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Spa Night | The Secrets You Need To Take Spa Night To The Next Level

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We've got the secrets you need to make a DIY spa night that will blow her mind.

A spa night isn’t about just slathering on a face mask and watching her favorite movie together. She could do that herself.

If you want to plan the ultimate spa night for your girlfriend, you need to take it to the next level. Earn some serious brownie points by getting her gifts and then learning how to use them so that you can really pamper her.

This will do two things:

Not only will she be impressed by how much planning and preparation went into your spa night. She will also be blown away by your knowledge of each step of the process.

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She will not forget this gift! Image By Руслан Галиуллин

By the end of this, you might know even more than your girlfriend does.

The thing is, you can easily buy face masks or spa gift sets for her to use on her own time. I'm sure she would appreciate it. But there is so much more potential to that kind of gift.

You can literally get these spa gifts, put them to use during your spa night, and in the end, she gets to keep them anyway. But why would you stop there when you could give her an amazing experience?

Here's the truth:

We all forget to focus on our loved ones as we get swept up in the chaos of day-to-day life. We are so self-absorbed without even knowing it.

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So make your spa night all about ignoring your phone, putting her in the spotlight, and helping her relax. The goal here is to pick everything that your girlfriend would love to do in a real spa experience and completely spoil her for one night.

But first, you need to learn a few new skills to impress your woman. And that's where we come in.

Here are our 10 secrets:

1. Give Her a Little Bit of Everything

The goal here is to give you the ultimate guide to giving your special lady the spa night of her dreams. To do that properly you are going to need the best products on the market.

That might seem overwhelming if you’re trying to find them all yourself. But you're in luck because we found everything you need ahead of time.


Stick to quality products. Cheap products commonly include cheap ingredients. So instead of making her break out in a rash, shock her with amazing products and teach her how to use them.

2. Keep the Spa Night Secret Safe by Ordering Online

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, the first step to an incredible spa night extravaganza is keeping the secret safe. The easiest way to do that is by ordering everything you need online.

Everything you find on this list is linked to Amazon for convenience. But keep in mind that all of these products can be found in stores as well, such as beauty stores or Walmart. 

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It might take a little research on your part to figure out which stores carry them in your area.

3. Don't Choose Stale Gifts

First, we want to give you a rundown of the best gift ideas for her own spa night. They would be perfect for her birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. They are all straightforward and are useful for any woman.

However, these products are just a taste of things that she would enjoy, the best gift of all is spending time together and showing her how much you care.

That’s what having a spa night is all about.

Here are 10 great ideas for your spa night!

Bonus tips : Does she have sore feet all the time? Get her a foot spa. Has she complained about having thin or breakable nails? An OPI nail strengthener will be right up her alley.

You get the idea.

Most of these gifts are pretty self-explanatory so you can use your judgment here. But if you want to truly impress her, you don't want to stop there.

We’ve already planned out the ultimate spa night for you, all you need to do is check it out.

4. Learn How to Give Her a Gorgeous Manicure

How impressed would she be if you could give her an incredible salon-worthy manicure? She will be bragging to her friends for sure.

It can sound a bit intimidating at first, but you only need the right tools. We have two suggestions that go hand in hand to make an elegant manicure a piece of cake.

Impress her by learning how to use dip powders

Using a Kiara Sky dip powder starter kit is a great way to give her an impressive, long-lasting manicure.

But if you really want to knock her socks off, you should watch this:

I know this might seem like a whole lot of steps for a manicure. But it isn't as time-consuming as you might think. A standard manicure takes a while to dry, especially if you add a few layers of polish.

The most time-consuming part of the dipping process will be filing and buffing to smooth out the bumpy layer. Plus, the better you get at the whole process, the less maintenance you will have to do at the end of the manicure.

If her favorite nail color isn’t in the kit, you can buy additional powders. You should be able to find something she will love in the 141 options on Amazon.

Not only is she going to be shocked that you know what dip powders are, but you can also use them like a pro.


Stick to the suggestions above. Gel and acrylic manicures are an option, but both contain harmful chemicals and can be very hard on the health of her nails. Leave that to the pros.

Learn how to use a stamping kit

If you want to take her manicure to the next level, consider getting this additional nail art stamping kit.

It comes with everything you need, including the liquid-latex barrier, stamping polishes, rubber stampers, and five metal stamping plates.

If you want to give her a better color selection, there are plenty of stamping polishes available as well. But the kit does include black and white to start you off.

Stamping is also a simple process that works well with a dip powder manicure. You can skip this step, but it is a fun addition to any manicure.

If you're going to do this, you might as well do it up right.

5. Plan Ahead!

For the ultimate spa night, you’re going to need some vital information. Such as how to choose skincare options, how to give a proper massage and the order you should do all your steps.

Planning everything ahead of time is the perfect way to knock her socks off. It will show her how much thought and effort you put into this surprise spa night.

It would be incredible to do everything on our list, and we are going to tell you precisely how to pull that off. Unfortunately, everything costs money, so you might need to pick and choose.

man writing his notes so he won't forget

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But here's an idea...

If you can, try to collect items over a few months and store them where your girlfriend won't find them. It will help you spread out the cost, and you can still cover all your bases.

6. Kick off Spa Night with a Hot Bath

To start your spa night on the right foot, make sure to plan it on an entirely free night. Choose a day when she is out of the house for a while, maybe working or grocery shopping.

Then find out what time she will be home so you can set up ahead of time to surprise her. Then you can draw a hot bath and have it ready for her when she gets home.

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You could buy bath supplies individually, but that is generally more expensive than getting a gift basket.


You could pick number six from the gift list above. (Did you print that out?)

It contains all the white-rose and jasmine scented supplies she needs. In addition to that, everything is in an adorable gold tub.

The only extra items she might need is a gorgeous shampoo, like the Maple Holistic Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner set.

Whatever you choose, pick items that are unique, all-natural, include her favorite scents.

But remember:

While the gifts are great, you and your love are what will really make this spa night special for your girlfriend.

7. Don't Forget Her Hair!

Many women like to style their hair, and they make it looks gorgeous.

But there's a dark side to that beauty.

All the blow drying, straightening, curling, and coloring takes its toll on those beautiful locks, leaving damage and split ends in their wake.

woman is using hair blower to prepare for a date night

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That's when you swoop in, while her hair is still damp from her bath, and do this:

  • 1
    Set up a comfortable chair in the bathroom that you don’t mind getting a little messy.
  • 2
    Once your girlfriend is comfortable, apply a hair mask. Royal Formula makes an argan oil hair mask meant to hydrate and repair all hair types.
  • 3
    Apply it from root to tip while her hair is still wet.
  • 4
    Let it sit for about five minutes before rinsing.

Whatever you choose, pick items that are unique, all-natural, include her favorite scents.

But remember:

While the gifts are great, you and your love are what will really make this spa night special for your girlfriend.

8. Spoil Her Skin - Not Just Her Hair, and Nails

Next on the agenda is skincare, which can be a little tricky. Everyone has individual skin issues based on their skin type. And yes, we know that you might not have a clue about her skin type.

But it's okay because here's all you have to know.

woman applying a skin lotion to moisturize her skin

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There are plenty of products that work across the board, for all skin types. So, all you need is a flexible option for a few different things to cover all the bases.

That will include cleansing masks, exfoliators, and moisturizers. Each step to this skincare process is crucial, and you need to know why.

choosing products for different skin types

 Infographic by Canva, Icons by Flaticon  

Overall, it can be difficult to pinpoint someone else's skin type. It may often change, especially depending on the time of year.

It might all sound complicated, but you don’t have to learn everything about skincare to pick some supplies for a spa night.

We will give you the best suggestions for all skin types:




Also get full body lotion, such as the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion with Aloe. It is also the only lotion I have found that will not burn when I apply it to already chapped skin.

Instead, it soothes and moisturizes entirely within one or two applications.

9. Make Her Melt with an Amazing Massage

To top off the ultimate spa night, help her relax with a home massage. And I don’t mean absentmindedly rubbing her back for a few minutes.

You can go above and beyond to help her loosen up and relax completely by learning how to give a real massage.

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Let's face it, most of us have no idea what we are doing. Right?

We dig into those tight areas and rub aimlessly in hopes of helping a little. But why you would do that when it only takes a few minutes to learn the basics?

Focus on the crucial areas

The best possible finale to a spa night is a relaxing massage. Depending on our jobs we either spend hours on our feet or hours in a chair, which puts stress on our backs and feet.

Massage Tip!

If she complains of severe back pain, you won’t be able to massage away her discomfort. In fact, you might only make things worse. But you can help by making an appointment with a chiropractor.

In addition to those key areas, stress can also cause knots in our neck and shoulders. The combination will build up over time until we feel like a senior citizen far before we actually qualify as one.

We found fantastic resources to help you learn how to give a marvelous massage.

Just remember to stick to the basics and leave everything else to the professionals.

When you're done there, you can move down to the feet!

10. A Spa Night She Will Never Forget

Spa night might sound like an intimidating notion at first. You may even see all these steps and shy away from the whole plan.

Don't. You can do this.

Your girlfriend deserves the best, and she will adore you for putting so much thought and effort into a single night.

Our last secret is that many men want to do this, or think of it, but are simply too intimidated to get it done. She'll love it, even if you don't do everything perfectly.

things needed to make a wonderful spa night

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A spa night is a fantastic way to pamper her for her birthday or your anniversary. But consider doing it as a complete surprise.

If you planned this whole night just because you love her, you would earn some brownie points while making her feel like a queen.

So mull it over, think of the things she would enjoy and dedicate some time to making it happen. We all know it can be hard to spend quality time together. Use your spa night to go beyond mere gifts.

After all, our lives can be so hectic. That makes spending time and effort on your relationship even more important than ever. Spa night is the perfect way to do that because you can do it together.

Unforgettable Girlfriend Gift

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