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10 Lutheran Confirmation Gifts for Boys - Ten Gift Ideas
Thematic Gifts

10 Lutheran Confirmation Gifts for Boys

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Confirmation is an important milestone in the life of any Lutheran boy. In order to help you mark it accordingly, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys. These can vary in price from a few bucks to a couple hundred and range from funny to practical. We have arranged our gift ideas in order of price. You will find the most affordable items listed first. Regardless, however, these items should make excellent Lutheran confirmation gift ideas for boys.

10. UNO Card Game

The Rite of Confirmation often occurs when Lutheran boys are making new friends and on their own journeys of self-discovery. A card game that they can play with friends makes a great gift idea. This card game is a classic from Mattel Games that is fun to play with friends while sharing some great conversations around the table. Players can mix and match colors and numbers in an effort to score points. There are several standard ways to play the game, but you can also write your own rules and make new ways to play. This increases the overall value of the game. This pack includes 108 cards and is great for people of all ages.
Uno Card game Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys

9. Crayola Colored Pencils

The description for these items says they are great for adult coloring. We think that’s part of the reason these pencils make good Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys. Regardless of your young man’s age, he can enjoy drawing with these pencils. If your boy is artistically inclined, he should love the wide array of vibrant colors in this pencil set. You’ll get 50 pre-sharpened pencils in one pack. All of them are non-toxic and safe to use. You may wish to pair this item with a coloring book or pack of blank paper.
Crayola Colored pencils Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys

8. Classic Jenga

Jenga is next on our list of Lutheran confirmation gift ideas. We like this game because it is inexpensive, easy to put together, fun to play, and hard to master. While younger boys can certainly enjoy a game of Jenga, older ones will have fun figuring out the best strategy to make their next move without toppling this tower of blocks. This set includes 54 blocks, a stacking sleeve, and instructions. You can enjoy a game with friends or challenge yourself for endless entertainment options.
Classic Jenga Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys

7. Cross Necklace

Because this is an important step in a boy’s spiritual growth, you may wish to present him with a gift that is symbolic of that growth. This cross necklace is engraved with the Lord’s Prayer and includes a length of wheat chain. Both the cross and chain are black, with the writing and a smaller cross embossed in gold to create a striking color contrast. This item is durable and easy to maintain.
Lutheran cross necklace confirmation gifts for boys

6. Nerf N-Strike Blaster

If you need some Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys that enjoy physical activities, this Nerf blaster might fit the bill. Your child won’t need batteries or any special equipment for this item. It includes six darts that the user can fire individually or in rapid succession. The barrel flips open to make it easy to reload the item for the next adventure. Most users are very pleased with the blaster’s performance and note that it has some kick to it. It’s a good choice for older, active boys.
Nerf N Strike Blaster Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys

Want more ideas? Check out our 17 confirmation gifts for boys ideas and find the perfect one!

5. Soft Lunch Kit

If you’re looking for more practical Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys, a lunch kit might be a great choice. These kits are available with different printed designs and use soft yet durable materials. Most users say they are easy to clean and maintain. The padding on the handle makes it easy for your boy to carry the lunch bag. Polyethylene foam will keep food items fresh. Please note that prices vary depending on the design you choose. Some designs may not appeal to boys.
Soft Lunch Kit Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys

4. Exploding Kittens Game

This unique game started as part of a Kickstarter campaign and has become popular ever since. We think it makes a funny gift idea, but it is also fun to play. Any boys over the age of seven can learn how to play this game in as little as two minutes. It supports up to five players, and each round should take 15 minutes. This makes it a great game to play when you might not have a lot of time to spare. The game is fun, and the unique illustrations add to its charm.
exploding kittens game Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys

3. Medium Box of LEGO Bricks

You can’t really go wrong with LEGO bricks when it comes to creative Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys. Your child will be limited only by his imagination when using this product. This is a medium-sized set that includes 484 pieces in 35 colors. In addition to bricks, the set has accessories such as wheels and windows for building full vehicles. Because many pieces are small, we recommend using caution if smaller children are present.
Medium box of lego bircks Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys

2. Men’s Shoes

The right pair of men’s shoes can help tie an outfit together. This occasion is the perfect time to present your boy with a gift that signifies his growth and maturity as an individual. A smart pair of shoes made from quality materials will last for a long time and serve him well in serious and recreational activities. These shoes are available in a variety of colors and include rubber soles and full leather uppers. You can choose the size you need, and most users say the shoes fit as expected.
Mens Shoes Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys

1. Casio Watch

A watch is a gift that is practical, stylish, and long-lasting. This Casio model is black, so it should go with all of your boy’s outfits. It also includes several useful features such as time zones, a pre-programmed calendar, shock resistance, a backlight, and a handy alert system. Your boy will appreciate the value of a schedule with this watch.
Casio Watch Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys


It is a lot of hard and intentional work to get confirmed, so these gifts are well deserved. Though the ones here are good options, you can feel free to go bigger. Nowadays, many young boys like technological things such as games for their devices or gift cards for a place to play games.

Another good option is a compilation of a few of these things into one large gift. Sentimentality is also important. A nice handwritten letter, a spiritual book, or something engraved can be a sweet gesture.

Another good way to determine a good gift for the newly confirmed boy in your life is by asking them what they want. Many young boys will tell you that the best thing they can receive is a gift card to go and buy their own gift. There is nothing worse than getting them something they don’t like in the end.

Whether you need something fun, funny, entertaining, or challenging, our list of Lutheran confirmation gifts for boys should have something to meet your needs. We’ve included products across several categories to give you some variety. Please share your Lutheran confirmation gift ideas with us in the comment section.

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