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Our List Of Top 10 Thank You Gift Ideas

Coming up with solid thank you gift ideas can be a challenging affair.

Many different circumstances and situations would call for you to present a little token of appreciation for your friends or loved ones. They may have gone above and beyond for you, or you could just be doing so to show that you care.

In either case, a thank you gift is in order. Of course, you could always go with the classic stationary or card offering, but in some circumstances, this may not be enough.

If you’re stuck and trying to figure out some thank you gift ideas that show your appreciation, then we’ve got the top ten best gifts you can try out. After going over a little bit of what you need to know before purchasing, we’ll cover ten gifts that we think will best appeal to the broadest variety of people.

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What To Look For In A Thank You Gift

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Before you can head out to the stores, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for and what kind of gift is going to be most appropriate for the situation at hand.

If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did this person do that warrants appreciation?
  • Is this a spur-of-the-moment decision, or is a thank you gift expected?
  • What sorts of gifts has this person given me in the past, if any?

Thinking introspectively and approaching your situation with the following questions in mind will help guide you towards a gift (or gifts) that best apply.

Not every sort of gift is going to be warranted or even wanted. For example, if the person in question did something minor or the situation traditionally does not call for a gift, going all out and purchasing something extravagant can cause more embarrassment than the happiness you may have expected.

Likewise, thank you gifts may be expected in this situation. Consider illnesses, funerals, and weddings, for example. In different cultures, you may be required to send a gift either instead of your presence or along with it. In these cases, it’s best to stick with what’s traditionally given rather than try to think of something that’s a little more unique.

In either case, consider the person in question in mind. Have they given you anything before? Have you heard them discussing gifts in the past? While some people truly appreciate a good thank you gift, others may feel indebted to you or uncomfortable with public shows of appreciation.

If you’re hoping to thank someone like this, perhaps honest words serve better than presents.

How We’ve Chosen Our Gifts

Our gift list has been culled from a variety of sources and range from small to large. We wanted to present the widest variety of gifts possible so that you can choose the one that best fits your situation. If you’re not quite sure which situation that is, be sure to continue reading to our Buyer’s Guide for more tips and tricks.

These gifts range from traditional offerings to opportunities you can take to make a thank you gift that’s truly special. In some cases, you may need to customize the gift or put your own spin on things to complete the product. We’ll be sure to note these when applicable and share a few ideas of our own to get you started.

Top 10 Thoughtful Thank You Gifts

Say “thanks” with one of these gift ideas.

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Who doesn’t love a good box of chocolates?

Chocolates have been serving double duty as both tokens of appreciation and shows of affection for years. Chocolate variety packs make great valentines day gifts, get well gifts, thank you gifts, and more. Just be sure to add a card to your chosen package, and you’re good to go.

Chocolates are a great option for those who aren’t quite sure of the situation or want to stick with a traditional, classic gift offering. Classics are classics for a reason, so there aren’t many situations in which chocolates wouldn’t make for a great thank you gift.

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Small tokens and mementos like these can take your appreciation and physicalize them in a way that could last for long after the moment.

We’ve cited a wonderful angel sculpture here, but sculpted work, in general, serves two purposes. The first is to serve as a unique spin on the classic “thank you” card you may have opted for. The second is to last longer than that card ever could.

Sculpted work is often small enough and decorative enough to be placed on a desk, shelving unit, or other location around the house. You may want to know the person in question well enough to pick out the right type of sculpture, but provided you did, you can be confident that this person will be glad to have a sculpture that could remind them of your appreciation.

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Much like with chocolates, cookie boxes provide an easy and simple way to show appreciation even for someone you may not know all that well. After all, who doesn’t like a good cookie?

Cookie boxes are similar to care packages in that they provide a vessel through which you can add or change up the contents to better appease the person in question. For example, you could easily purchase a cookie box and throw in their favorite types to make sure that this gift will bring about smiles.

Just be sure to include a written note of appreciation and maybe a few napkins as well.

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In keeping with our food theme for these pack few picks, a care package is another product that can be customized to appease just about anyone.

Care packages like the one we’ve cited here are usually made up of snack foods and maybe a few sweets, but provide a means for you to add in your own special flair. Our suggestion? Maybe a few gift cards and their favorite candy of choice could serve to add a bit of individuality to your purchased product!

If not, that’s alright—because care packages are also a great gift to send if you’re not able to show your appreciation in person. That versatility makes care packages a prime contender for the best thank you gift.

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Much of the reason why we recommend changing up the traditional thank you card is to provide more of a value to the person in question. And for just about any home, a good candle can serve to freshen up a room and add a little bit of value on its own.

Candles are rarely-loathed and always wanted for many people, so if you think you can pick out the right scent, a thank you candle can always be put to good use. We’ve cited one here with a printed “thank you” message right on the packaging, but you could also come up with your own with candles at your local home supply store.

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While a good candle might last a few weeks of constant use, this gift can last for several years or longer.

Houseplants—particularly those that won’t need watering all of the time—are often sought after for desks and windowsills. If you think you have a good eye for what the person in question might want, you can pick out a collection of small houseplants like these.

The plants we’ve cited here are generally good for dryer climates, which is best for indoor use as you won't need to water them as much. The key is to find a plant with low maintenance so that your thank you gift doesn’t add yet another obligation to this person’s life.

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Life is all about give and take. So if you want to show your appreciation for something somebody did, why not offer to do something in return for them?

Chore coupons provide a good way for you to show a bit of humor and suggest a tit for tat sort of arrangement for the kind thing this person may have done to warrant a thank you gift. These blank chore coupons are also easily customizable and aren’t limited for chores.

If you and the person in question have good chemistry and a good relationship, you may be able to use your favorite inside joke to fill out the coupon, or just offer to do something you know this person hates doing. Either way, this is one of our most versatile picks.

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These products are great for the person in your life that’s obsessed with smells and scents. Much like with candles, this thank you gift provides a means to show your appreciation by giving the person in question something they could really use.

Aromatherapy baskets like the one we’ve picked out here provide oils, lotions, and other products that could make any house smell great. If you know the type of smell the person in question appreciates, you could easily pick out the appropriate basket and customize it with a card and a few kind words.

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Did you know you could order flowers over the Internet?

Flowers make great decorative items and can brighten up a home for weeks at a time depending upon which breed you’ve picked out. These flowers are sold just before blooming so that they’ll be ready just a day or so after opening them.

Flowers are also highly versatile and send a positive message no matter where they are presented, so if you’re not quite sure how to thank someone, odds are, they’ll appreciate this gesture that looks and smells great.

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While the product we’ve picked out here comes with the labels only, why not sure your appreciation for someone by giving them a product they may already love?

For the wine lovers in your life, giving a bottle of wine with a custom label can show you care in a way that best speaks to them. These custom wine bottles can also be paired with one of our other suggestions, like a care package or with flowers. In either case, this is a great gift if you know this person well enough to take their taste into consideration.

Buyer’s Guide

We wanted to pick out products that could easily be mixed and matched, and that was for a very good reason.

There are so many different reasons to want to thank someone, and because of that, there are so many different ways you can say thank you. If you want to send a specific message because of this, why not mix and match some of our suggestions here?

thank you gift ideas

Of course, we also would like to stress that no amount of presents will suffice for certain people in your life that may just want to hear you say thank you in person. For these people, you won’t need to offer an extravagant gift to make some grand gesture of appreciation. Kind words and perhaps a thoughtful card will be more than enough to get the message across.

Regardless, we hope our top ten best thank you gift ideas have given you a clear sense as to where to start with your thank you gift.

Be sure to look around your local stores for custom versions of the products we’ve listed here, and take time to consider the questions we asked earlier to ensure you’re on the right track for a gift that’s received as well as it was intended to be.

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