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10 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 18 is a milestone birthday that marks the transition into adulthood. Whether your son, daughter, grandchild, student or friend is turning 18, giving them a grown-up present lets you join in at the celebration. Check out these 18th birthday gift ideas to spoil the birthday boy or girl with something that helps them enjoy their new freedom. These gifts are practical items perfect for giving an emerging adult a jump start into their new life as a college student or full-time employee.

Maps International Scratch the World Travel Map

Becoming an adult means a world of possibilities is now opening up. This unique gift lets the lucky birthday boy or girl track their travels all around the world with a scratch-off map. Whether your friend or family member is already a seasoned traveler or leaving home for the first time, this map is the perfect way to commemorate turning 18. It features the entire world, including all 50 states in the USA.

World Map

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Aristocrat Homewares BBQ Grill Set

Nothing shows that a boy is becoming a man better than learning how to grill. If your 18-year-old son, nephew or grandchild loves eating meat and other freshly grilled foods, you can help him learn the art with this six-piece set. It includes tongs, a meat thermometer, a spatula, a large fork and even a grill cleaning brush. The tools are made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability, and the whole set comes in a carrying case. The birthday boy can turn his high school graduation or any party into a barbecue. Slowly he will become a grill master with this handy set.

Barbecue Grill Set

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Voch Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Teens love gadgets, and that doesn’t change when they enter adulthood. That is why this next product is a great addition to our 18th birthday gift ideas list. This gift for your 18-year-old lets him or her keep the party going anywhere, anytime. The wireless speaker can be used indoors and outdoors with any Bluetooth compatible device, such as a smartphone, to stream music for up to 10 hours. The color-changing lamp adds an extra element of fun during parties. Moreover, it comes with a timer to keep the recipient on task whether he or she is just playing ambient music while working or doing homework up at college.

Zhicity Bluetooth Speakers

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Elite Cuisine Multifunction Breakfast Center

The birthday boy or girl will surely get blown away by this inventive machine. The three-in-one breakfast center comes with a toaster oven, a coffee maker and a griddle for bacon and eggs. If your new 18-year-old is having trouble getting up on time for their new job or college classes, this machine makes it easy to prepare the most important meal of the day in minutes. They’ll feel grown up and ready to tackle anything with a full cup of coffee and a hot breakfast. You can give them a bag or two of your favorite coffee roast to accompany this birthday gift.

Elite Cuisine EBK-200B Breakfast Center

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Alex and Ani Birth Month Bangle Bracelet

If your 18-year-old niece, daughter or friend needs a standout piece of jewelry, this sophisticated bangle will surely give her wrist a bit of shine during a job interview. Made in the USA with recycled metals, it’s an environmentally friendly choice too. Also, it is setting the stage for her as a responsible adult. The silver or gold bangle is adjustable and comes personalized with her birthstone. Also, since the young adult being celebrated is a young girl, you can also read more about gift ideas for teenage girls.

Birth Month Bangle Bracelet

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Cookies Chips & Candies Snacks Variety Pack

For the college-bound young adult, huge gift baskets of sweet and savory snacks make great 18th birthday gift ideas. This care package lets your new college student keep the dorm room stocked with tasty treats to share with friends or munch on between classes. The set comes with 40 individually wrapped snacks such as chips, cookies, candy, and crackers in your teen’s favorite name brands. If you’re not able to attend his or her 18th birthday party, you can send this snack pack straight to the dorm room for a fun surprise.

Snacks Variety Pack

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Andre Lorent #1 Makeup Brush Set

When you’re looking for 18th birthday gift ideas for a young woman who wants to look professional, a high-quality makeup brush set is just the ticket. This five-piece set comes with every style of brush needed to apply beautiful, grown-up makeup. Moreover, the brushes are made from hygienic synthetic bristles that are 100 percent animal cruelty-free. This set even comes with a cute designer case. The birthday girl can look radiant and confident for any high school graduation party or special event.

Makeup Brush Set and Case

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Urban Mom Laundry Nook Door-Hanging Hamper

One of the best practical 18th birthday gift ideas is a convenient hanging laundry hamper. If your teen has never done their own laundry before and is moving out to their own apartment or a college dorm, this hamper will make the chore easier. It hangs on the back of a door to save space. Also, has a zipper to dump laundry into the washing machine in seconds. This laundry hamper comes in a variety of fun colors to match any 18-year-old’s room.

Door-Hanging Laundry Hamper Pink

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Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

As young adults head off to college or find their own apartment, they will use their smartphone to play movies and music, as a calculator, as an alarm clock, to look up recipes and more. This stand keeps the phone securely upright and at an ideal viewing angle for all types of media. With a design able to hold any brand of smartphone, there are no worries about compatibility. Moreover, there is a cutaway section in the back that lets the charging cord have a safe place to rest. So, when you call over video chat to wish your friend or family member a happy birthday, they’ll have a hands-free stand to talk with.

Lamicall Desktop Cell Phone Stand

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Selfie World Premium 5-In-1 Wired Selfie Stick

If your teen doesn’t already have one, a selfie stick makes a memorable and inexpensive present. Your new 18-year-old is bound to embark on many new adventures with friends. Therefore, a selfie stick makes it a cinch for them to capture exciting moments and post the pictures online to show to family. This selfie stick is easy to use by gripping the phone securely. Then plugging into the audio jack and clicking a button on the handle to take a photo. Does not need batteries nor chargers. Also, it extends up to 39 inches to get even huge groups into a single photo.

Wired Selfie Stick


All in all, turning eighteen is a truly memorable birthday. Whichever one you choose from these ten 18th birthday gift ideas is sure to be memorable as the recipient will make use of them every day in their adult life. What other fun gifts help young adults make strides on their own? Please share your own ideas below!

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