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5 Thoughtful Get Well Gifts For Your Loved Ones

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5 Thoughtful Get Well Gifts

Whether you know someone that’s recently contracted an illness, come down with seasonal allergies, or is suffering from chronic pain and health problems, it’s always a wonderful idea to show your appreciation for the person in question with a get well gift.

Get well gifts will vary wildly—from quick and functional cards from the local pharmacy all the way up to large bouquets of flowers, balloons, candies, and more. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that different people are going to take small gestures and large shows of affection in different ways.

There are many ways to show someone you care about them, so to show you care, try out our best five thoughtful get well gifts that we think work best for the most people. After going over our gift ideas as well as a few things to look for in a gift, we’ll also be going over what you need to know about cards, flowers, and more in our Buyer’s Guide.

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What To Look For In A Get Well Gift

Like we’ve mentioned before, you’re going to need to take the person in question into serious consideration before committing to a gift idea. If you’re not sure where to start, try asking yourself the following questions to set yourself on the right track for a gift:

  • Have I given this person a gift of any kind before?
  • How have they reacted to the gifts I have given them?
  • Have they ever spoken about gifts before?
  • Have you ever seen someone else give this person a gift?

The answers to these questions will help lead you to the type of gift (if any) you need to get this person.

Many people approach gift-giving and gift-receiving differently. Some people are either used to receiving gifts or otherwise perceive gifts as a means for others to show their appreciation for them. For these types of people, there is little to worry about. The result is usually a gift well-received and a job well done on your part.

However, depending upon the personality and culture of the person you’re hoping to give a gift to, these traditional signs of appreciation can be taken less positively. Some may take a gift as a sign of undesired pity, or as a waste of money when what’s being sought after is quality time with your or otherwise.

In some cases, you’re better off skipping the gift and going straight for an evening with the ill person in question than some show of affection through a gift. Whether or not a gift is necessary in the first place will depend entirely upon the person. So, if you’re not sure, consider the answers you gave to the questions above.

Provided a gift is desirable, then we need to next look at our options. Since being sick or under the weather is not exactly a state many people look forward to, it’s probably best if you stick with gifts that don’t seem to celebrate the occasion, but rather show that you’ve presented something thoughtful.

For example, while everyone might appreciate a gift card to their favorite store or maybe that item of clothing they’ve been after for a while, these aren’t the kinds of products that many people want to receive while recovering from an illness. Instead, opt for purchases that solve an immediate need—like their favorite meal, snack, or flowers to brighten up a hospital room.

While we’ll be making our suggestions in a moment, keep in mind that whatever you choose needs to show thoughtfulness. The best way to do that is through meaning. For example, if you know that this person in question likes flowers, don’t just opt for the first flowers you find, but rather the type of flowers you know this person likes best.

Gag gift ideas are also worth considering if you know the sense of humor of the person in question rather well. Good friends are usually comfortable enough with each other to gently poke at traits or features, so doing so in a hospital setting might show that you still think of the sick person as the same old friend they used to be.

Just be sure to know the tone of the situation and the sense of humor of your friend before committing to a gag gift. While these tend to go over better with some people, they can easily be perceived as insensitive or downright insulting.

How We’ve Chosen Our Gifts

We wanted to pick out more than chocolates, balloons, and flowers for our get well picks. And while those sorts of gifts are mainstays for a reason, we figured you would want a better range of options to choose from.

That’s why we’ve selected a group of get well suggestions that we think most broadly appeal to many different types of people. In doing so, we’ve deliberately picked gifts that may not go with each other, so be sure to consider our hypothetical questions above when picking one out.

Top 5 Thoughtful Get Well Gifts

If you’re still not sure of how to get this gift to the person in question, be sure to stick around for our Buyer’s Guide to get a few tips and tricks on when and where to present your selection.

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Nobody likes getting admitted to the hospital, and depending upon the person and the illness, you may be stuck in one for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

If you know and care for a person who’s recently been admitted into a hospital for more than a day or so, your best gift idea might be a care package.

Care packages are often cobbled together from various items to meet various needs. Our product here is one that’s perfect for a foodie to escape the always-loathed hospital meals, but be sure to customize your care package to match the person you’re giving it to.

Great care package filling ideas include toiletries, mints, hygiene products, small gag gifts, and more. Care packages are also great for when you might not be able to deliver the gift in person, but still want to show that you care.

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Although illness may stop someone’s ability to work and take care of daily tasks, those tasks still need to be completed by someone.

That’s why chore coupons are a great option for those who want to help out but don’t exactly have a medical degree. Chore coupons are generally custom-made for the person in question, and while we’ve cited a great product to get started with here, you can custom-make your own as well.

Simply fill in the tasks you intend to do and award the coupons to the person in need. This type of get well gesture is great for busy people who need to make sure their affairs are in order regardless of their health status. It’s also a fun way for you to show that you’re willing to step up and help out in any way that you can.

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There are no two ways around it—the hospital is boring. Very boring.

To help your friend or loved one pass the time, consider getting a few crossword puzzles, brain teasers, Rubik’s Cubes, or other challenging tasks for them to play with as they work to get better.

These are great for helping to break up the monotony of the daily hospital schedule, as well as provide a use both during and long after someone’s admitted into a hospital. Not everyone will appreciate a good puzzle, but for those who do, this is a great way to fulfill their interests and maybe frustrate them a little bit along the way.

We’ve cited a simple metal hand puzzle here, but you could also assemble your own “Puzzle Care Package” of sorts or mix in a few small hand puzzles along with a standard care package.

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Much like with brain teasers, this next gift idea is one that may appeal to those who need to pass the time quickly.

With a subscription service like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or similar, your friend or loved one can enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort (or discomfort) of their hospital bed. These gifts are also all too easy to give, as many of them can be delivered electronically. This makes them great picks for those who may not have the time or resources to make it to the hospital.

Subscription services also range widely in content and quality, so if possible, make sure the service you have picked out is one that you know your friend or loved one is going to enjoy. After all, if you choose correctly, it’s all they’re going to be using for hours at a time.

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Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to the classic hospital, sickness, and “apology” gifts.

For those of your with traditional friends and loved ones, no amount of creative thinking can replace the classic box of chocolates and cheap helium balloons. While gaudy and uncreative to some, this type of gift-giving is one that’s traditional and very effective for certain types of people.

If you’re looking to shake things up but stick with the general formula, you can also pepper in these three gifts with some of our other suggestions, like a care package, chore coupons, or subscription services.

In either case, classics are classics for a reason—so whether you’re giving these gifts sincerely or in jest, they’re certainly worth consideration.

Buyer’s Guide

Of course, not all of the above gifts are going to be home runs for the person you care about. There’s a specific type of camaraderie and energy about each relationship that makes them so unique—so you’ll need to dig deep and play to the strengths of yours to make sure that you’re picking the right product.

In many cases, giving get well gifts is also heavily dependent upon the situation and the severity of the illness. Be sure that the person you’re giving a gift to would be appreciative of the gift and the situation calls for it. For instance, if you had a gag gift in mind, it would be worth making sure that the person you plan to give the gag gift to is in the mood and would be accepting of it.

Finally, be aware of the perishability of each of the gifts you give. In many cases, those in the hospital either may not desire or may not be allowed to consume certain foods. If you opt for the care package, be sure that any food you pack is allowed by the care plan in place for the person. If you opt to give nonperishable foods, this will be less of a problem.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our guide here has given you a sense of direction when it comes to picking up a get well gift. We also hope that our tips and tricks here have given you a sense of when it is and is not appropriate to go with certain types of gifts.

Whether your friend or loved one has come down with a minor case of the flu or will remain in the hospital for a considerable amount of time, we sincerely hope that they can get well soon—and that your gift, whatever it may be, is going to be one that can bring some happiness to an unfortunate situation.

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