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20th Anniversary Ideas: A Shopping Guide For The Top 8 Gifts 2021
Thematic Gifts

20th Anniversary Ideas: A Shopping Guide For The Top 8 Gifts

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anniversary note

Finding a special gift for your 20th anniversary will show your spouse how much you care about them. This anniversary is often celebrated with china sets, emeralds, or platinum jewelry. Explore some anniversary gift ideas and use our shopping guide to find the perfect gift for your spouse.

Eight 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

​Image by : ​SpencerWing​​​

​Celebrating your 20th anniversary is an occasion to look back on your marriage, renew your commitment to each other, and maybe make new plans for the future. You should also shop for a gift to show your spouse how much they mean to you. Here are a few ideas to explore.

How We Chose Our Ratings


​Image by : ​​mohamed_hassan​​​

​We selected some gift ideas to help you celebrate your marriage anniversary. These are the criteria we used to choose the best gift ideas for this special occasion:

  • ​We found some gifts that will mean something to your spouse, and that will symbolize your love.
  • ​There are traditional gifts associated with each anniversary. We tried finding alternatives or original takes on these traditional gifts.
  • Personalized gifts. A personalized gift is a great way to remind your spouse of how much you love them.
  • ​We included some variety in our gift ideas so you can find something that matches your spouse’s interests and personality.

Eight 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

​These eight gift ideas are worth considering if you want to find something special to celebrate your anniversary.

​Wall décor is an excellent gift idea for any anniversary since you can find a meaningful piece that will express your feelings towards your spouse. Seeing the wall décor piece displayed in your home will remind you and your spouse of how important your marriage is.

The Our Story Sign is an original anniversary gift since you can choose the wood and color you want for the sign and have some dates engraved on the sign.

You can order a personalized sign with the date of the day you met, the date of your wedding, and the birthdate of your children. These are handmade pieces that will stand out once they are displayed in your home.

We think this is a thoughtful and original gift since you can choose the dates that mean something to you and your spouse and create a fun reminder of how far you have come together.

No products found.

No products found.

​China is a traditional gift for couples celebrating 20 years of marriage, and the lily is traditionally associated with this anniversary as well.

This china set is perfect to celebrate your anniversary since it is decorated with lilies of the valley. Traditional gifts can be meaningful since they show that you are taking this celebration seriously, and combining two elements associated with this anniversary is a fun take on traditional anniversary gifts.

We like these plates because you can use them for your anniversary dinner or display them. This Lily Of The Valley china collection has many other items to choose from, including a tea set, mugs, and more.

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​Did you know that emerald is the gemstone that is traditionally associated with a 20th marriage anniversary? These emerald stud earrings look gorgeous and will make for an original gift for your wife.

These earrings feature lab-created emeralds with a rich dark green color. The gemstones measure 6x6mm and are very classy and discreet. The white gold mount makes the gemstones stand out and sparkle.

There are plenty of other options to explore if you are interested in emeralds. For a woman, a necklace or bracelet could be an original anniversary gift. There are fewer emerald jewelry gifts for men, but you can find some rings with gemstones.

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​Platinum is the metal that is traditionally associated with 20 years of marriage. You are not obligated to get a platinum gift for this celebration, but this platinum-dipped rose could be an amazing symbol of the love you and your spouse have for each other.

Each rose is unique since it is a real flower dipped in metal. The result is a flower that will last forever and shine thanks to the metallic aspect of platinum. The petals and stem of the flower add some unique details to each dipped flower.

The rose comes in a carefully crafted gift box. This is a gift you can keep and display forever.

Flowers are a thoughtful gift but they never last more than a few days. This platinum-dipped rose is a better symbol of your love since the metal will preserve the details of the flower.

​Platinum wedding bands are a stylish and modern option that couples use to symbolize their love. If you want to renew your vows for your 20th anniversary, why not upgrade your wedding bands?

Platinum is a durable choice for jewelry and will not get the yellowish tint that white gold typically gets over time. The white color of platinum is perfect if you want to showcase a stone or just want a discreet wedding band.

If you don’t want to replace your old wedding bands, there are other options to explore such as platinum pendants or bracelets. The downside of shopping for platinum jewelry is that this is one of the most expensive precious metals.

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​This is a stylish and modern decanter you can use to entertain or display. This is the perfect anniversary gift if your spouse is a whiskey or liquor connoisseur.

The decanter holds 41 ounces of liquid and features platinum accent. These accents are a subtle nod to platinum being associated with 20 years of marriage. The accents give the decanter a unique modern look.

This is quality glassware you can use with wine, whiskey, scotch, spirits, and more. The only downside is that the decanter doesn’t come with matching glasses.

Personalized Wine Bottles Engraved Wedding Gift
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​A bottle of wine from the year you met or got married is the perfect addition to your anniversary dinner. Do some research to get a better idea of which wines were produced during the year you met or got married and which ones are worth buying.

The price of the bottle will vary depending on the year you are shopping for and the quality of the wine you want to get. Some years will be easier to find than others.

You can browse through the inventory of different online wine merchants to compare your options. It is best to have some flexibility and shop around for bottles from the year you met and got married to have more options to choose from.

You should also consider getting a quality bottle of wine from any year and order a personalized wine box with your names and the date of your marriage engraved on it.

A Trip To China

​Image by : ​JLB1988​​​

​Traveling to China is an original and unforgettable way to celebrate your anniversary. China sets are a traditional gift for this anniversary, and traveling to China is a great way to play with this tradition.

Traveling abroad is something you will need to plan for in advance, but this is a great way to celebrate your anniversary with things you wouldn’t normally do.

You can either surprise your spouse with plane tickets on the day of your anniversary or make plans to celebrate your anniversary in China.

China is an amazing country to discover, and you can easily find tours that will allow you to discover several landmarks and cities. It might be best to plan your trip to China during the fall or spring months to avoid hot temperatures and crowds.

How To Find The Perfect 20th Anniversary Gift

​The perfect anniversary gift should be original and thoughtful. Look for something that expresses how you feel about your spouse, and that celebrates your relationship.

Make It Personal

hiding gift behind his back

​Image by :​ severyanka​​​

​A good anniversary gift should be personal and meaningful. You can make your anniversary celebration even more special by finding a gift that expresses your feelings for your spouse.

If possible, find a gift that has a connection to your history as a couple or to your spouse’s personality. You know your spouse better than anyone. Ask yourself what kind of gift corresponds to their tastes and interests. If they have been hinting that there is something they want, why not get this item as an anniversary gift?

You can use the ideas listed above can be meaningful if you look for similar products that correspond to your spouse’s tastes. You can also get something your spouse has always wanted. If they have a hobby, find a special gift in connection to this hobby. If there is something they want to try, look for a gift that will help them explore this new interest.

If you are not sure how to choose a personal and meaningful gift, look into personalized gifts. There are many items to choose from, and you can get your names engraved or the date of your wedding. You can also get a longer message engraved, such as your wedding vows, the title of the song that played during your first dance, or anything else that has a special meaning to you and your spouse.

Should You Get A Traditional Gift?

traditional gifts

​Image by : ​PhotoMIX-Company​​​

​A 20th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with china, platinum, or emerald. Shopping for one of these traditional gifts can be fun because they symbolize a milestone in your relationship. Twenty years of marriage is something that should be celebrated, and this is what these traditional gifts are about.

However, you shouldn’t hesitate to explore other options or to play with these traditions. If you decide to opt for a traditional gift, you should still look for something that is meaningful for you and your spouse, such as something that references experiences you have shared in the past.

Platinum or emerald jewelry is an interesting option to explore since you can easily find a piece that matches your spouse’s sense of fashion.

You can also create a subtle nod to traditions by having lilies of the valley for your celebration since these flowers are associated with 20th marriage anniversaries.

​Celebrating Your Anniversary

celebrating anniversary

​Image by : ​Free-Photos​​​

​Getting your spouse a gift is only one aspect of celebrating your anniversary. You need to plan a celebration and decide how you will give the gift.

Creating a special moment is crucial for the gift to take its full meaning and have the effect you were hoping for. This is important since your spouse will always associate this special memory with the gift you gave them.

Here are a few examples of how you can make your anniversary celebration special:

  • ​Plan a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant.
  • ​Have a dinner party with your family members and closest friends.
  • ​Book a romantic getaway.
  • ​Recreate your first date.
  • ​Renew your wedding vows.

​Talk to your spouse about how they would like to celebrate the anniversary. This is an event you can plan together, especially if you are having family members and close friends over. If you decide to celebrate your anniversary without any guests, think about planning everything as a surprise. You could also bring gifts and find out if there is something that your spouse wants.

Think of how you can create a special moment for giving an anniversary gift to your spouse. You might want to plan a little speech, write a thoughtful card, or pick a special place for this moment. Explain what the gift means to you and why you chose it.

Planning a special moment like this will show your spouse how much they mean to you and make the gift even more meaningful!

Start shopping for your anniversary gift in advance and establish a budget for the gift and celebration. Don’t hesitate to get more than one gift so you can do something traditional and get something that is more original for your anniversary celebration.

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