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Our List Of The Top 10 Sweet Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is one that can stress out any well-meaning child. After all; how are you supposed to come up with a gift that you’re sure mom is going to love? To help get the ideas flowing, we’ve assembled our top ten Mother’s Day gift ideas, as well as a few suggestions for implementing them.  

10 Sweet Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day comes every year, but for many people, it comes as a surprise every time. 

You may love and appreciate your mother, but in many cases, you may not know how exactly you can show it beyond a card and a few choice words. In many cases, mothers will tell you not to worry about getting a gift or won’t give you any gift ideas, which can often make it even more difficult to pick something out that shows that you truly care. 

Every relationship between a mother and her child is different, and because of that, there’s no gispecft that’s going to appease every mother and send the right message. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top ten favorite mother’s day gift ideas that you need to try out. 

Before we get into our list, we’ll be going over a few things you need to look for in a mother’s day gift before committing to one. We’ll also be breaking down a few extra tips and tricks in our Buyer’s Guide toward the end. 

So if mother’s day is fast approaching and you’re still not sure what to do, read on—chances are, there’s an idea here that will best serve you.

What To Look For In A Mother’s Day Gift


Picking out something for Mother’s Day isn’t always easy. Which is why we wanted to take some time to discuss what you need to look for in a gift for mom.

To make things a little bit easier on you, think back to the past few months. What has your mother expressed interest in? Have you both been out and about and heard hear describe something she wanted or needed? 

To get your mind on the right track, try answering the following questions: 

•   What does mom complain about that I can fix/buy?

•   Has she mentioned a gift on mother’s day to me before?

•   How have my previous gifts been received?

•   What are my siblings/father getting my mother? 

That last question is also a good place to start looking for gift ideas and suggestions. 

If you can, try asking other members of your family, such as your father, brother, or sister, what it is they plan on getting mom for her special day. All too often, siblings can struggle to know what to come up with as well. 

You may also be able to join forces with your siblings to try and get a gift that’s either too expensive or too difficult for one sibling to get on their own. This is a good way to team up and get a gift that’s going to be loved, versus gifts that will simply take up more room in the closet or office. 

The key to excellent gifts for mom is one that shows your emotions towards her, has some sort of sentimental nature to it, or is one that can be used over and over. If the gift you’ve picked out doesn’t seem to fit into one of these categories, that’s okay! Just make sure you include a card or make another gesture that ensures that your appreciation is shown.

How We’ve Chosen Our Gifts


We’ve taken note of popular gifts for Mother’s Day and taken a few notes from our own experiences to pick out these gifts and presents. We know that mother’s day is a special one, and nailing the right gift is going to be a tricky task that’s different for everyone.

Which is precisely why we wanted to pick out a wide variety of gifts that's going to appeal to most mothers. It is our hope that you’ve taken some time to consider the questions we proposed to give you a clear direction to go, and a better sense of which of the below gifts is going to work best for your mom. If you’re still struggling, our Buyer’s Guide could also give you a few ideas as well. 

Top 10 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

Let’s take a closer look at the top ten gifts for mom on her special day. 

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This first product aims to please mom by fulfilling an everyday need.

Hair towels are specially designed to be worn on the head and help longer hair try and shape. That’s why a comfortable hair towel like the one we’ve chosen here is a great idea for mother’s day.

Hair towels are generally going to be used quite often, so if you have a mother that would rather have a practical gift than one with a great meaning but little use, a hair towel might be the way to go. 

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Depending on the person, going for a new pair of shoes could be a great way to show you’ve been paying attention. However, this gift idea is going to require lots of knowledge about your mother and her preferences. 

To nail the right pair of shoes, we recommend talking to dad a sister about shoe sizes and what your mother has been looking for. We’ve linked to a basic pair of running shoes here as an example of a pair of shoes that may be fulfilling a need your mother may have. Other options include dress shoes or slippers for around the house. 

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Getting a custom or unique soap is a good way to show your mother you care by giving her the means to pamper herself a little.

Soaps like the ones we’ve referred to here are usually unique and premium in nature. These are often packaged in a variety of scents that you can pick from. Provided you know the kinds of smells you mother enjoys (more on this in a moment), you can pick out the right soap for her. 

Soaps are also good gifts to add in addition to care packages or similar bundled gifts. 

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Speaking of packages—a care package is often a great medium through which you can give your mother a variety of different products and items at once.

For example, if you know your mother enjoys a certain type of chocolate, soaps, and perhaps wants a gift card to a certain location, you can cobble together a care package of your own, or default to a pre-made care package like the one we’ve referred to here.

Care packages are good for the smaller gifts that might seem incidental or pointless on their own, but together, make up a much better gift. 

Building off of our earlier mention of soaps, you can continue to appeal to your mother’s sense of smell by opting for candles.

Many mothers enjoy lighting candles around the house or otherwise ensuring that their space smells as good as it looks. A large candle in her favorite scent can last for weeks or even months.

Like with soaps, we recommend getting acquainted with your mother’s favorite smells before committing to this gift idea. For example, if your mother dislikes candles that smell like food, try to stick with lavender or similarly fresh-smelling candles.

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Creams and lotions are both good ways to appeal to your mother by providing her with a product she can use—but you’re going to need to use a little bit of tact for this one. Perhaps more so than our other picks, this gift can easily be taken the wrong way.

Perhaps the best way to purchase a lotion or cream for mom is to pick up a re-supply of a product she already uses or pick up one that she’s mentioned wanting in the past. Picking up a product with “anti-aging” or other such labels might send the wrong message and distract from your true intentions. However, when you nail this gift, the results are almost always positive.

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Essential oils can be a little hit-or-miss when it comes to mothers and others in general. However, if your mom is a big fan of aromatherapy or is especially sensitive to smells, this can be one of the best gifts you can pick up.

Essential oils can work with a diffuser or other products to fill the air with scents that can not only appease but possibly make others feel better. If this sounds like a product your mother would enjoy, be sure that the smells you pick up, like with candles and soaps, are scents you know your mother will love.

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This gift idea is going to take lots of work on your part, but if you’re aiming for sentimentality, this is the way to go.

What better way could you show your mom your appreciation than giving her a photo book to reminisce? Picking up a blank photo book like the one we’ve cited here and filling it with meaningful photos, cards, and other mementos will prove to be far more memorable than any small gift card or token. 

Not everyone is good at sentimentally, but in some cases, this may play to your advantage. After all, it is the intention that matters here.

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This suggestion, like with shoes, is going to take some knowledge of your mother’s preferences to be taken into consideration.

Mothers who enjoy bracelets or otherwise wear jewelry may be appreciative of either a standard bracelet or one that’s been engraved with a special message. If you have one in mind or think you know your mother’s fashion sense well enough, you can opt for a bracelet that she’d love to wear each day.

This is a good option for those who want to provide something useful or want to send a meaningful message through a unique medium.

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Would it even be mother’s day if you didn’t give your mom a card?

Even if it is difficult for you to get the words out, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the effectiveness of a card straight from the heart. We’ve picked out our favorite card for you to purchase, but any card will do. Just be sure to fill it with well-intentioned words of encouragement and appreciation for your mother.

Cards can be paired with just about any other item on our list as well, so don’t be afraid to include your kind words with a physical token of your appreciation as well. 

Comparison Table

Buyer’s Guide

As you could tell, there are many routes you can take with a Mother’s Day gift.

Sentimentality is usually a good place to start, but don’t opt for a gushy card if you know that your mother would appreciate a useful gift or a need she has met instead. Instead of going for the traditional tropes of Mother’s Day, play your knowledge of the relationship to your strengths and come up with a gift that only works in your relationship. 

If you can, also be sure to be present for the giving of the gift as well. Most mothers appreciate having their children with them on this day more than anything else, so if your option is a nice gift or an appearance in person, always opt for the latter. 

In any case, we hope that our gift suggestions have sparked a couple of ideas in your head. Just remember to customize everything and tailor-make your gifts to show you care and appreciate your mother. While she may be outwardly grateful for any gesture you may make, be sure that yours is one that’s going to be remembered for all the right reasons.

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