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List Of The Top 10 Ideas For Your Bar Mitzvah Gifts

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Bar mitzvah gifts are generally traditional and faith-based. The most common gifts include Shofars, Tallits, Kippahs, and Torahs. Star of David jewelry and artwork are also popular since they can be used every day. Any Judaica item is appropriate as a Bar Mitzvah (or Bat Mitzvah for girls) gift.

10 Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas

In the Jewish faith, a bar mitzvah refers to the day a boy turns thirteen and becomes an adult. A bat mitzvah is the female version of a bar mitzvah, and it occurs when a girl turns twelve. Some families throw lavish parties to celebrate the occasion, while other families prefer a more intimate celebration with a select circle of relatives and friends.

If you are invited to a bar mitzvah, it's essential to give a respectful gift befitting the occasion. If you're not sure what to buy, it's best to stick to traditional, religious gifts.

Given that a bar mitzvah is a traditional and religious coming of age ceremony, a good deal of the gifts presented are items the young man or woman can use in Shabat ceremonies, at Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and on other Jewish holidays.

Other gifts consist of décor, dinnerware or jewelry with a religious theme, often a Star of David.  The Torah and books that deal with Judaism are also given as gifts at bar mitzvahs, as well as any one-of-a-kind artwork with a Jewish theme.

Not all bar mitzvah gifts are faith-oriented. iTunes, Amazon, Visa or retail gift cards are often given to boys at bar mitzvahs or girls at bat mitzvahs. The inclusion of secular gifts is at the discretion of the guests – and the family of the boy or girl involved. Some families don't mind gift cards, while others prefer all (or mostly) traditional Jewish gifts

Comparison Table

How We Chose Our Ratings

We looked at the most popular religious-themed gifts given at bar mitzvahs and found highly-rated items in each category. Our Top Ten list was finalized after we looked at all the candidates and compared the following features:

  • Originality
  • Cost
  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Event-Appropriate
  • Availability
  • Quick shipping
  • Customer Service
  • Made by Jewish Company/Authority
  • Made in Israel or USA
  • Expert Reviews and Articles
  • Kosher

Top 10 Best Gifts For A Bar Mitzvah

 Here’s our list of the best bar mitzvah gifts to help a young man celebrate his religious coming of age.

This 16 inch by 70-inch cloth is made in Israel. The silk tallit (fringed garment) is white, silver and gold and has a Hebrew saying from the Proverbs embroidered on it in Hebrew that compares the Torah to the Tree of Life.

The tallit, tallit bag, and kippah are from the manufacturer Yair Emanuel. The shawl may be scratchy or stiff when first worn, but it softens when you wash it.  (Hand washing is recommended.)

It has a lightweight, almost graceful look and has is quite different from shawls and kippahs made of less expensive fabric.

All online reviews we found gave this tallit and tallit bag the highest ratings. Customers love the embroidery, overall design, and the delicate silk.

Wood & Silver Plate Hexagon Tzedakah Box - Jerusalem
  • Wood & Silver Plate Hexagon Tzedakah Box - Jerusalem

This elegant tzedakah box provides an ornate receptacle for collecting charity money.  The boy or girl will place a donation in this box before lighting their candles on the Shabbat. This box can also be kept in the home as a reminder that charitable giving is

Mahogany wood provides a bottom platform and edging between the embossed silver plates on this hexagon box. No lock is included.

One online reviewer states that the lacquered wood is so glossy it almost looks like plastic. Other consumers write that it is beautiful and well-constructed. Another customer wrote that the box is just the right weight, not too light or too heavy.

The Koren Sacks Siddur: A Hebrew / English Prayerbook, Compact Size -...
  • Jonathan Sacks (Author)
  • Hebrew (Publication Language)
  • 1280 Pages - 05/15/2009 (Publication Date) - Koren Publishers Jerusalem (Publisher)

This inspirational Hebrew/English prayer book by Koren Sacks has translation and commentary by Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, a leading Jewish scholar, and thinker.  This compact Siddur can be used while traveling and is ideal for students. It has halakhic guides to holiday, Shabbat and daily prayers.

Modern prayers for the State of Israel, national holidays and the American government and military are included. This prayer book has a soft Skivertex cover and binding. It will fit into tefillin or tallit bag.

Reviewers like the excellent translation and comment that the book helps keep them focused on their prayers. There are few negative comments about this Siddur from users. One of the only complaints we found said the paper in the book could be thicker.

3dRose Israeli flag Mug, 11 oz, Black
  • White ceramic mug with black interior and handle
  • Image printed on both sides
  • Available in 11oz only

A Star of David mug lets the recipient bring his faith into everyday life.  This sturdy, microwavable mug is perfect for work, school or home. You can combine this gift with other Star of David themed gifts like jewelry or artwork.

Choose from 11 or 15-ounce sizes. The available colors include blue and white with a white handle, blue and white with green handle, and blue and white with red handle.

This mug is made in the U.S. The Star of David image is printed on both sides of the mug. 

My Daily Styles Jewish Star of David Blessing for Home Wall Hanging...
  • Hamsa Dimensions: 6.0" (W) x 6.0" (H)
  • Ready for Hanging (features 1.50in extension)
  • Material: Alloy

This wall hanging is shaped like the Star of David and measures six inches high by six inches wide.  It's made of alloy and ready to hang on the wall. (It has a 1.50-inch extension.)

The "Blessing for the Home" reads in part, "May this home be a place of happiness and health, of concernment, generosity, and hope.." The blessing text is printed on a blue background surrounded by a white border, and the points of the start are silver.

A handsome addition to any apartment or home, this wall hanging ships from the U.S. although it is made in Israel. It comes in a gift box, so all you need to do is wrap it, and you're ready to go.

Customers complimented the intricate artwork, design, and the prayer/blessing sentiment. This present can be used anywhere, anytime. It is excellent for all young people having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and can be used whether an individual is traditionally religious or more relaxed in their beliefs.

Ner Mitzvah Kiddush Cup and Tray - Premium Quality Stainless Steel...
  • STAINLESS STEEL NON-TARNISH: Stainless steel does not tarnish. No polishing and no stains. Keeps its beauty for years to...
  • PERFECT SIZE: This beautiful 5 ounce (147 ml) Kiddush cup is large enough to meet halachic requirements for Shabat and...
  • MATCHING TRAY: This stunning kiddush cup comes with a matching Stainless Steel plated "saucer" tray which has a...

This non-tarnishing stainless steel goblet holds six ounces, enough to fulfill requirements for Havdalah or Shabat use. You can also use this cup for four cups of Passover wine. It has a saucer tray with a recessed middle to hold spilled wine.  The plate has an attractive floral design around the edge.

The cup needs to be toiveled before use (cleaned in an immersion pool of pure rainwater called a mikvah).  This Kiddush cup meets Halachic size requirements. These cups are suitable for a wedding, bris, synagogues or Shabbat as well as a bar mitzvah.

The inscription on the cup read “Borei Pri Hagafen," which is Hebrew for "who creates the fruit of the wine," or the last part of the Blessing over Wine.

This Kiddush cup is made by Ner Mitzvah, a company specializing in religious and novelty Judaica since 1940. The firm is family-owned, and also sells Hanukkah and Shabbat candles and other Judaica items.

The cup is three inches tall, with a two-inch opening. The saucer is 5.25 inches across

This silver Torah pointer comes is inlaid with a classic design in your choice of turquoise, purple, black or pink.  It is eight inches long and has a chain. Practical for the synagogue and home, it helps users keep their place when reading the Torah. The color choices make it easier to select the right pointer for a boy or girl’s personality.

Any Torah pointers have a more modern design than this silver-plated mode. This pointer has a sleeker design more reminiscent of jewelry or a necklace. Many other designs we've seen are more modern and less elegant. However, the design is equally appropriate for a male or female user.

Customers like the pointer’s durability, beauty, and weight (not too heavy, not too light). One critical review said the pointer tip was rough and had to be sanded down before use.

The Torah: The Five Books of Moses, the New Translation of the Holy...
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 620 Pages - 01/01/1999 (Publication Date) - JEWISH PUBLICATON SOCIETY (Publisher)

This pocket edition of the Torah saves space and is one of the bar mitzvah gifts that remain useful every day of the year.  It is an easy to read version of the first five books of the Bible. This version is edited by the Jewish Publication Society, and available in both hardcover and paperback.

Reviewers like the compact size and large print. It has replaced a bulky Hebrew Study Bible for some users. This pocket edition makes studying easier, as it contains annotations explaining the text. Many students and first-time readers of the Torah appreciated the summaries.

One reviewer complained that the pages aren't glued together well, while another commented that the text hadn't been updated since 1992. Overall, however, the reviews are positive.

Dmc Hand Knitted Yarmulke Kippah Hat 15Cm
  • Top Quality Hand Made Kippah! Tightly knitted to remain long life time
  • We charge shipping only for the 1st kippah. 2nd item for 50%
  • Fast Shipping ! , Item will normally arrive way before amazon estimation.

This handmade yarmulke will remain tight for many years or even longer. It stays on your head and won’t pop off during exertion or everyday activities. This kippah runs a bit small, and is appropriate for boys, as it measures 14 centimeters long.

The velvety-looking black kippah has an attractive design at the edge, and some online reviewers have stated they get compliments on the design. The positive reviews all mention the kippah’s quality and elegant, simple good looks.

This yarmulke was made by DMC Hand-Knitted Kippahs, a vendor that produces a wide variety of different yarmulke designs for men and boys.  This Kippah can be worn at weddings, synagogue, and Shabbat as well as bar mitzvahs.

Polished Kudu Horn Shofar with Natural Colors
  • - A Beautiful Expression of Faith: This large ram's horn shofar possesses its natural finish and blends together shades...
  • - Connect to Jewish History: Ever since the days of the Bible, Jews have blown the shofar at key religious events, such...
  • - Get Inspired: When the shofar is blown and it emits its resounding tone, you will immediately feel a deep connection...

This kudu horn shofar is available in 14 different sizes, from 20 to 22 inches to 50 to 53 inches. The coloring of each real ram’s horn differs as well. This shofar is made in Israel from antelope's horn and may be brown, black or white, or a combination of all three colors. Every horn has a polished body and natural curves.

The sound and appearance of the shofar depend on the size, shape and other attributes. Learn all you can about picking the right shofar before ordering one. The color doesn’t make a difference in how the shofar sounds when you blow into it, but you should make sure the narrow opening won’t be sharp against your lips.

All Kudu Horn Shofars have been tested and certified kosher by Israeli Rabbinate.  When ordering, please keep in mind that the measurements start at the outside edge of the curve in the Shofar.

The design of this Shofar adheres to Yemenite Jewish tradition. It is suitable for use when Yom Kippur ends and during Rosh Hashanah. All Shofars are handpicked and examined before shipping.

Online reviewers write that the longer horns are easier to use than shorter ones. There is a slight smell when you receive the horn because it is from a live animal, but the smell will fade with time, according to a few customers.  It sounds great when you blow into it, writes one user.

Buyer’s Guide

Bar mitzvahs are fun, but they also mark a solemn turning point in a young man’s life, so don’t take the choice of gift lightly. Don't buy based on price, but on the quality, appropriateness, and usability of the item.

Casual friends and acquaintances can buy gifts between $25 and $75 for a bat mitzvah, but relatives or close friends can spend up to a few hundred dollars. Think about what you would spend on a high-tier birthday gift. A bar mitzvah is a celebration, but it’s also an event that marks an important milestone in a young person’s development.

It’s permissible to buy a set of themed gifts instead of one expensive gift.  Concentrate on selecting gifts the person will use daily or weekly. The key is to choose something of value to help the individual explore their faith.

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