, also based on recommendations from user’s reviews.

Michael Kors Silvertone Men Watch

Metal-Silvertone watches are stunning 25th anniversary gift ideas that keep with tradition. You can convey the sentiment that you’ve appreciated every hour of your 25 years together when you give your spouse a high-end watch. This Michael Kors watch has stainless steel case and band, and it comes with a variety of useful features, including displays of the date and a stopwatch. It’s water resistant for convenience and has an elegant design on the face and bracelet. When you give a watch to your spouse, he is sure to think of you whenever he checks the time.

Michael Kors Men Watch

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Locket Necklace Pendant Silver

Silver jewelry is a thoughtful gift on your 25th anniversary if you want to celebrate all the years that your beloved wife has been a mother to your children. This sterling silver necklace doubles as a locket to display the birthstones of each of your children. The necklace comes with all 12 birthstones, made of Swarovski crystals, and it also includes a delicate sterling silver chain. For more inspiration, you can also read about other great anniversary gift ideas for her.

Locket Necklace Pendant Silver

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GreenFloral Bamboo Cylinder Flower Vase

If your wife had her wedding bouquet professionally dried or kept a bouquet of roses from a memorable date, a vase makes the perfect gift for her to display those treasured flowers. This bamboo vase is specially made to hold dried flowers, and its lacquered silver color will shine in any home. Even if you don’t have any special bouquets dried, this vase would work just as well to display decorative faux flowers at home. The silver color will be a reminder of your special 25 years together every time you see it.

Cylinder Floor Vase

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Stainless Steel Silverware  Set

Silverware is one of the most traditional 25th anniversary gift ideas, dating back to the 20th century, but it’s also a very practical gift. If you’re still using the silverware set you received as a wedding gift 25 years ago, it’s definitely time for an upgrade to your kitchen. While most nice sets of silverware come with only four or six place settings, this set comes ready to serve eight people with knives, tablespoons, teaspoons, forks and dessert forks. Therefore, if your family has grown over the years or you simply love to entertain friends often, this set of eight place settings would make a great anniversary gift for your spouse.

Stainless Steel Flatware Set

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Chromax Golf Balls

If your husband loves to golf it’s easy to find 25th anniversary gift ideas that support your spouse’s hobby. These Chromax golf balls are specially outfitted with technology that makes them easy to see in any terrain and weather conditions. The set of six comes with Surlyn coating as well as a low-compression core for better control on the links. The beautiful silver color will glint in the sunlight for a high-class game and fewer lost balls. To make your anniversary gift extra special, treat your spouse to a game of golf at his favorite course.

Chromax Golf Balls

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Danya B Laminated Gray Floating Shelves

Over the last 25 years, you and your spouse have likely accumulated many treasures and knick-knacks from your travels, your children and other beloved memories. Celebrate your silver anniversary by presenting your spouse with silver shelves to display all your favorite keepsakes. These floating shelves are easy to install, and their simple but contemporary design match any home or office décor. You can install the shelves as part of your husband or wife’s present and set up the display with family photos, vacation souvenirs, and other treasures.

Laminated Gray Floating Shelves

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Malden Silver Metal Frame

A portrait of just the two of you is a memorable anniversary present. Whether you have a formal portrait taken in a studio or you capture some relaxed, casual photos at the park, be sure to present your spouse with a keepsake of the afternoon. A frame with a shiny silver finish containing a photo of the two of you is one of the classic 25th anniversary gift ideas that will be a beloved treasure on your spouse’s desk at home or work.

Metal Photo Frame

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Precision Kitchenware Corkscrew and Wine Stopper Set

Give your spouse a special bottle with this silver corkscrew and wine stopper set. You can even buy a bottle of wine or champagne from the year you got married and enjoy it on your anniversary, although your tastes may have changed, it would be special to recreate the treasured memory of your wedding celebrations 25 years ago. This is a number one selling corkscrew, so you can rest assured of its quality and durability to last you through many more anniversaries. The included bottle stopper will help preserve your wine or champagne if you don’t plan on drinking the whole bottle on your anniversary.

Corkscrew and Wine Stopper Set

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KONOV Couples Heart Stainless Steel Pendant

When you married 25 years ago, you promised to join your hearts and be unified as one. Therefore, this heart pendant is a symbol of your union and will act as a constant reminder of your love. The heart divides into two pieces so that each of you can carry a piece with you, and each separate piece has a smaller heart and glimmering stones. The pendant is made of sturdy stainless steel for durability and has a lovely silver color. Whether you wear your half of the pendant as a necklace – two chains are included – or you keep it on your key ring, you can carry this lovely jewelry with you anywhere.

Couples Heart Stainless Steel Pendant

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Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

I your spouse collects coins this silver coin would be a great addition to a growing collection or the start of a brand-new one. An 1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollar is a collectible U.S. coin and a valuable piece of memorabilia. Therefore, with this you can convey to your spouse that the love between the two of you is greater than any treasure.

Morgan Silver Dollar


Finally, your spouse is sure to enjoy any one of these 25th anniversary gift ideas that you will choose to gift them with. Our choices are various and significant to help you make this 25th anniversary special. However, if you have any other thoughtful presents for a beloved husband or wife to add to this list, please share your thoughts below!

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