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50th Anniversary Gifts: Top 10 List Of Best Ideas

50th anniversary gifts

Anything that lasts 50 years or longer is something that deserves to be celebrated.

This is especially true for couples who reach the coveted 50th-anniversary milestone. Some people don’t even live to see their 50th birthday—so to reach 50 years shared with a singular partner is something that deserves special recognition.

The 50th-anniversary of a wedding is also referred to as the Golden Anniversary. So wouldn’t it make sense to try to celebrate such a rare and momentous milestone in a way that surpasses the usual gift and roses?

We’ll be going over our top ten 50th-anniversary gifts as what as what you need to consider before committing to a gift for such an important occasion.

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What To Look For In A 50th Anniversary Gift

Even after 50 years, it can be difficult to think of the right gift for your partner. The sheer weight behind 50 alone can set some fairly high expectation that you may struggle to meet. If you’re struggling to figure out what your partner would appreciate in a 50th-anniversary gift, try asking yourself the following questions and see what kind of answers you come up with:

  • ​Have we discussed out 50th wedding anniversary before?
  • ​How has my partner reacted to gifts in the past?
  • ​How would my partner feel about an expensive financial investment for a gift?
  • ​Is my partner more interesting in things or experiences?

​Asking yourself these types of questions may help direct you to the kinds of answers that lead to gifts. For example, if you can think of the gifts of the past and your partner’s reaction to them, you can respond accordingly to what was and wasn’t received well.

Generally speaking, we’d recommend going for experiences over gifts. And while we have ten gifts picked out that we think are perfect for a 50th-anniversary celebration, in many cases, this type of milestone needs to be celebrated with an experience that only you two would enjoy.

The popular recommendation for a 50th-wedding anniversary is to seek out a major cruise line and get away for a week or longer. These types of vacations allow you to completely decompress from the hubbub of everyday life. In many cases, you won’t have access to the internet or the outside world—forcing you to enjoy yourself and your partner in the present moment.

If cruises aren’t of interest to you, perhaps other travels domestically might pique your interest. Did you know that senior citizens get a discount for traveling to America’s National Parks? You can purchase a lifetime pass to the National Parks for under 100 dollars. These sorts of gifts are ripe for exploration and good times for years to come.

You may also want to pair experiences with gifts or ensure that your gift is a surprise. A unique idea you may want to try out is surprising your partner with a day trip or other excursion out of the home. This type of experience is one that can be risky, but pay off big.

How We’ve Chosen Our Gifts

​Putting aside experiences for a moment, we’ve assembled our gift list based on common tropes of wedding gifts alongside some other classic pics and oddball options. Our hope is not to put together a list of 10 decent ideas, but maintain an eclectic list that has the perfect idea for a specific type of couple.

This is precisely why you need to keep your partner in mind when reading through our gifts. While some of these ideas will work well with your spouse, we can almost guarantee you that some of them just won’t. That’s why we strongly recommend consulting our guide list and uncovering what types of gifts are right for your partner.

Top Ten 50th Anniversary Gifts

​Here are our top 10 picks for best 50th-anniversary gifts.

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​This idea one that we think poses the greatest amount of work for you but could reward you with the best gift possible for those who may be especially sentimental.

With scrapbooks, the value is not in the book your purchase, but what you fill the book with. Our recommendation? Seek out 50 photos from each of the 50 years of your marriage and devote one page per year.

You can also fill the scrapbook with mementos you may have kept, alongside a little bit of text you’ve come up with, explaining your perception of the memory contained in the photo. It is a bit sappy and a lot of hard work, but you may be glad you put in the time to create it.

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​If you like the idea of a unique home fixture but aren’t especially crafty yourself, this could be the present for you.

This folded book art we’ve chosen can be customized with the date of your marriage as well as other customizing options. Just fill out the included form and receive a one-of-a-kind present with your unique spin on it.

Customs books like these split the difference between a gift that can be bought and a gift that can be made. Plus, any special moments, dates, or phrases can be used to show your partner that you’ve been paying attention.

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​​Going with jewelry is often a safe bet for those with partners that tend to love a good accessory.

After 50 years, you should be well-acquainted with the preferences and sizing information you’ll need to buy your partner the perfect ring, earring, or another such accessory. We’ve referenced a good budget option here, but feel free to spend as little or as much as you want on this idea. The aesthetic appearance of the ring itself is more important than the cost.

In either case, jewelry is a great way to give your partner a permanent accessory to celebrate such a unique and momentous occasion.

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​If your partner doesn’t normally wear jewelry or doesn’t prefer it, a great option to go for is a watch.

Watches present a way for you to purchase daily wear for your partner that may prefer a product that has more versatility than simply a good aesthetic design. We’ve gone with a fairly cost-effective watch here, but be sure to adjust your needs to your budget and pick out a watch that you know your partner would love.

Watches can either be purchased as a stand-alone object or paired along with fine clothes and other such gifts to round out a care package of sorts that show your partner just how attentive you have been to their needs and desires.

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​This product, much like the previous two, might set you back a few figures in your bank account. However, for the wine aficionado, there is no better gift than sharing a glass of fine wine.

While most online shops aren’t in the wine-selling business, you could easily pick up this pack of custom wine labels and seek out a bottle of the best wine around. For extra points, be sure to prepare this drink beforehand and surprise your loved one with a drink like no other for a relationship that’s like no other.

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​The traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift is typically gold. And while some couples might prefer picking up a bar or two from their local bank, it might be more feasible to pair this gift idea with jewelry.

Going for the classic gold gift allows you to maintain tradition while still picking up a product that matches your spouse. You may also want to customize gold pieces with an engraving that’s unique and special to your loved one.

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​Much like with fine wine, fine china is a great gift for a spouse with a particular taste for luxury.

A good set of china is a must-have for couples that enjoy having company over for entertaining. While it is not a gift that is often used every day of the year, a good set of fine china will look just as great in a display case as it would look on the dinner table.

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​Thinking of taking your partner traveling across the world? They may need a bag or two to help their stuff get there.

Picking out premium luggage bags is a great way both to meet a need that your partner may not have considered as well as surprise them with a gift that holds great future potential.

If you’re thinking of taking your partner on vacation, consider surprising them by laying the travel tickets on top of their brand new luggage set.

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​Much like with a scrapbook, this idea is going to take some work on your end to make things perfect.

Utilizing a good frame like the one we’ve picked out here, you can surprise your spouse with a framed portrait of you two that could be from a former photoshoot or custom made. Our recommendation? Seek out an artist that you trust and commission them to paint a portrait of the two of you. The result will be a one-of-a-kind art piece to hang in the home for years to come.

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​While this final gift idea isn’t one that’s going to be especially unique to a 50th wedding anniversary, it may meet a need from your partner.

Consider products your partner uses every day, like a coffee maker, and consider replacing it with a premium, simpler alternative. Making everyday life problems simpler and easier is a small thing that can mean a lot to your partner.

Buyer’s Guide

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​These products tend to range greatly from the expensive to the not-so-expensive. However, it is more than just the price tag that matters with a gift for the spouse.

After 50 years, you are the only person on earth that knows your partner as well as you do, because of this, you don’t need to purchase the most expensive wine you can find or take them on the most lavish of vacations. What your 50th-anniversary gift needs to do is show your partner that you’re attuned to their needs and are willing to meet them wherever they may lie.

Still, some partners will appreciate the simple sentiment of chocolate and a box of flowers. But whatever you do, make an effort to make the day about your partner and the celebration of your relationship, and don’t expect anything in return. Keep an open mind about any gifts that you’re likely to receive from your partner, and hope that they will do the same.

As we’ve mentioned before, you can easily mix and match some of our top picks for best 50th wedding anniversary gifts. For example, purchasing luggage to signal an upcoming trip is a good idea— as is making a scrapbook with a special piece of gold or jewelry waiting for your partner on the other end of the book.

Whatever you do, be true to yourself and give the gift that only you could have. After 50 years, the usual sentiments and simplistic products are almost meaningless. It is only what you bring to the table and what you can show your partner through these gifts that matter.

We hope that you’ve uncovered a few ideas for 50th-anniversary gifts that work best for your spouse and yourself. Regardless, we wish nothing but the best for you and your spouse, and may you continue to see more and more anniversaries with each other as time goes on.

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