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15 Retirement Gifts For Your Male Coworker - Ten Gift Ideas
Perfect Gifts for Him

15 Retirement Gifts For Men- A Helpful Guide

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Retirement is a major life transition that we're all looking forward to. After years of working 5-days a week, year in and year out, you're suddenly free to explore your own interests on your own time. Losing a valued coworker can be a bummer (especially if they're also a trusted friend and confidante), but sending them off with a nice gift can really show them how much you care. That begs the question: what should you buy? To answer that, we compiled a list of 15 retirement gifts for men that are sure to put a smile on their face.

How to Choose Retirement Gifts for Male Coworkers

Retirement gifts for men can run the gamut from funny, to serious, to outright useful-it all depends on the person for whom you're shopping and what you feel they would enjoy most. When choosing the right retirement gift, the question you'll want to ask yourself is: “what does my coworker enjoy?” If he's the type who has a quick wit and is always ready with a joke to lighten the mood, he may get a kick out of a silly gag gift. If he has a hobby you know of, then something along that line might do the trick.

Why Buy a Retirement Gift for a Male Coworker?

Some people see retirement as the end of an era rather than the beginning of something new, and as a result, retirement can be a bittersweet moment in a person's life. Retirement gifts for men should be something special that won't make him feel old or un-useful. You want to send him off on this next adventure with a smile on his face–not with a tear in his eye!

15 Retirement Gifts for Men That Are Sure to Please

Whiskey Decanter Set

whiskey decanter set

Image via Unsplash

Nothing says style and refinement like a decanter set. They're bold, beautiful, and look far classier than having a half-empty bottle of liquor in your living room or study. Whether your coworker likes a drink now and again or prefers his liquor daily, the option to display his best whiskey in a fancy decanter set is one he will probably enjoy for years to come.

Golf Paraphernalia

Okay, so a retiree who loves golfing is a little cliché–but there's a good reason for that. Golf is one of few sports that can be played at a leisurely pace and doesn't require a healthy heaping of athletic ability to do it. It's an excellent pastime for folks who suddenly find themselves with more free time than they know what to do with. If you know your coworker likes to golf, buying him a round or two is an excellent gift idea.

Cigar Set

cigar set

Image via Pexels

Cigars aren't for everyone, but for those who smoke them, a new cigar set could make their day. They come in many styles and customizations, so you'll have a lot to choose from. If you want to go the simple route, a cigar cutter or fancy lighter both make fine retirement gifts for men who smoke cigars. If you want to go for the gusto, some cigar sets include monogrammed whiskey glasses, ashtrays, and lighters.

Personalized Wine Glass

Okay, so maybe your coworker isn't into whiskey but loves a good merlot now and again. With a personalized wine glass, he'll have a special glass for his favorite vintage. Personalized wine glasses can include something simple and elegant, such as his initials, or something a little more fun–it all depends on where you go to buy and what you think your coworker would enjoy the most.

Travel Guides

travel bag

Image via Pixabay

Maybe your soon-to-be-retired coworker has been talking about taking a big trip once he retires. If so, getting him a travel guide for where he's going is a thoughtful, yet practical, solution for the gift-giver in a quandary. If a travel guide seems a little impersonal, you can always get something else travel-related, such as a money belt, GPS, or a neck pillow for those long transcontinental flights.

Beer Signs

Whether your coworker has a discerning palate and only enjoys the best of beers, or loves to crack open a cold one with the boys once in a while, a beer sign is often a welcome gift to a male retiree. Even if beer isn't necessarily his thing, you can find signs for whiskeys, wines, vodkas, or just about any other alcohol you can think of.

Fishing Tackle

fishing tackle

Image via Pixabay

Like golf, fishing is one of the most clichéd activities for a retiree, and much like golf, fishing is a cliché for a reason. If you know your male coworker likes to fish, or if he's mentioned taking it up once he retires, a new pole, a set of lures, or brand-new tackle box will give him something he can enjoy for years to come.

Grill Gear

Grill gear is one of the quintessential retirement gifts for men. You can get them an entire set of grill tools, including spatulas, tongs, a fork, and a grill brush. Or, if you prefer something a little more special, there are companies that produce personalized grill tools with a person's name engraved on it.

"Blank" of the Month Club Membership

wine bar

Image via Pexels

A 1-year membership to a “blank” of the month club, where the “blank” is filled in with beer, wine, meat, a book, or whatever else fits your coworker's lifestyle, hobbies, and personality. As a member of one of these clubs, your coworker will receive a monthly offering of some items that the service wants to highlight for an entire year. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

Custom Poker Set

Does your coworker like card games? Poker is a popular game among men of all ages, but particularly so for retirees. It takes a while to play, it's fun, and you can win a few bucks off of your friends or (ex)coworkers while you do it.

Digital Audio Recorder

digital audio recorder

Image via Pexels

There are a fair number of men who take up writing after retiring, and a digital audio recorder is one of the most valuable pieces in a writer's toolbox. With a portable digital audio recorder, he'll have a way to record a great idea no matter where and when it comes to him.

Unique Coffee Mug

We're going to stress the word “unique” here because giving a coffee mug as a gift can appear a little boring. He probably already has plenty of them at home already anyhow. However, there are several ways to take what would normally be an uninteresting gift and add a little extra flair and pizzazz by personalizing it with his name, adding an inspiring quote, or purchasing a mug with a unique shape or features.

Cooking Utensils

cooking utensils

Image via Pexels

Does your coworker do his best work at home in the kitchen? If so, a beautiful set of steak knives, a monogrammed cutting board, or a high-quality butcher knife will make his new life that much more spectacular.

Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are hit-or-miss, but they can be just right for someone who's known for their sense of humor, or if your soon-to-be-retired coworker also is the office funnyman. For gag gifts to be worthwhile, they should usually have a practical use, too. A glass or mug with a funny saying, a clock that tells you (only) what day it is, or a witty bumper sticker can put a playful spin on their upcoming transition into retirement.

If you're going to go for a gag gift, remember to make sure the person you're buying for is the type who would appreciate something like that. Gag gifts for very serious people don't go over well.

Sports Memorabilia


Image via Unsplash

What would a list of retirement gifts for men be without sports memorabilia? Most guys have at least one sport that they love, and a corresponding team that they follow. With sports memorabilia, you can go specific and get him something printed with his favorite team on it or go general and get him an item associated with whichever sport it is that he loves.

Choose Wisely, But Keep It Simple

If you're not sure what to get for someone, or you don't know them well enough, don't be afraid to ask around the office and get information from those who know him better. For the gift to be a surprise, you're better off trying to get information from others than you'd be were you to ply your coworker with a barrage of personal questions about their likes and dislikes.

Ultimately, retirement gifts for men aren't too difficult to come by, and the better you know the man, the easier it gets. If you've been work buddies for years, you're likely to have a great deal of information about him that can help guide you in the right direction. If not, don't go overboard trying to find the perfect gift. Choosing something simple and practical is enough to show him you care, and help make his transition into retirement all the better.

Featured Image via Unsplash

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